Stan had to talk again to the guy who got him the ecstasy pill the first time. His experience wasn’t all that wonderful being by himself and ending up in a bathtub just to be found by Kyle, but, somehow, he felt more optimistic about his second going at it with his new – acquaintance.

He was sure to pick a weekend in which his mother and Roy wouldn’t be around. She had been happy lately that he had “a friendship”, as she called it, with the new neighbour’s older boy, besides his usual companions. She just didn’t understand them.
He invited Kyle over one Friday, feeling a bit worried about what could they end up doing. Hopefully not calling Wendy again or something extreme like enrolling himself to save whales in the ocean.

After being sure to secure Sparky out in the garden, he took a seat in the couch to wait for Kyle while he listened to some of his secret Katie Melua tracks in his ipod.

Familiar isn’t always better

Alone while Galilea is out for a couple days reconnecting with childhood friend Alani, Ambra is left at the mercy of her usual anxieties. 


She shouldn’t be outside right now.  It’s dark, overcast, and thunder rumbles in the not-so-far distance; her ears are filled with the sound of rustling leaves – coaxed by the cool wind, they all display their silvery backs, heralding the coming storm.  They fall like confetti from the trees and then swirl along the ground, lifted and pushed down the garden path.

Seated on the lone swing she convinced Rath to help her install on one of the massive, ancient trees crowding her tiny back yard, Ambra watches the leaves fall from underneath the hood of her red rain slick, dark eyes turned towards the boughs above and the sky beyond.

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