The Longwood Gardens Furry Ambassadors aka The Integrated Pest Management Program.  (located in Kennett Square, PA)

The Longwood Cats cover the grounds from the Nursery and the Peirce-du Pont house to the Abbondi Composting facility. Each cat has an assigned area of the Garden and a human caretaker.  The responsibilities these felines take on are varied. Their primary job is on the Rodent Control Task Force, but they also work as greeters, work supervisors, lap warmers and highly skilled catmint pruners. They work in exchange for food, shelter, and a health care plan. Every spring, Lenape Veterinary Clinic in West Chester, PA makes a trip to Longwood to administer an occupational health exam and give booster vaccinations.  

Photo Sources:  Cats in Gardens  Diana Wind

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Casper catwalk by littlenorthstar