garden spell

Plants that Attract Beneficial Insects


  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Bishops Flower
  • Buckwheat
  • Candytuff (dwarf fairy variety)
  • Coreopsis Tinctoria
  • Coriander
  • Salvia (”Lady in Red” variety)
  • Cosmos (”Psyche” and “Bright Lights” varieties)
  • Dill
  • Dwarf Sunflower (”Pacino” variety)
  • Bee Balm (Bergamot)


  • Black-Eyed Susan 
  • Coreopsis (”Double Sunburst” and “Moonbeam” varieties)
  • Caraway
  • Dianthus
  • English Lavender
  • Fennel
  • Gaillardia (”Arizona Red” variety)
  • Hyssop
  • Lamb’s Ears
  • Mallow
  • Pyrethrum
  • Rudbeckia Lacinata
  • Scabiosa
  • Shasta Daisy
  • Veronica
  • Yarrow
My Witch Garden

Whats In My Witch Garden, and What Each Plant Is Used For!!

  • Aloe // luck, protection
  • carnation // protection, strength
  • chamomile // passion, sleep
  • chrysanthemum // strength
  • clover // wealth, success
  • hibiscus // love, lust
  • holly // protection
  • honeysuckle // wealth, spirit
  • jasmine // love, wealth
  • lavender // peace, happiness
  • lilac // exorcism, love
  • lily // healing
  • marigold // protection
  • poppy // love, sleep
  • rose // healing, love
Darkness Hex

Do not use this spell unless your intention is to cause complete havoc. There is no reversing the spell, so make sure that this is a last resort, and you will not regret doing it later.

When you begin this spell, think about all the pain and suffering this person has caused you (or someone close to you). Visualize chaos attacking them from all sides.


  • You will need a 9″ piece of black yarn.

Tie 3 separate knots as you chant the following:

“With this knot I seal this hex
you will not sleep, you will
not eat,
you will not rest
dark knots of anger, dark
knots of hate
This black cord with knots
brings you your fate
As I tie this second knot this
makes two
As complete black darkness
falls over you
Slander, chaos, evil too
I send the darkness straight
onto you
With this third knot, yes I bind
Complete horror and chaos
into your mind
Hex of anger, hex of hate
I will not wait.
I have spoken it and
so it shall be.
I have spoken it and
so mote it be!”

Douglas Hensley, A Book Of Magic Spells And Hexes

A Midnight Ritual if You Cannot Sleep Because You Are Worrying About a Confrontation or Crisis in the Morning

You will need:

  • A dark-blue candle
  • A small bowl of salt
  • Paper and a pen
  • A bowl of soil
  • A small, lidded plastic container
  • A blue pen


Midnight, called the time of the dark sun, indoors or in the garden.

The spell:

Light the candle and, looking into the flame, say: “The dark sun across the word does shine, but let all be peaceful in this place of mine.”

Sprinkle a few grains of salty into the flame, saying: “The sun will rise again at dawn, ‘til then I consign all fear ‘till morn.”

On the paper, write over and over again the fears and the worries that are troubling you. Tear off just a corner and singe it in the candle flame. (Have a bowl of soil ready in case it catches fire.)

Extinguish the candle, and put the folded paper and the singed corner, burned or not, into a small plastic container in the freezer.

Dispose of the plastic container and its contents the next morning.

- “1001 Spells: The Complete Book of Spells for Every Purpose,” by Cassandra Eason


“Letting Go” Jar

Something to put your guilts, fears and hiccups into. Draws away their power, cleanses them, and protects you. Very soothing.

- empty jar
- epsom salt
- turquoise stones (could use black stones too)
- lavender oil
- problems written on scraps of paper
– put the lid on tightly and shake –

Most spells like this say to bury the jar or hide it in your closet - but that’s the opposite of what you want to do with your problems. It’s sealed, put it on your shelf if you want and add to it/shake it whenever. Looking at it should remind you you’re so much bigger than those problems; you’ve let go of them.

The First Spell! tagged as garden-witchcraft’s grimoire from now on!

💟Love Spell Jar💟

💟Intent: the relationship between my love and I will grow and thrive

dried and ground rose petals (love and growth)
sugar (sweetness)
cinnamon (spice up your love life!)

Focus on the significance of each ingredient as you mix the ingredients together. Speak your intent as you add the ingredients to the jar.

This spell is for an already established relationship, not to attract love. Be sure to ask for consent from your lover! I would reccomend using something to represent yourself and something to represent them. I used a tarot card on either side of my work space. I have a card that I assosciate with myself and a card for my love, so I used those. You can use the Emperor and the Empress, two of the suit cards, or if you prefer ungendered cards, use the sun and the moon or the moon and the stars. Feel free to light candles, throw rose quartz everywhere while you work, whatever you need to do! When the jar is finished, place it in a space that is significant to you both 💖

💟Finally, remember to back up your spell with mundane actions. Show and tell your love that you adore them every chance you can. Enjoy, little sprouts! 🌱

Dear baby witches

You do not have to be wiccan to practice witchcraft. You do not have to be religious at all to practice witchcraft. Witchcraft is just that: a craft, a practice.

Witchcraft can be anything YOU want it to be! It can be complex spells and curses or something as simple as wind chimes in your window and spices in the your cabinet.

Do not let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do with your practice. No one single person can dictate how we practice.

If you want to curse, then curse. If you don’t, then don’t! If you want to work with stones, plants, animals, fire, or even technology then go for it! There is no reason why you can’t!

It’s the Spring Equinox! 🕊🌸🐇 I’ll be preforming a ritual tonight to encourage warmer weather, sunshine, and the fertility of the Earth as we approach the end of winter. I ventured outside and packed some snow into a mason jar, then left it in the window sill all day to melt under the sun. When it’s warm enough to start planting in my garden, this magickally charged water will be used to soak the seeds! 🌱✨

“This plant is thriving and healthy”

This turned out so awesome. To be written on the pot the plant is kept in, drawn on paper and burnt for the ashes to be mixed in the soil, or to let sit in water and charge it and then used to water the plant. If you feel another method would be more beneficial, feel free to use it instead :)

*I am currently NOT taking any sigil requests, please do not send me any asks requesting a new sigil, thank you!*

Witches’ Almanac - Aries Season

Welcoming the season of the ram! Here’s your monthly update y’all, blessed be! (March 21st - April 19th)

March 21st: Vernal Equinox

March 22nd: Celebrate

March 24th: Plan your garden

March 26th: Enjoy fine dreams

March 27th: New Moon

March 28th: Waxing Moon

March 31st: Tease a friend

April 1st: April Fools Day

April 3rd: First Quarter Moon

April 5th: Read the Tarot

April 7th: Post to a loved one

April 9th: Plant seeds

April 10th: Cast a spell

April 11th: Full Moon (Seed Moon)

April 12th: Waning Moon

April 13th: Reveal nothing

April 15th: Light a blue candle

April 17th: Knit, weave or braid

April 19th: Third Quarter Moon

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