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hi! i absolutely adore your blog and was hoping if you wouldn't mind writing something with Jumin and MC getting together in high school. i'm sure you'll do a great job and thanks very much! 😊

Awe thank you, I’m so glad to see you like my blog! I only hope I’m able to continue doing that for you in the future!

This accidentally posted before I was finished and I nearly screamed

As for your request, I’d be delighted to do it! Thank you again and have a fantastic day!


Jumin had been sitting in class for what felt like hours, having finished whatever work he had long ago, his gaze focused on a book.

Until the phone began to ring.

It hadn’t been much of a distraction at first, the teacher rushing to answer, her voice quiet as she gestured for others to get back to their work.

Yet then she looked to Jumin.

And he couldn’t help but be curious.

“Okay, yes I’ll send him.” 

She lowered it from her ear, a click coming from the phone as it was shifted back into place. 

“Um…Jumin? The principal is asking for you. Go on and take your things with you as the period is about to end.” 

Whispers began to ensue among the class, staring at him confusedly as he sat up, nodding quietly.

“Yes, ma’am.” 

He collected his things promptly and proceeded on his way, his shoes clacking against the tile floor.

Despite his usual calmness, he couldn’t help but feel curious. 

Why had he been called up?

He hadn’t done anything.

Had he? 

He was a stellar student so it wasn’t like he had gotten into trouble.


His thoughts were interrupted as he opened the office door and was greeted by the secretary, mouthing to him before returning to their call.

“He’s waiting for you in his office.” 

He dipped his head gratefully following on down the corridor, a voice alongside the principal’s on the other side of the door.

The voice was soft and gentle, more than a bit nervous but oddly melodic.

He liked it.

He turned the knob to reveal of course the principal, and someone else.


You were sitting just before the main desk, sitting upright and tensely, your fingers balled into fists on your lap.

You had glanced to him, and your gaze widened like saucers.

Just as he did.

But he couldn’t seem to look away.

He didn’t quite want to.

“Ah, Mr. Han, glad you could join us!” The principal greeted brightly, ushering for Jumin to sit down. “Let me introduce you to our newest student!” 

“Newest student?”

“Yes! MC just transferred here, and I was hoping that our top student might be willing to show them around?” The principal, tapped his fingers against the desk, knowing the inevitable response. “You can be MC’s first friend and help them get settled, here’s a copy of their schedule.” 

He gave it to Jumin, his eyes glancing over it.

“You two have very similar schedules oddly enough, so you’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other. I thought since you both have free periods in about…ten minutes or so you’d be able to just give a regular tour around the campus.” 

“I…suppose.” He folded his lips, shifting his shoulders back. 

“Great! Hop to it then! MC why don’t you drop in at the end of last period and tell me how your first day has been?” 

“Y-Yes sir.” 

You both left without a moment’s notice, the door shutting behind you with a loud click.

“I uh…I guess I should properly introduce myself,” You reached out a hand, mustering a small grin. “I’m MC, nice to meet you.” 

“Jumin Han.” He returned the handshake, a bit sternly, yet he did try to lighten his grip to be polite. “I-um…let’s get started then. Follow me.” 

You nodded, tagging along behind him, staring about in utter surprise at the grandeur of the school around you, the wide towering windows and clean pristine walls decorated with crisp and clear art.

“Wow…” You murmured. “I’ve…I’ve never seen anything like it.” 

“Didn’t you come from a school similar to this?”

“What? Oh goodness no,” You exclaimed. “I could never afford a place like this usually, but my family caught a break, and we managed to get here.”

“Well…” He turned to face you, his words soft. “I hope you like it here.” 

You had brightened at his words, a gentle warmth sparking upon your expression.

“I…I think I will.” 

And soon enough you did.

But even more so, for perhaps the first time, Jumin did as well.

He found himself looking forward to see you as the days went on, simply your smile lighting up his days like he hadn’t known before.

You had always been curious of his life, getting to know him over time.

And you had been perhaps the first to truly want to know.

He had his fair share of others prying into his life, yet he wasn’t a person in their eyes.

He was an obstacle.

To reach his wealth.

But you were so different. 

In the best possible way. 

It was a delight to have in his life.

You were a delight to have in his life.

Yet he couldn’t help but admit the butterflies that would burst in his stomach at the sight of you, his heart painted with such a warmth he though he was held in the sun.

To say the least, he was smitten.

Utterly and absolutely. 


He was thrown from his thoughts as you sat down beside him outside the school, grinning.

“Hey! How are you?” 

His lips tugged upwards at the sight of you. “I’m fine, and you?”

“Pretty good, except for one thing.” 

He furrowed his brow in concern, leaning forward. “What? Did something happen? Who did-”

“Calm down,” You snickered, setting a hand on his arm, squeezing it slightly. “I was just thinking that you’ve never shown me your favorite place here!” 

“My favorite place…?”

“Yeah, I mean you’ve got to have at least one place here you enjoy being. Right…?”

“I…I suppose I do.” 

“Do you think you could show it to me?” You questioned, tipping your head to the side. “Please?” 

He melted.

“Of course.” He sighed, laughing quietly. “Here, follow me.” 

He lead you through the halls, working his way throughout the rooms and finally coming to it, opening the door to reveal it to you.

A garden.

Flowers and trees scattered the land a few simple benches about, Jumin guiding you to one of them.

“This is your favorite place?”

“Not exactly.” He hummed, heat rising to his cheeks. 

“What do you mean?” 

“W-Well uh…t-truthfully my favorite place is…is wherever you are.” 

Your face became redder than a raspberry. 


“I mean…if we’re going to be honest.” Jumin chuckled, shifting away as he grew more and more flustered. “I-I’m sorry I just…” 

“M-My favorite place is w-wherever you are too.” 

His eyes became larger than saucers, turning to you in surprise. 


“Guilty.” You shrugged, giving a lopsided smile. “I won’t lie.” 

“T-Then um…” He felt a lump emerge in his throat, hardly able to come up with the words. 

“May I kiss you?”

You had never seemed happier.

For without any hesitation you responded.


And within that moment the world seemed truly wonderful.

For you were in it.


Before our eyes.
Basic elements of an image.

In a huge garden.
Flowers and more flowers.
In many species, colors and sizes.
Look, look and keep looking.
Fascinated by all of them.
Each with its particular beauty.

To preserve beautiful images.
Unique images of nature.
Photography is our greatest ally.
And also a source of pleasure.
The pleasure in selecting and photo capture.
The pleasure of discovery new details, when editing.
And finally
The pleasure of sharing the photographic results.