Domestic Garden Witch: Dragons in the Garden

So maybe you’re a college witch with limited space and money, limited to the one window in your dorm. Or, maybe you’re a witch without extensive backyard space who wants to start up a magical garden. Perhaps you’re a kitchen witch who wants the freshest herbs right at her fingertips.

For many witches, having a garden seems to be a bit of a no-brainer. After all, plants and magic go hand-in-hand. Plus, when thinking of a witch, it’s hard not to think of a cottage in the woods with a little vegetable garden out front. Unfortunately for the majority of us, our cottage in the woods is a tiny flat, and our garden out front is a windowsill with limited space.

This is when it comes time to embrace your craftiness and bring your garden indoors! Not only does it place your garden in a convenient location, it also allows you to freshen the air, recycle what would otherwise harm the earth, and embrace your witchy green thumb!

From Faerie to Dragon…

If you’ve been following my blog for a while (or have even looked at the name of the blog) you probably have figured out that I’ve got a rather strong love for dragons. They’re involved both in the way I present myself in media and in the way I practice my craft (there will never be a day where my altar doesn’t have a dragon - I even have two dragon incense burners that I incorporate in coven rites).

Like faerie witchcraft, dragon witchcraft has its own aesthetic and its own approach to spirits and magical workings. It’s something that tends to be (in my opinion) a bit more raw, primal, and emotional, presented in ways that are somehow logical and intellectual.

But something I have never seen when it comes to dragon witchcraft is a way to bring it out of the altar, out of the home, and into the garden. Flower beds and vibrant gardens are part and parcel of faerie magic, so that’s understandable. But dragons are creatures linked with the earth, as well. So where many of my previous Domestic Garden Witch articles were inspired by other projects, I’m going to diverge a bit to talk about bringing dragons into your garden!

Nobility, Protection, and Beauty

Dragons are heavily associated with various human qualities both positive and negative. I went over this in a Witchy Bestiary article some time back (one of my first in that series, if I recall), and you can read up on it here to get an idea of the qualities dragons can represent. For the sake of this article, I’m going to focus on three of their qualities: Nobility, Protection, and Beauty. Like with any witchy garden, one of the first things to consider is what the purpose of the garden should be. Is it merely to be a haven for dragon spirits (much like many faerie gardens are meant to be a haven for the wee folk), or perhaps it’s meant to encourage protection of the home? Or perhaps it’s meant to encourage strength and confidence in those who admire the garden?

From there, you can associate plants to the intent, planting them in ways that are aesthetically pleasing. Consider the color combinations - great go-to’s are flowers with fiery colors such as poppies, marigolds, and birds of paradise. But also consider the flower shapes. Dragons are intellectual creatures, so everything about the garden should be given careful consideration. Snapdragons are a favorite, as are trumpet vines and cherry trees. If the kind of dragon you intend to encourage in your life has a specific environment, consider how you can reflect it in your garden (i.e. ponds for aquatic dragons and rocky outcrops for European wyrms, or tropical gardens for the serpents of the Americas).

Nobility is a quality that encompasses both charisma and confidence. It’s the part of us that is both stately and self-assured. Consider plants that encourage this aspect of humanity both in aesthetic and intent - juniper, rosemary, birds of paradise, and roses. Decorate the garden accordingly with dragon statues or decorations that inspire confidence, such as pillars and busts, or even large stones to give the impression of mountains.

Protection is a quality that one would be hard-pressed to separate from a dragon. Whether the dragon hoards, or simply finds itself in a position of teaching, it will protect that which it holds dear with unmatched ferocity. We all would prefer that our homes be our safe spaces, where we can unwind in comfort and without fear of outside influence. Plants such as rosemary, roses, berries, or flowers with those bright orange and reds and yellows are all appropriate for such a garden. If you feel so inclined as to incorporate a dragon statue, situate it so that it faces the entrance of the yard or garden, so that it can keep watch as a guardian. Alternatively, incorporate gazing balls or crystals, or even stone circles to encourage protection of the home.

Beauty has many forms. For some, it is delicate. But the kind of beauty that dragons encourage is one of strength, grace, and heart. Yes, some dragons can represent that delicate and sometimes fragile kind of soft beauty. But the majority that come to mind are much more impressive, allowing their movements and sheer power inspire awe in those who are witnessing them. Gardens that are intended to bring in draconic beauty are less about color and more about structure. Hedges, standing stones, and tiered design are helpful in bringing about that aspect of strength. But a s this is a garden, color would more than likely be desired, and as such this is a great one for including various colors and varieties of flowers which can lift the spirit while letting the design of the garden provide that deep rooted sense of primal beauty.

