gardeners logic


Linguistic Intelligence 

Linguistic intelligence, also known as word smart, is the ability to portray intricate ideas through the use of words. It is also the ability to think in words. 

Bodily-Kinestetic Intelligence 

This type of intelligence ties in with coordination and ability to use physical objects.  

Interpersonal Intelligence 

If you have high interpersonal intelligence, you can probably read people with ease and know how to comfort your friends. You are probably also on good terms with most or all of the people you know. 

Intrapersonal Intelligence 

Also known as self smart, intrapersonal intelligence is how well you know yourself. You understand your own thoughts and feelings to a high degree and you know your strengths and weaknesses. Intrapersonal intelligence is very important when choosing a career or path for your life.

Spatial Intelligence

People with well-developed spatial intelligence are often artistic and are visual learners. Spatial intelligence allows your mind to create dazzling imagery and layer visual things with ease.

Musical Intelligence

Musical intelligence is being able to recognize and use rhythm, tone-color, pitch, beats, and other aspects of music. People with higher musical intelligence will find it easier to pick up new instruments and can also sound things out with much more ease than people with lower musical intelligence. 

Naturalist Intelligence

People who feel a strong connection with nature or animals often have high levels of naturalist intelligence. These people will often be outdoors types, or do something that works with natural elements such as gardening. 

Logical-Mathmatical Intelligence

Standard intelligence is often based on logical-mathmatical capabilities. This intelligence deals with giving you the capability to predict, hypothesize, calculate, configure, solve math problems, and more. 

Another pastime for Second.

When playing is limited to the lot only, it’s quite hard to keep the elders busy. Second is already fully skilled in Athletics, Gardening, Guitar, Logic, Handiness, Inventing, Martial Arts, Painting, Sculpting and Street Art (most other skills aren’t possible without electricity, pets, magic or leaving the lot). 

Confirmed Skills - Updated

We have not got a full list of skills that have been confirmed for the game, but here are the few that we do have. I have put (New) next to newly added to the post, not too the series.

  • Athletic
  • Cooking
  • Charisma (New)
  • Comedy (New)
  • Fishing (New)
  • Fitness (New)
  • Gardening
  • Guitar
  • Hacking
  • Logic (New)
  • Mixology
  • Mischief (New)
  • Painting
  • Piano
  • Programming (New)
  • Rocket Science (New)
  • Violin
  • Video Gaming (New)
  • Woodworking
  • Writing