~Mosaic Representing Herakles/Hercules and Hesperides.

Description: Hercules is brandishing a club with lion’s skin as a shield. He attacks a dragon, which is curled around a tree in the garden of the Hesperides. On the right is a nymph in yellow chiton and green himation holding a branch of tree with right hand, border of scrolls in white on black.

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The Hesperides - William Etty (1787–1849)

The Role of the Hesperides in Greek Mythology

by  Colin Quartermain 

In Greek mythology, Hesperides were thought of as in terms of goddesses of the evening and were particularly associated with sunsets.

The Hesperides though were also given a specific role within Ancient Greece, for the sisters were considered to be the guardians of the Garden of Hera.

The Garden of Hera was also known as the Garden of the Hesperides and was a garden that housed the tree of the Golden Apples. The garden was sacred to Hera, with the tree, or trees, grown from the original Golden Apples present to Hera and Zeus on their wedding day by Gaia.

The Golden Apples of the Hesperides were a tempting prize for any would be a thief, so the Hesperides were not the only guardians of the garden, and Hera, would position Ladon, the hundred-headed dragon that never slept, within the garden.

The garden was therefore so secure that other gods would place valuable items in the Hesperides’ Garden, including powerful weapons, and in some stories the Horn of Plenty as well.

Princess and his Dragon || Multi

Cas stood in the garden humming as he collected flowers to make into a bouquet for the lovely Doctor. He was ignoring the gasps and the one scream he heard. He heard a roar this made him drop the flowers and turn as a large scaled dragon reared it’s head with another roar escaping. He backed away. Not fast enough as the dragon reached out and grabbed him hoisting him away with it as it flew.