My ‘Nostalgia’ bi-color hybrid tea roses are changing to deeper shades of red as they get more summer sun!

I’m considering trying my hand at grafting ‘Nostalgia’ with my ‘Just Joey’ rose that is healthy, but has had its new growth really hit hard by aphids this year. Could you imagine? The fragrance and size of Just Joey with the color-changing and hardiness of the Nostalgia would be incredible! We’ll see.

Cute Date Ideas

1. We go to the beach. You show me the cute shells you find, I show you the cute shells I find. We end the night with laying under the stars wrapped in blankets.
2. Around Halloween we go to a pumpkin patch. We wear oversized sweaters and bring some hot chocolate. We each pick out a pumpkin and go get lost in the corn maze for a while. We can share some pumpkin pie to end it.
3. We go to a boardwalk amusement park, spend all day going on rides and holding hands, and play around on the beach as well. At sunset we go on the Ferris wheel and kiss when we reach the top.
4. We go to a botanical garden and point out our favorite plants to each other. I take some pictures of you, you take some pictures of me. We’re happy and completely carefree.

5. Instead of going off on an adventure, we stay inside and cuddle while marathoning movies or some show.

Around my garden, 4 Aug 2015:

Top: potted Lilies huge and smelling lovely.

Second Row, Left: The gigantic Lily that’s – no kidding – about 6′5″ on just one stalk, covered in flowers that are opening right now. I have no idea what I did to get this Lily so huge, but go me!

Second Row, Right: The lovely bi-color hybrid tea rose, ‘Nostalgia,’ which becomes a deeper red the more it is exposed to sunlight. If you keep a bud in shade, it will pretty much stay white!

Third: Red-streaked ‘Rachel Louise Moran’ aka ‘Peppermint Splash’ hybrid tea rose. I am really pleased with the blooms, scent, and robust growth of this bush, which was a more recent purchase.

Bottom Row, Left: Mesembryanthemum (Ice Plants), purple Pansies, and the strongly-scented Alyssum. I grew the Alyssum from seed a few years ago, and they have been self-seeding and happily growing even in dry, untended conditions ever since. Highly recommend them to help fill in bare patches of your garden beds, and as ground cover.

Bottom Row, Right: My pink mophead Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) bush, doing well as always. Once you’ve got a Hydrangea well established, you are set! Keep in mind that soil pH is important, and can change the color of your Hydrangea flowers. Acidic soil makes blue flowers, and alkaline soil (like mine) goes pink. More neutral soil tends towards a purple. So, if you buy a bush that’s one color, don’t be mad if it changes color the next year. Either amend the soil yourself to raise or lower pH, or make peace with it, and let nature take its course.