In Conclusion…

The approach for designing a dragon garden is much the same as designing one for faeries. Different qualities can help influence the design of the garden, depending upon the intention being incorporated into the magic. When working with dragons in any way, be it a garden or simple spells, be sure to extend proper respect - they are much older than us, and will still be here when we’re gone - toward them and the areas dedicated to them.

Consider what kinds of influence dragons may bring or inspire in your garden, and perhaps a dragon will lend a hand.

May your harvests be always bountiful! )O(

Please consider the following: Community Garden AU where the Inquisition members rent small plots of land for the growing season.

Varric is the generous landowner that decided to rent out his property for a small fee.  He has no interest in gardening – “Why would I waste my time in the dirt when there’s a perfectly good store just down the street?” – but he won the unused land in a bet and he’s not one to waste any of his assets.  Sometimes he can be seen tending to one of the plots, filled with daisies.  

Cassandra decided to try gardening for the first time, seeing it as quite the romantic hobby.  She realizes early on that it’s way more work than expected and quickly frustrates over the constant weeding, watering, and wayward animals eating her sprouts.  But when the first roses begin to bloom, she is over the moon and makes the commitment to return next season.

Solas diligently tends to his plot every morning before dawn.  He has an assortment of strange and rare plants that are carefully labeled and spaced. Never has a problem with deer or rabbits eating his plants because of the “secret” spray he covers his fence with (it’s wolf pee).

Sera’s garden is covered with fruits, vegetables, and flowers.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason with her garden, and weeds cover almost every available inch.  Her fence is covered in strips of colored plastic and cans to ward off animals.  Whenever she’s at the garden, she spends her time talking to other renters instead of tending to her own plot – “If it grows, it grows.  Who am I to decide what happens, yeah?”

Vivienne can be seen at the community garden every afternoon, wearing catalog-worthy gardening gear in her flawless plot filled with medicinal plants and herbs.  Her garden puts all others to shame, and she knows it.  If you’re brave enough to approach her, she’ll happily give you advice on how to improve your skills and sometimes even give you clippings if she likes you enough.

Blackwall loves his small plot of land.  He sees it as a summer tradition and puts all his effort into it.  It takes him an entire month to just prepare the land: exterminating every weed, tilling the ground, setting up an impenetrable fence. He even mixed in nutrient-enriched soil to help his seedlings grow.  He’s one of the few renters that owns his own rain catcher (everyone else needs to carry their own tubs of water from the nearby water spigot).  He only grows vegetables that he eventually salts and freezes.  They last through the entire winter.

The Iron Bull also loves his small plot of land.  He and Blackwall share adjacent plots and they often exchange gardening tips.  He grows a small patch of vegetables, but the rest of the space is filled with flowers.  He is very proud of his flowers and brings the Chargers out to see them whenever a new species blooms.  There are always bees and butterflies flying around his plot and he swears he knows each of them by name.

Cole’s garden doesn’t have a fence, and the other renters rarely see anyone tending to it.  But there are huge piles of growth that threaten to overtake neighboring plots.  Animals come to eat the vegetables and new sprouts, and Cole always makes sure there is enough for them to leave with full bellies.

Dorian often complains about the manual labor and “blighted humidity” that comes with gardening, but that doesn’t stop his garden from being taken care of.  Each type of plant is sectioned off in their own little fenced area, carefully labeled and even shaded if needed.  He keeps a detailed journal of their growing process, illustrating and taking lots of pictures.  He swears he won’t come back next year, but he’s already planning how to improve things.

Leliana only grows food for her nugs.  She makes sure to use the best kind of soil, fertilizer, and cleanest water for her garden.  Sometimes, she even brings a few of her pets to the garden to enjoy the fresh air and kind company.  Cole always seems to be there when they come.  

Josephine doesn’t have a natural green thumb, but she still tries her hardest. Her garden has a balanced amount of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, but it is a little crowded with the space she has.  She eventually has to buy a second plot to make enough room.  

