Today finally we sowed some seeds, we will continue tomorrow. It feels great to start another gardening season! Hubby @redskins29 was a great help as always. Making sure seeds made contact with the soil….pushed in and covered up.
Our sweet Cherry blend seeds came in 2 colors… (botanical interests) never seen pepper red seeds but sure they will grow😊
Got to keep track of what we grow.
What seeds we got started? Well let’s see…

Antohi Romanian
Sweet Cherry
Anaheim chili
Orange king bell
Purple beauty
California wonder
Yolo wonder

pineapple pole
Tomatillo río grande
White Cherry
Ox heart
Better boy
Golden boy
Cherokee purple
Brandywine red
Lemon plum



Thurs 17th Dec | Took a little trip to the garden centre today. Loving my new hope plant. I don’t think it’s said often enough but it is really important to find a balance between studying hard and taking care of your mental and physical health. Hope you’re all doing well, message me anytime if you need to talk x

Planting a Fall Garden the Easy Way

By Shelley Stonebrook

Fall doesn’t have to be a time in your garden when your bountiful summer crops simply start to slow down. In fact, in most areas of the country, fall can be one of the most productive times of year in your garden. Many crops thrive in the cooler weather of autumn, and even into winter with a bit of protection. Think spinach, lettuce, beets, carrots, cabbage, parsnips, turnips, radishes, broccoli, kale, chard, mustard greens — the list goes on! 

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Following on from the futuristic kitchen garden we posted earlier, here’s proof that it’s becoming a reality. Here’s a sensor system that is able to detect your plant’s water and air temperature, humidity, brightness, and soil pH.
Would you be interested in a system like this? - Dan