garden portrait


Tell Me Something Good

“North of Lehigh,” Kensington, Philadelphia


Commissioned by the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations as part of the NEA’s Art Works program. Tell Me Something Good was created in collaboration with the New Kensington CDC and Somerset Neighbors for Better Living. The project supported a community garden located in the “North of Lehigh” neighborhood through garden improvements and a opening celebration. At this celebration, community members were asked to “tell me something good” about their lives and their community. The words they said created a free-form poem across the chain-link fence of the garden. The portraits taken will be displayed at the NKCDC’s new affordable housing development, Orinoka House, in 2018.


ed, gardener at the community garden in soho 
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manhattan, nyc

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Congrats on 300!❤️ Can I have a 🌸 and either Jily or Dramione💞

joanna: green, the musical brazilian accent, high ponytails, trying all the hats in a store, colored bracelets, dancing mindlessly in an empty room, gardening, drawing portraits of people walking by on the street

i’ll do a jily edit for you! it’ll be posted once i’m done with the rest of the celebration 


We went to pick up the cat today. But guys, listen, I’m addicted to cherries. I can’t stop eating unless some one takes the bowl away from me…

All in all today was a really nice and relaxing day. I haven’t been so calm in a very long time.