Jordan Nolan’s Stanley Cup in Garden River, 2012

Apparently there is a cougar roaming around the Garden River reserve not far from here. I wasn’t aware that cougars lived in this area… I hope the people and their animals stay safe. And I hope this cougar finds a good place to settle away from the people. So far it hasn’t done anything wrong, just snooping around the Bingo Hall and Offices. I hope it stays that way.


I got back from Colorado today and I’m so extremely jealous of everyone living out there. This was my first time going to Colorado, let alone going anywhere to the West of Texas and I was in awe by the beautiful scenery. I miss seeing the mountains. I wish I had more time out there to do more exploring but I do plan on returning once more, maybe during winter. For now I only have my pictures. Until next time Colorado you did not disappoint!