gardenias and stars

Cute Little Pony

Hey guuuuys, just look at what my boyfriend and I found on the park today!!

Oh yeah, its your favorites cute little ponies of ever, Princess Cadence Shimmer Sparkle and Baby June Blossomforth!!

And of course, this product is bring to you by your always trustworthy brand Rainbow Horse

Taste the Rainbow.

So the back of the blister is really helpful, because i shows me all the ponies they don’t have. In order:
-Rainbow Dash.
-Pinkie Pie.
-Twilight Sparkle.
-Coconut Cream.
-Peachy Pie.
-Gardenia Glow.
-Pink haired Star Shine?/ G1Star Catcher? (I’m really lost here, HELP).
-Princess Celestia.
-All Pink Skywishes.
-Lemon Drop.
-Adult argentine baby Butterscotch.

So here they are out of the blister.
They are made of that smooth, smelly vinyl, and at first they feel a little sticky.
Baby June Blossomforth seems to be a lot better than Princess Cadence Shimmer Sparkle. Its more solid and the paint work its decent, on Princess Cadence Shimmer Sparkle the paint chips out with a ridiculous ease.
Also, they have hollow hooves.

As you can see, this ponies come with prosthetic right legs and the cutie mark only on one side.

Princess Cadence Shimmer Sparkle has a funny face.

So, I don’t have a g3 baby pony to compare to Baby June Blossomforth, so lest compare this two princesses.
Princess luna is taller, and her hooves are bigger too.
But Princess Cadence Shimmer Sparkle’s head is bigger, muzzle is more prominent.

Also, her ears look a little more to the side of her head than Princcess Luna’s.
Also, she does not have Princess Luna’s but lump (You know, that lump that this mold have where is the tail).

Princess Cadence Shimmer Sparkle does not have neck joint, it’s always looking a little to her left.
Her wings are also harder than Luna’s wings, so they do not open as much as hers.
You can see better in this photo how much taller luna is.


Also, I don’t know if you noticed, but they tails where wrong, typo intended.



So, I hope you enjoyed it, and that this will be useful to someone interested in purchase this bootleg.
Actually, I really like them, and I’m thinking of turn Princess Cadence Shimmer Sparkle into a Princess Sunset Shimmer.