garden tarp


This nest of baby wrens was brought in to us by a member of the public after both parents were killed by a cat. They had decided to nest within the folds of a roll of tarpaulin, so it was an odd sight for our reception team!

Our vet team removed them from their nest and quickly checked them over. Luckily they were unharmed and were placed into an incubator to stay warm.

We get a number of odd admissions like this, and each one is more unusual than the last!


Last week I hosted a fairly modest Bob’s Burgers BBQ/ swim party as a way to bring some good chums together and have an excuse to go crazy with decor. I painted some signs and backdrops, a playlist I compiled of the shows songs played in the background, and I even grilled burger sliders inspired by some of Bob’s recipes and the guy behind “The Bob’s Burgers Experiment” (I actually used the ingredients necessary, my favorite being: parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme for the Charbroil Fair burger!).

My Kuchi-Kopi invitations actually glow in the dark! That’s right

As a party activity I made a little black book and scribbled “Erotic Friend Fiction” on the cover. The objective: (borrowed from high school English class) was to partake in a collaborative writing assignment which involved passing around the booklet as everyone added a paragraph to the story, making for some very hilarious erotica.  

For favors I emblazoned lunch bags with the phallic “fish-rocket” logo from the “Bob Day Afternoon” episode and filled them with “Tina” glasses, a “Gene” kazoo, “Bob’s” mustache, “Linda’s” order pad, a pair of “Louise’s” bunny ears, Bob’s restaurant flyer, and made little “Burger of the Day” chalkboards for the nametags. Lastly, desserts were adorable little burger cupcakes!

I wasn’t able to go as “all out” as I initially wanted (I would have loved to have drawn all of my friends in the BB style), but I think things came together decently and more importantly: everyone enjoyed themselves! I can only hope that it was a party that Bob (or perhaps more so Linda…) would be proud of!