Unruly weeds, wilting geraniums, rampant caterpillars in YOUR garden? It’s more likely than you think.

You need GARDEN GUARDS!!! Our team consists of only the most proficient, talented, and adorable flower girls!

Meet Morning Glory, her Mantis Butch, Babies Breath, Dandelion, Jasmine and her wife Orchid, protectors of the garden.

bi ask meme:
  1. smol or tall bi?
  2. history or science bi?
  3. apple juice or orange juice bi?
  4. mermaid or nymph bi?
  5. garden or forest bi?
  6. s’mores or grilled cheese bi?
  7. demigod or fairy bi?
  8. vine or twitter bi?
  9. highlighter or pen bi?
  10. colored pencils or markers bi?
  11. ponytail or messy-bun bi?
  12. breakfast or lunch bi?
  13. winter or spring bi?
  14. night owl or early bird bi?
  15. coffee or tea bi?
  16. peppermint or lavender bi?
  17. poetry or prose bi?
  18. castle or mansion bi?
  19. ocean or lake bi?
  20. earring or necklace bi?
  21. pool or hot tub bi?
  22. chocolate or sour candy bi?

inspired by: this meme