you ever think about how happy Shiro was on the mission to get the Green Lion because he’d been in prison for a year and probably hadn’t seen anything green or even been outside and then his first mission he gets to go to this wonderful garden paradise planet populated by chill giant sloths and gentle creatures and he’s just so gosh darned happy to be alive and free


Sabyasachi’s Firdaus Collection 2016: Firdaus is the highest garden in paradise, and in Sabyasachi rendition, most of the ingredients in the garden have traveled from as far as Burma, Ghana, and Turkey. Forty-seven artisans and three fine artists worked on the making of a single coat for over 1,600 hours. There were dip-dyed brocades, vegetable-dyed silk floss, velvet couching, brass sequins and more handwork than is visible to the untrained eye.

A wife is the one who heals the heart of her husband. She comforts him and brings tranquility to his soul. She is his friend, his companion, his support and the one he trusts and confides within. She covers his faults and does not expose the affairs of their home to the world. She safeguards his secret and overlooks his shortcomings. She brings peace to his heart and soothes the pain of his soul. She makes him smile when he is down and reminds him when he is neglectful. She wants goodness for him in the world, but she advises him about desiring the akhirah. She stands by him whether in ease or hardship. She respects him and misses him when he isn’t around. She prays with him to show their gratitude and she jokes with him to show her affection. She prays that their love and compassion for one another increases and she asks Allah to gather them together in the gardens of paradise.

This is what we learn from the great women of Islam from the early generations of this ummah. This rule can be applied for both genders.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam