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Opposites Attract {Reader Insert}

Imagine: Flower crowns and pastels are her thing, and both Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones fully accept her for that. Who would have thought that the elder Jones man would feel the same, and much more.

Summary: {Y/N} is ecstatic to be reunited with her two best pals, but it seems alcohol is not her favourite. Getting away from the stink of beer, and the heat of dancing teens, she escapes to the garage. When confronted by her best friend’s father, she discovers a long-kept secret that he’s dying to act upon.

Request?: Yes! A nonny wanted a fic that had the clash of polar opposites between the reader and FP. I do hope I’ve done your request justice.

Warnings: F/M Smut, Unprotected Sex (wrap it before you tap it, kids), Reader is about 18 (so things are kinda okay, right?)

Word Count: 3236

Taglist: @theserpentgod 

Disclaimer: I do not own the gif, credit to the user that made it. The Riverdale characters are not mine, credits to the writers and producers of the franchise. If smut is not your thing, do not read this.

A/N: The idea of flower child!reader being best friends with Archie and Jughead is so cute to me, and the fluff between them all was fun to write. I hope I did FP justice in his ‘bad boy’ perspective. Enjoy, my little bookworms 🖤

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Why I'd Be Kicked Out Of The Phantomhive Household
  • Bard: That's our Sebastian! Saving the day!
  • Finny: Thank heavens you're alright Young Master!
  • Mey-Rin: Mister Sebastian! Young Master! You're alright!
  • Me: For fuck's sake Ciel get your shit together and stop getting your ass kidnapped

i have hella muse for a plot where the guy is a total small town farmer boy. like getting through high school was a pain cause he isn’t book smart or anything like that. all he’s ever known is hands on work (working on cars, farming, tinkering with household items, gardening, etc.) one day he’s selling fruits and veggies at his family owned stand on a hot summer day, and he meets a girl who’s the total opposite of him. she’s all brains, works at a law firm maybe, drives a benz. she’s everything he’s not. however, that southern charm will swoon any girl who’s had her heart broken one too many times by the same type of guy. he’s different, and she loves that about him. idk i just think it would be cute. could be m/f, m/m, or f/f.

I want a garden

With tall, wild lilac and honeysuckle bushes, yards of lavender, wild roses and night blooming jasmine.  I want these near my windows in the house I wish to own, and at night during the warmer months, I will leave them open so I can drift off to sleep with those scents wafting gently with the cool night air.

I want birdbaths, one out in the sun, and one tucked into the shade, the latter shallow, so that the bees can drink, too.  I want the kind of garden you expect to find fairies in.  The kind that attracts honeybees and hummingbirds.  I want the kind of garden that little finches and red-breasted robins sing in.

I want the kind of garden that I can put a stone bench in the middle and hide with a book for a few hours.

I want a garden of magick, with stones and crystals tucked around in hidden spots as well as in plain view.  With a few herbs growing, some mint, basil, rosemary, that sort of thing.

I want a garden I can go to at midnight during a full moon and bathe in the bright blue light, in complete privacy from prying eyes.  Where any ritual I wish to perform I can do so in complete comfort.

And this is my random wish for the night.

I wish to have a home
One I can call my own
With a garden filled with magickal things
Like shining stones and fairie rings
Where the moon shines brightly overhead
A home that is safe and secure
With good strong walls that will endure
All corners filled with love
As much as there are stars above
A home that comes at a reasonable price
In a neighborhood that is nice

I wish for a home
For my family and friends
With room for us all
No matter how short
No matter how tall

By the gods I do ask
By the gods I do pray
Please oh please
Hear me this day
I need a home of my own
And now that the seeds of this wish are sown
Let my will be heard and known

So it shall be.

Chapter 9~ Wretched Child

  October 17, 1901

“Mother, can I go play with Foxy?”

“Shut up you little grub- you must practice your studies.”

  The small bunny sulked and looked down at the ground as he sauntered over to his desk slouching in the chair.

 "Your father will be home soon to teach you about journalism.“

 "But mothe-”


  “I’ve told you a million times, I want to be a doctor.”

