Anonymous said: Hey! I love your work and I was hoping you could write what your first time with Enoch O'Connor would include?? Thank you!!!!   

Hey! So I don’t write smut so this will be in list form, I hope you don’t mind. So idk if this is considered NSFW because there’s nothing graphic.

Your first time with Enoch would include

- You making the first move in Enoch’s room.

- It happening in the dead of the night and in the dark so that no body wakes up.

- Being extremely nervous about getting caught,

-The both of you learning together

- Enoch being an extremely fast learner.

- Lots and lots of foreplay

-Enoch not making a whole lot of noise except for muttering under his breath and involuntarily whining or growling from time to time

- Going slowly, not just because you don’t want to wake anyone up, but because you both want to remember this forever.

- Starting with you on top but switching quickly.

-Enoch getting in the zone like when he used his peculiarity and honestly surprising you so much you start to wonder if it’s really his first time.

-Gentle hair pulling, not enough to really hurt, more like something to hold on to.

-At least one of you end up biting down on something to keep quiet.

-Falling sleep in each other’s arms afterwards.

-Waking up early so you can run to your room before the other’s wake up.

-This event inevitably leading to a series of minor hook ups in the gardens, in his work room, behind the shed, and just about anywhere you can while almost getting caught.