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Have you ever seen those wildlife cameras people have in their gardens, to catch footage of deers or cheeky squirrels having a go at the nuts left out for the birds?

Imagine someone reviewing the cameras footage when they spot some teeny tiny people in the garden searching for food, naturally they’re dumbfounded but from then on they leave small snacks and useful things out for them- the tinies catch on to the cameras and always give them a wave to say thank you for the kindness!

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Can I request a scenario where the M bro's s/o reveals she is pregnant after initially trying to hide it out of worry~

  • Ruki: “Pregnant…?” He hugged you. It was a silent hug, but you knew what it meant. Ruki chuckled, “Don’t ever hide something like this from me again, do you understand Livestock?”
  • Kou: “AH! I have to tweet about this! I want to take pictures of you every month too, put them on Instagram for my fans so they can see your progress. What’s wrong? You’re mad? Don’t be! I’m just showing everyone how happy I am to be a DADDY!” He picked you up and swung you around. 
  • Yuma: “Why do you keep vomiting?! What’s wrong? Did you get bitten by something in the garden? Eat bad food? Are you sick?” Yuma rubbed your back as you leaned over the toilet throwing your guts up

“No…I’m…p-pregnant.” You whimpered as the words passed your lips. Yuma went dead silent. You looked up expecting to see full anger, but saw him smiling ear to ear. 

I’m going to have a piglet!” He hugged you and shook you, only to make you sick and vomit more. 

  • Azusa: “Pregnant?” Azusa smirked and hugged you, “Why…… would you hide such …..wonderful news …..Eve? I couldn’t be ….happier.” 
Garden witches, green witches, healers and anyone who uses herbs in their practice...

This is a really good, comprehensive list of edible flowers. It has a vivid description each plant’s taste and how to use and harvest as well as including which parts of the plant are inedible (x)

Here’s a great free ebook on cooking, brewing and blending herbs (x)

This website has fantastic gardening advice. Just search for a plant and it will tell you how to grow it, what grows indoors, pest, solutions, trivia and much, much more. (x) And it even has an edible gardening section (x) plus an indoor section if you don’t have a garden (x)

If you have any other resources, feel free to add them to this list.

Man, witches are just so good

☆ Kitchen witches who have herbs drying all over and always have flour on their clothes from baking pies with sigils in the crust.

☆ Garden witches who have permanently dirt-stains on their knees from taking care of their succulents and watering them with all the moon water they can provide.

☆ Crystal witches who are constantly buying more shelves to store all their new babies and having their windowsill overflowing every full moon to get all of its energy.

☆ Sigil witches who always have a paper and pen on them and sketch out positive sigils and leave them around for passerby’s to be affected by them.

☆ Divination witches who wake up an extra hour or so before starting the day to see what their cards, runes, or pendulums have in store.

☆ Tech witches who have a notebook on them at all times to write down new additions to their online altar code or grimoire and are always sending emoji spells to their friends.

☆ Elemental witches who have candles all over the floor, random bowls of water precariously perched in odd places, incense always in stock, and piles of salt around doors and windows.

☆ Familiar witches who cater to their animals every day and often spend more on the animals than they do on themselves.

Just. All witches are so good. If you’re a witch, you’re lovely and valid and amazing. ❤

Here are a few Vertical Gardening ideas if you don’t have a lot of property. Growing your own food saves you a ton of money, is better for you, and gives you a real sense of accomplishment.

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