 "Oh hush up with your nonsense.“

  Another hour of chattering passed as the young bunny’s father returned home from a dull, boring business job of writing newspapers.

 "Do hurry James I can feel his intelligence dropping by the second-” exaggerated his mother. His father looked over tiredly at his wife before sighing loudly heading upstairs to his son’s study. Dark circles grew under his eyes as he opened the door to reveal Stephan spinning around and around in circles becoming dizzier and dizzier by the second. As an annoyed frown grew on his father’s face, he grabbed the young bunny by the shoulders forcefully placing him in his chair.

 "Now you stop fooling around and pay attention!“ He snapped.

  “Sorry..” Replied Stephan. He swung his feet out as he leaned back in his chair humming to himself.

 "Father! There was this one time where me and Foxy were-“ The young bunny was cut off at his father scolding him again.

 "I don’t care about the young mutt.” He sneered. “And neither should you, all you should care about is putting your nose into these papers to mimic and become a journalist yourself.”

 "But father I want to be a-“

 "A doctor! I get it-” his father snapped throwing his hands in the air. His English accent thick with annoyance. Stephan cowered down in his chair as his father slammed a stack of newspapers down in front of him.

 "Now you don’t move an inch until you’ve read that whole stack, you hear?“ Scolded the old bunny.

"Y-yes fa-” started Stephan

 "Shut up and read!!“

 Loud footsteps boomed down the stairs as the door slammed loudly. Stephan stared at the words on the paper before a tear fell onto it causing it to swell and grow damp. The small bunny quietly jumped off the chair to lay in his bed. He curled the blankets to create a fort around him as if it would shield him from his troubles and wept himself to sleep.


 July 12, 1910

 "You’re not worthy of becoming a doctor.” Stated his mother. “You’re a dirty, filthy little thing-”

 "It’s not filth mother, I’m working on something special..“

 "Huh, that junk that you refer as to ‘new life’? Stephan please, you’re amusing me” the bunny chuckled as she brought a cigarette up to her lips inhaling it deeply. Stephan held his hands together twisting his fingers lightly as he looked at his feet.

 "Would you mind making me a cup of tea?“ My throat is awfully dry..” Choked out Stephan nervously.

  “You’re almost seventeen you little grub, make it yourself for goodness sake!” Snapped back his mother. Still looking at the ground, Stephan scooted quickly over to the stove grabbing a tea kettle and small box of herbs. The cotton of his delicate, purple flannel intertwined within his fingers as he twisted it anxiously waiting for the water to boil. As the minutes passed by, the tea kettle began to squeal loudly. Stephan quickly ran to the other side of the kitchen grabbing ahold of a hand painted mug while then proceeding to return back to the tea kettle. He grabbed the kettle a little too quickly burning the tips of his fingers lightly. Wincing in pain, the bunny found it somewhat enjoyable and..relieving.

 "Do hurry up I haven’t got all day-“ whined his mother wanting to be alone. Stephan placed a few tea leaves into the boiling water and continued to head upstairs. Quickly shutting the door to his study, the young bunny sighed feeling relieved. His hands shook as he brought the hot mug up to his mouth lightly sipping it. He began to walk over to his desk placing the mug down to work on his project.

   He walked over to retrieve two fox like dolls who weren’t in the best of design, but still remained interesting. As he picked them up, his right arm ached from deep wounds in them messily wrapped in bandages. Some say or might think he inflicted these wounds on himself, or that one of his parents gave them to him. The answer to that, would be no. We all know that Stephan goes to the garden.

  Which is against household rules.

  Placing the prototype down on his desk, he quickly slid his flannel off to reveal more fabric. He felt for the spots where veins would be more prone as he’d get more blood that way. He also had to keep in mind however, not to get too much blood. That wouldn’t be good for anybody now, would it?

 Stephan grabbed what was once Foxy’s set of red push pins, and held a shaky hand out to begin piercing. One caution the bunny must keep in mind is to not push too deep. But being young and not fully aware of the consequences, you really think he’d listen?

 Tears fell down young Stephan’s cheeks as he clenched his red arm tightly. It dripped and sunk beneath the creaky, wood floor as his eyes stung greatly.


January 3, 1911

 "Well Mother…Father,” he started. “Hopefully you’re happy now, in your calm and restful state..” The bunny stroked their ears as he looked down at their groomed corpses before the funeral took place.

 "I honestly don’t know what I’ll do now..“ He said staring out as tears began to well in his eyes.


January 3, 1921

 "Where’s Stephan?” Asked the fox worriedly. He hadn’t seen his friend for a whole week now and was wondering if he was in an alright state or not. Marinella turned and tiredly replied:

 "Upstairs perhaps. I haven’t the slightest idea nor should I care about the unruly so called gentleman-“


 "Go away.“

 "What are you doing-”

   The bunny silently twitched and was constantly moving about not being able to sit still. Worried, the fox moved forward to see what was the matter.

 "Are you…mourning?“ Asked the fox seeing the bunny dressed in completely black.

 "Yessss..” The bunny hissed disturbingly.

 "Stephan,“ started Ffionn. "they’ve been dead for 10 years…what are you thinking..?”


The bunny suddenly snapped his eyes awake with tears in his eyes. He held his hands up to his face to see them trembling horribly.

“I-it..” He began. “It was just a dream.”

Week With The Suggs

“Oh. Hello.” I blink in surprise at Joe as he swings open the front door, “I didn’t realize you had been invited too.”

“Lovely to see you as well, Y/N!” He laughs, moving to the side so I can walk through.

“Sorry,” I wince, turning to face him after I drop my bag to the floor. “That was pretty bad, wasn’t it?”

“No, no. It’s just clear you don’t want to see me. I get it.” Joe mock pouts at me.

“Don’t be mean!” I laugh, pulling him into a hug. “I did miss you.” I mumble into his shoulder, relaxing into the embrace briefly before we pull apart. “I just hadn’t realized that I would get to see both Suggs!”

“Aren’t you lucky then!” He throws an arm over my shoulder, and I fight the blush that tries to appear on my cheeks as he leads me into the living room. “Zoe, Y/N’s here!”

“Yay!” The other Sugg jumps off the couch, pulling me into a tight hug. “I’m so excited! This week is going to be so much fun!” Zoe takes my hand in hers and pulls me into the kitchen, where I crouch down to say hello to Nala.

“Thanks for the heads up about Joe, by the way.” I roll my eyes up at Zoe.

“Oh, did I not mention he’d be staying for the week too?” She shoots me an innocent look, but I still see the sparkle in her eye.

Zoe was one of the only people to know of my crush on Joe, and now I was stuck being around him for an entire week. Well, maybe stuck wasn’t the right word.

“Cheers, Zo.” I stick my tongue out at her before looking back down at Nala who wiggles closer to me wanting attention.

“Calm down, it’ll be fun. And who knows what will happen!”

“What’s happening now?” Alfie comments as he and Joe join us. “Ello, Y/N. Alright?”

“Yeah, thanks. And nothings happening. Your girlfriend was just telling me how much fun this week will be, thats all.” I shoot her a look, and she shakes her head at me.

“Alan!” Joe plops onto the floor next to me, exciting the black pug.

“Her name is Nala, Joe.” Zoe and I chime in together, giggling after Joe stares at us with wide eyes.

“That’s just creepy.” He mumbles, continuing to play with Nala.

“So, do you want to film a video tonight? Or tomorrow? I was thinking of reacting to home videos, this time with you. Since you do feature in quite a few of them.” Zoe questions as i stand up, moving to lean against the counter.

“And by quite a few, she means most of them. I forgot how much we saw each other when we were younger.” Joe comments, his attention having moved on to the guinea pigs.

“Which is why its so weird that we can go so long without seeing each other.” I sigh, “But I’m fine with whenever. Do you have them loaded up for tonight? Or should we just wait until tomorrow?”

“Let’s do tomorrow.” Joe groans.

“Tomorrow would be better anyways, because we have to do a food shop if we have two more people staying with us this week.” Alfie joins in the conversation, resting his chin on Zoe’s shoulder. I smile as I watch them interact, loving the simplicity of their relationship, but also wishing I had that.

