I’m pretty sure I’m over thinking this garden, but I like planning so its ok. I’ve gone through almost a dozen different garden layouts in the last few days.

There’s so many things to consider, I feel like I need a super computer to track it all. Instead I have my brain, two books from the library, a garden app, and a limited free trial of the garden layout tool on farmers almanac website.

I’m considering things like planting to harvest timelines, biointensive planting, crop rotation, soil composition, and the merits of using a raised bed.

I just have to keep believing plants WANT to grow. They’ll find a way.

Good jobs for the midheavens
  • Aries Midheaven: They enjoy being creative, so an artist / musician is okay, but it's a bit passive for active, challenging, leader-like Aries. They would probably enjoy sports just because of the physicality. They love being in charge and do really well in managerial positions so big business is an idea.
  • Taurus Midheaven: They're stable and like money, so something high-paying and socially acceptable. Something that they can work in, climb the corporate ladder, so business is good again. They also really like animals and nature, so maybe something in that area would suit them sometimes.
  • Gemini Midheaven: They make good politicians, but their strength is almost definitely teaching. They also make good writers and actors, TV presenting is an option too. Definitely make use of their communication skills. They want freedom, so nothing too boring or mundane: that won't satisfy them.
  • Cancer Midheaven: They do like the home, so a quiet domestic life could suit. They also love children and are pretty creative, so maybe teaching music, language or art in schools is a good idea. In addition, they tend to really like caring for animals so they could always go into veterinary science.
  • Leo Midheaven: They want high profile! The performing arts is best - acting, singing, music, modelling, or performing in any way is simply their highlight. As they're associated with children, they could also lead activity groups and clubs for kids, which would probably be really fun.
  • Virgo Midheaven: They're probably interested in an academic career. They could go into science, maths, or engineering, and they also tend to make very good writers. Because they're usually quite shy they might want to stay away from jobs involving interpersonal relations.
  • Libra Midheaven: They love all that's beautiful so a designer, garden / interior planner, personal shopper, sales-person, or estate agent would suit Libra. Their sense of justice and good social skills could also lead them into the legal profession. Their team skills mean that they will do well in most jobs.
  • Scorpio Midheaven: Persuasive, manipulative, and lovers of control - you wouldn't think it but politics could definitely suit a Scorpio. They probably want something intense and difficult that they can focus themselves on - that really feels like an achievement - so further maths or science could be an option.
  • Sagittarius Midheaven: University professors or academics are probably appealing lines of work for the Archer. They are also often drawn to religion and philosophy, so studying and / or teaching in this area is a great idea. They should choose a job which allows them freedom and travel opportunities.
  • Capricorn Midheaven: They're so hard-working that they'll succeed at most things, but business is an especial strength for these. Quite honestly their status in the job, how hard they work, and what they get in return, is probably a lot more important to them than the particular line of work.
  • Aquarius Midheaven: Politics is an obvious choice, and the tech industry (programming, etc) is also a really good idea for these guys. They will probably lean towards scientific and mathematical careers. They also tend to be good sports-people and runners, and succeed in extreme sport especially.
  • Pisces Midheaven: A spiritual or religious job will suit a Pisces, but they also love working with children or animals, so those are both excellent ideas. They might be drawn to helping others as a counsellor, therapist, or, in fact, any kind of doctor - maybe a paediatrician or veterinarian.

My junk journal is starting to become bloated!

I tend to art journal in a fairly linear fashion, but I like some pages to be arranged by topic rather than date. For those pages I’m always coming back to, I’ve made tabs: GARDENFEATHERS, FLOWERSHUFFY (an important, sentimental gift), and to-do

My GARDEN tab holds my garden planner which actually spans two spreads and four pages: the first spread has a pattern on the left for photos and a checklist on the right, and the second spread has written notes as well as clippings from seed packets, plant tags and photos of my garden. The FEATHERS tab is a two-page spread of found feathers, though so far I only have two (a blue jay feather and an unknown one). Under FLOWERS, I glue dried flowers; Spring is here in Louisiana, so that page will start filling fast! The to-do tab is actually out of date as of tomorrow! That’s where I had kept all of my little March tidbits: notes and ideas on things to do as well as a wee calendar. 


Today finally we sowed some seeds, we will continue tomorrow. It feels great to start another gardening season! Hubby @redskins29 was a great help as always. Making sure seeds made contact with the soil….pushed in and covered up.
Our sweet Cherry blend seeds came in 2 colors… (botanical interests) never seen pepper red seeds but sure they will grow😊
Got to keep track of what we grow.
What seeds we got started? Well let’s see…

Antohi Romanian
Sweet Cherry
Anaheim chili
Orange king bell
Purple beauty
California wonder
Yolo wonder

pineapple pole
Tomatillo río grande
White Cherry
Ox heart
Better boy
Golden boy
Cherokee purple
Brandywine red
Lemon plum


paint-splattter  asked:

where do you get your supplies

i live in the netherlands so you’re probably not familiar with the stores, but i usually get my stuff from Hema or Bruna!

here are some cute stationery shops that ship worldwide:

some etsy stores:

hope this helped!!


Thurs 17th Dec | Took a little trip to the garden centre today. Loving my new hope plant. I don’t think it’s said often enough but it is really important to find a balance between studying hard and taking care of your mental and physical health. Hope you’re all doing well, message me anytime if you need to talk x

anonymous asked:

What is the snowflake method, gardner method, etc?

Gardeners and architects are the two kinds of writers, as described by George R. R. Martin. 

I think there are two types of writers, the architects and the gardeners. The architects plan everything ahead of time, like an architect building a house … They have the whole thing designed and blueprinted out before they even nail the first board up … The gardeners dig a hole, drop in a seed, and water it. They kind of know what seed it is, they know if they’ve planted a fantasy seed or a mystery seed … But as the plant grows up, they don’t know how many branches it’s going to have: they find out as it grows.

Basically, architects are planners and gardeners are free writers.

The Snowflake Method is a planning method for writers. I recently tried the Snowflake Method for my own novel and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I would recommend writers trying it at least.