Cullen treats gardening as his therapeutic reward after a long day’s work, so he’s often seen at the community garden late at night.  Unfortunately, that also means he gets a lot of mosquito bites during the growing season.  He doesn’t mind them one bit.

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imnewhereandidontknowifimdoingthisritespleasebearwithme;; Uhm... Noodle AU for the Shimadas where their lil dragon noodles go missing and as they search everywhere they pass by their s/o who is really calmly chillin out with the drago/dragos?

((Hey i really like this!!))


This was the fourth time he lost his dragon this week. It was getting to the point that where he wanted to put a leash on her and never let her leave his sight again. This time he was frantically looking for her, as they both had a mission in a couple of hours, and he needed to make sure that she was ready to fight.

He was worried, however. She wasn’t in his usual hiding spots, and Athena already confirmed that the vents were sealed properly, so she hadn’t gotten into there. When he asked around, no one claimed to have seen her, but Hana said she saw her going near the kitchen. That was where Genji was now, looking through the cabinets in the kitchen, and the pots. He new she had a hoard behind the oven, but she wasn’t there either. She was no where to be seen, and time was running out. That was, until he hears you laughing in the next room over.

He walked into the family area, where the team did most of their relaxing. He saw you sitting on the couch, and his dragon was tickling you with its feelers. He smiled, looking out at you two. His dragon didn’t like most after the incident involving Hanzo, always on guard. It had taken her nearly two years to like Zenyatta, but you were different. She attached to you, and sometimes it was like you were her best friend. He sat on the couch beside you, and looked at his dragon. The dragon nodded, being able to feel what he was telling him, and returned to his spirit. When his dragon and him are one, he could feel the powers residing in him. He could feel the power more when he had two, before the incident, but that was not the time to dwell. You had a pouting look on your face, and it made him grin behind his mask.

“We we’re having fun ya know.” You stated, pretending to tear up. He laughed beside you.

“I know, but i have to go babe. When we get back, She can play with you again. He felt the dragon in him become happy at the promise of fun, and he smiled at the feeling. “I need her to keep me safe.”

You nodded, and smiled. You pat his chest where you saw her go into his spirit.

“She’s done well so far.” You said, a soft glow on your features. He nods. He checks the time, seeing that he’s got another hour before he has to leave. An hour isn’t long enough to cuddle you, but he can stay with you for now, and make up for it later.


He didn’t often lose his dragons. He had very playful dragons, that liked to roam around and cause mischief. They were the complete opposite of him, while he preferred to relax and take time to meditate, they were always on the go and wanting to do something, and get into some trouble. Just last week, he had to fish them out of the pipes, after they decided to take a swim. It had taken two hours, and a lot of tools, and a lot of unnecessary
movement and time he could have spent better.

When you had met him, the dragons would pull pranks on you. After on prank that had been too malicious, ending in tears and nearly a break up, the dragons had apologized in their own way by bring you things from their hoard. Hanzo apologized as well, feeling ashamed that his dragons would act in such a way. They were now insanely close to you, favoring you over many of the other agents.

When he thought of this, he realized he needed to find you so that he could find his dragons. He started searching in places where you usually hung out, and asked your friend Lucio if he had seen you. When he said that you had gone outside to sit in Mei and Zenyatta’s garden, he figured the dragons would be with you. This suspicious was confirmed when he heard you laughing and talking to his dragons. He felt himself swoon at the sight he came across, seeing you dance around with his dragons, and how they would float around and twirl with you. You stopped spinning when you heard him chuckling, and you couldn’t stop yourself from laughing either.

“Sorry, they woke me up early this morning and we decided to have some fun.” You said, giggling at the whole scene. You sat on the bench that was facing the flowers, as he made his way to sit with you. The dragons piled on your lap, having a play wrestling match with each other.

“Do not worry love, you three seemed to all be having fun.” He stated, smiling. He broke up the fake fight as it seemed to have escalated into a real fight on your lap. You smiled, as you took one of the dragons and rubbed under its chin. His twin growled slightly, wanting her chin rubbed too, which you obliged to. “They really like you, (Y/n) . I’m glad they do, since they have a good judgement of character.” He said simply.

“Yeah, in glad they like me to.” You said, resting your head on Hanzo’s shoulder. “I’m glad you like me too.” You said, seeing a slight tinge of pink appear on him. You smiled to yourself, loving how easily flustered your boyfriend got.