Alyanette date for alyanette april!!!

It’s their first date and they’re having a good time!!

(shh i know alya isn’t wearing the miraculous… it’s probably… like in her pocket or something… also i took the bg from a webisode concept art… so its not mine)

Was driving in the car today with my almost 70 year old father (drinking coffee and bs-ing, as we tend to do)…SOTT came on and Dad asked, “Who’s this?”

Me:  “Harry Styles”.  

Dad:  “Never heard of him.” 

Quiet; Harry crooning magically.  

Dad:  “Kid can sing.”  

Me:  beaming.

Dad: “Sounds like shit I like.”  

This is the highest praise imaginable from a guy who pretty much only listens to The Eagles, Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Beatles.

It was a good day.

yooo just wanted to let everyone know i’ve finally fixed my yj screencap logs, all links are current so if you’re in need of screencaps feel free to use/reblog :)

+ would anyone be interested in me re-upping the gl:tas caps too???

I thought-
But it doesn’t matter what I thought
But it still hurts
Doesn’t it hurt you?
The gunshot?
The bullet hole left of your spine?
It has to hurt,
Even you can’t walk off-
Actually you can.
Can’t you?
Never mind-
No wait actually listen to me
I’ve been sitting next to your corpse
For hours now, in the subway tunnels,
I’ve earned this
So you can listen up cause we were fine
And alive, the both of us,
And it was my-
It was my bullet in your-
I killed you,
You asshole.
You weren’t supposed to turn on me
—  sometimes the person in the morgue is someone you love