“Sounds good to me.” Zoe replies, turning her head to kiss Alfie on the cheek.

“Gross. Stop being all couple like.”

“You’re just jealous you haven’t got a girlfriend, Joe.”

“Cheers for pointing that out, mate.” Joe finally stands from the floor, crossing the room to stand beside me. “And at least I have Y/N this week, won’t be stuck with the married couple.” He pulls me into a side hug, and I automatically wrap my arms around his waist.

“We’ll just use them for their house and eat their food.”

“Exactly. See, she gets me.”

“Maybe she should be your girlfriend, then.” Alfie grins, and I turn my face into Joe’s shoulder to hide my red face.

“Nah, Y/N wouldn’t want to date me.” Joe says, but I can hear something off in his voice. I ignore it though, and switch the conversation.

“Shall we go food shopping?”

The rest of the week flies by. We film a couple of videos together for all their YouTube channels, eat too much food, and laugh way too much.

The one thing I notice is how Joe acts.

We’d always been very comfortable with each other, and there tended to be touching and cuddling before hand on occasion, but throughout the week it was different somehow.

It felt more intimate, and there had been a couple of nights where I’d woken up on the couch the room dark, a blanket thrown over us, our legs tangled together.

I wasn’t complaining, but it was confusing for me with my feelings. I had wanted this with Joe, but was worried he was just toying with my emotions.

It was the last night at the Zalfie household, and I was sat in the backyard looking up at the stars, enjoying a moment to myself.

I heard the door open and close before a body sat beside me. Joe was sat so close, the sides of our bodies pressed against one another.

“Hi.” He spoke softly, his hand finding mine in the dark, our fingers lacing together.

“Hi.” I reply, keeping my eyes on the sky above me.

“You alright?”

I turn to look at him, concern shining in the blue eyes I had fallen so hard for. I smile and give his hand a squeeze.

“I’m fine. Why?” He shrugs, but doesn’t break our eye contact.

“You’ve been quiet today. Was worried.”

“Just sad that our week is over. I missed you guys, and I hate that we went so long without seeing each other.”

“We still talk all the time.”

“I know that, but I do like seeing you in person, you realize that, right?” I tease him.

“I missed you too.” Joe says instead. “I hadn’t noticed how much though until I opened the door and saw you standing there.”

“Are you alright?” I turn his original question on him, biting my lip.

“Just been thinking this week, that’s all.”

“That’s dangerous.”

“Shush, this is serious.”

“Sorry. What have you been thinking about?” I rest my head on his shoulder, gazing across the dark garden of the Zalfie household.

“You. Me. Us.”



“What about us?”

“Do you…” Joe pauses, and I feel him take in a breath. “Do you wonder what it’d be like, if we were like Zoe and Alfie?”

“Like them, how…like, together?” I can feel my heart start to race at his words.

“Like together.” He echoes. I lift my head, meeting his stare again.

“Joe, just say what you want to say. Please.”

“I like you.”

“I like you too.” Joe rolls his eyes at my response, but theres a small smile on his lips.

“Don’t be daft. You know what I mean.”

“Do I?”

Letting out a frustrated sigh, he leans forward and kisses me, just a short and sweet one.

“Oooh, that’s what you mean.” I smile, leaning in closer to him. “I meant it though, Joe. I like you too. A lot.”

“Good.” He rests his forehead against mine, and I close my eyes. “I don’t want to go so long without seeing you again, Y/N.”

“Then let’s change that.”

“How about we start with a date?” Joe mumbles, his lips brushing against mine.

“Sound perfect to me.” I reply before we kiss again.

And a note about orange lilies from Wikipedia:

Cats are extremely sensitive to lily toxicity and ingestion is often fatal;  households and gardens which are visited by cats are strongly advised against keeping this plant or placing dried flowers where a cat may brush against them and become dusted with pollen which they then consume while cleaning .Suspected cases require urgent veterinary attention. Rapid treatment with activated charcoal or induced vomiting can reduce the amount of toxin absorbed (this is time-sensitive so in some cases veterinarians may advise doing it at home), and large amounts of fluid by IV can reduce damage to kidneys to increase the chances of survival.

