Our new gardening work table.

  • Redwood top from Ross family picnic table, circa 1965.
  • Table frame - studs from the Home Depot, about $16
  • Lower deck - blue boards, bedroom shelving, Halle’s emo phase.
  • Lower deck - poplar boards, cleaned out from Mrs. Podnar’s garage.

“Cheap or free” is our motto (and our budget).

Natural Cedar Organic Garden Table

Growing your own food and herbs has a lot of benefits. It can save you money, you’ll avoid pesticides and get healthy organic food. Also, gardening can be very relaxing and if you’re a passionate cook, you’ll always have fresh herbs at hand. Natural Cedar Organic Garden Tableis a great thing that will make gardening easy and fun. 

Organic Herb & Garden Table

All you gardeners and fans of going back to nature and growing your own food, please pay attention because we have something really interesting to show you – Organic Herb & Garden Table made by the U.S.-based Master Gardener Company. This elevated gardening table is a great workbench for hard working gardeners and vegetable growers. It stands at 35 inches tall, and, because of its height, it makes it impossible for nibbling pests and pets to reach it.