Mind you, I don’t think the ones out front are the pure orange lily, but rather a daylily, but these are also dangerous

some summer in akielos headcanons after their coronations because i can:

  • they of course, go to damen’s mother’s summer palace as they promised each other because they are both men of their words
  • damen is?? basically radiating??? because he can finally, finally introduce laurent to his home country without any threats over their heads. no enemies to sneak away from, no battles to win, they certainly have the time to take things slow now
  • damen would talk about his mother one time, about how she had an eye for beautiful and intricate things (she did design a number of locations in their household, the gardens here being one of them). he would have thought about how she would’ve scanned laurent with predictable eyes at first because he was exactly damen’s (embarrassingly wellknown) Type™. but she would have adored him anyway - this he said out loud, for the unexpected humbleness behind the ‘bratty’ attitude (damen’s words not mine), for his unpredictability. and if damen isn’t already beaming he would when he states, proud, ‘like mother like son’
  • i lied about a lack of sneaking around. there is in fact a time when they were walking down a trail in the gardens (it’s thick with flora and trees all around them) and laurent just disappears on him?? damen would call out his name once or twice before its returned by laughter and an amused ‘find me’ in the distance
  • damen, does in fact, catch sight of laurent at some point (laurent is a master in the arts of hide and seek, but damen’s even better; it’s the rustling of leaves and his golden hair, a beacon in a sea of green, that gives him away). before damen could reach him though, the conniving little thing bolts to who knows where and then it’s a full blown chase. 
  • damen’s heart is thundering in his chest, not because of the pursuing he’s doing but because of the brilliant smile he spots on laurent’s face. 
  • there are guards here too, and they hear the laughter of their crowned king, see royalty running around the gardens like lost children, but they are too well trained to react

This is a short fic set in some vague Hogwarts Verse! I was too lazy to properly go through what kind of plants we know to exist in HP so I just made pixie poppies up *lol*

Pixie Poppies

Dean visitshis boyfriend’s home for the first time. The house is silent and the garden is wild.

Also on AO3

Theconstant buzz of bees and the rustle of the wind through the high grass and thetrees lining the property made Dean feel calm. Almost content. It was a hot day even at ten o’ clock in the morning.

He had been startled out of his bed – a monstrosity of dark wood and armies of pillows and blankets even at the height of summer – by the whistling of the kettle two floors downstairs. It was a call to breakfast but Cas had thankfully peeked into Dean’s bedroom all bleary eyed and sleep mussed but with a smile on his lips. Cas had told him between one sloppy kiss and a yawn that his father was an early riser but he didn’t expect his guest to join him. Dean had been more than glad to be excused from what felt to be a before sunrise breakfast. He had grunted something in reply and turned around to sleep some more.

But he had found his way out of bed eventually, washing and silently walking down the stairs in this strange house. It was old and the wood creaked, but it was well taken care of and felt homely. It was not like at home or at Campbell manor though where magic filled all corners of the house, making it feel alive and cheery. This house… it was silent. 

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Summer Kimono.  Late Edo period (1840-1867), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery.

A remarkable chirimen (crepe) silk unlined summer kimono featuring pigmented painted fatsia japonica leaves and cherry blossoms. The silk is a very pronounced crepe (twisted silk threads). The artist has created graduations in color within the fatsia leaves to great effect. The silk is a very pronounced crepe (twisted silk threads). The fatsia japonica is rarely utilized as a motif on Japanese kimonos. One of Japan’s most common household garden plants - often referred by the Japanese as ‘yatsude’ - their large evergreen leaves look like giant outstretched hands which would be useful for welcoming and gathering up good fortune and prosperity. Their leaves have 7 or 9 'fingers’, and as odd numbers, are considered to be bringers of good luck. The other motif on this kimono are cherry blossoms, which symbolize clouds due to their nature of blooming en masse, besides being an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life. The transience of the blossoms, the extreme beauty and quick death, has often been associated with mortality. In terms of technique and artwork, we have not seen another kimono like this example. We are assuming that the artwork was laid down by brushing pigmented colors onto crepe silk. The artist has created meticulous graduations in color within the fatsia leaves to great effect.