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The Orangery

What is it about front gates that makes them enchanting and enticing all at once? Perhaps it’s their “vedo-non-vedo” quality, which allows passersby to peek in and catch a glimpse of the treasures within. Or is it perhaps, that I end up fantasising about flower and herb gardens, whilst sipping a hot cuppa and reading a good book on a rocking chair, with a kitten on my lap? 

I can’t help myself. When I see a high, ornate, wrought iron gate, I simply have to linger a little longer. (Apologies for the alliteration. It wasn’t planned.) After all, a front gate, is like a second front door, yet it allows people like me to experience much more than its timber counterpart affords. 

So, what is it about front gates? Even if they can’t be seen? 

Hal-Balzan, Malta

Spring chickens

Serena and Bernie were lying on sun loungers in their back garden, sipping cocktails and watching Morven, Cam and Charlotte playing a silly game of frisbee.

“Charlotte says she’s playing ‘ultimate frisbee’ at university,” Bernie said.

“Sounds dangerous.”

“She’s had a black eye but nothing broken yet.”

Bernie chuckled as Cam tackled Morven to the ground and tickled her mercilessly.

Serena sighed and Bernie raised an eyebrow. “Alright, Campbell?”

“Oh, I don’t know. They’re so young, energetic, got their whole lives ahead of them.”

“What’s brought this on?”

Serena looked at Bernie dolefully. “We’re not exactly spring chickens any more, are we.”

Bernie sat up. “Who wants to be a spring chicken?” she demanded, “We’re summer hens!”

Serena choked, inhaled her cocktail and sprayed it all over the lounger. “Summer hens?!” She burst out laughing.

“Sounded better in my head.” Bernie said, abashed.

  • *the garden, Mummy & Daddy's*
  • Molly: *examining the buffet table*
  • Sherrinford: *slides up beside her; puts on a mocking voice* What are you thinking, the pork or the pasta?
  • Molly: *looks up; smiles* Oh, hey. Your mum keeps asking me when we're getting married!
  • Sherrinford: Mmm, she was a mathematician. Knows what adds up.
  • Molly: *chuckles* Very funny. Anyway, I told her it's not like that. Now she's trying to fix me up with Sherrinford.
  • Sherrinford: *smirks*
  • Molly: *eyes wide* You...are Sherrinford, aren't you?
  • Sherrinford: *extends his hand* Guilty as charged, Molly Hooper.
  • Molly: *blushing* Oh God. Sorry, hi. You look like- I mean, Sherlock never mentioned he had a twin brother
  • Sherrinford: Hmm, it doesn't really come under his favourite subject *pauses* himself.
  • Molly: *giggles*
  • Sherrinford: *grins* Or you.
  • Molly: *confused* Huh?
  • Sherlock: *hurries over to them, almost spilling his drinks; almost nervous* What are you talking about?
  • Sherrinford: *winks at Molly* Ears burning...
  • Molly: *giggles*
  • Sherlock: *annoyed* Sherrinford!
  • Sherrinford: *rolls his eyes* If you must know, I was about to tell Molly Hooper - pathologist, brainy, single, cat lady, sexy as hell *turns to Molly* sorry, I'm paraphrasing but that's the jist *back to Sherlock; slowly* that you fancy her *smug*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherrinford: For me? *nicks one of Sherlock's drinks* bonsoir, brother dear *leaves*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* I-I don't fancy you. It's a...deep affetion *stares into his remaining glass* I love you.
  • Molly: *holds his free hand, smiling* I love you too.
  • Sherlock: *smiles*
Persephone {pt.2}

Type: Miniseries Continuation; 7th Sense | One | Two | Three | Four | Five (FINAL) |
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Fluff, Suggestive (NO SMUT), Demon!AU, Witch!AU
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 2,534
A/N: Kind of had too much fun writing this chapter and kind of got carried away…😈 *hides in bush*

You stroll down the produce aisle with your hand wrapped around the long handle of a cart. You should have been keenly looking for the produce the headmistress requested for but instead, you wandered around. Sighing, you blankly stare down at the heads of lettuce in an array of greens.

Just what really happened last night?

Usually, you woke up early in the morning to fetch groceries, but the headmistress let you sleep in another hour. Instead of her usual rude awakening whenever you overslept, she sent the other apprentice to wake you up. You thought you would find the headmistress sitting in the garden out back, sipping tea and enjoying the crisp morning air, but she wasn’t there either. The other apprentice informed you that the headmistress still wasn’t feeling well from last night and decided to rest some more in her bedroom.

You have never seen the headmistress so shaken up before. She was the coldest bitch alive. She had no fears- at least up until last night’s events. Obviously, something happened to her, something even she couldn’t handle.

Just what could it have been?

“Dear?” A gentle, raspy voice calls. You snap out of your thoughts and turn around. In front of you stood a stubby old granny with a large, floppy sun hat that had a sunflower tucked in the ribbon lined around the rim. She looks up at you with her almond eyes and has a kind smile on her lips.

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Devil Side

Chapter 4


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The buzz of the party overloads your senses as soon as you step over the threshold; the hum of chatter mixes with the sultry keys of a distant piano. Scents mingling together; alcohol combining with expensive cologne. Your eyes entertained by the cacophony of silks, satins and flamboyant jewellery present in the room. Mr Song’s warm hands burn themselves into your exposed skin as he removes your outer coat.

“A drink?” His deep voice causing the hairs on the back of your neck to stand erect. You nod thankfully; the sweat gathering at your temple daring to expose your anxiety. Your eyes scan the room. Mr Woo was already gliding through the crowd, bowing and shaking hands as he went. You watch him with curiosity; the way his plump lips pull back into a polite smile whilst his eyes show no sign of genuine interest.

“Y/N.” You turn to source of the sound; Mr Song was presenting you with a glass of clear liquid. The scent enough to tell you that it was definitely potent. You take a sip, nose crinkling with distaste as the cool liquid burns its way down your throat. Mr Song smirks; his eyes drinking you up. His dark eyes lingering a moment too long on your braless chest before snapping back up to your face.

“So… Mr Song…” You begin, anxious to move his attention away from your outfit.

“Call me Minho.” He purrs, mischief dancing in his eyes as his tongue darts across his rosebud mouth.

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Supercorp prompt: Teenage Kara goes to visit Clark one summer after she lands on earth. He takes her with him to hang out with Lex and she meets Lena.

She closes her eyes as Clark smiles down at her, his hand on her shoulder. He’s chatting with Eliza, explaining how the summer would work, why he wants to spend at least a few months with Kara. Yet Kara has stopped listening long ago—around the time Alex had fled upstairs, looking vaguely angry about the arrangement, ignoring Eliza’s protests that Kal-El is Kara’s only living family.

Her eyes remain close as she thinks about the first time she and Alex connected, the first time her foster sister from Earth actually felt like a sister. (It’s after the whole flying incident, after Jeremiah goes to work for the DEO, after Kara spends months ensconced in the school’s library, her only friend the librarian.) She’d been missing her parents—the again goes unsaid—and Alex had found her on the roof, staring up at the sky. Wordlessly, she’d taken a seat beside Kara, hooked their arms together, and asked in a quiet voice if Kara wanted to talk about Krypton.

(It had been the first time Alex had done anything other than beg Kara to act like a human, please.)

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An Exception (Gally x Reader) (Request)

Originally posted by space-ing-out

Anonymous: Hello! I was reading the fandoms lists, and Emiri said they could do The Maze runner- which I am thrilled about. I’d really love to see something with Gally x reader if you had the time, x 

 Word Count: 772

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The Yogstreet

OMG imagine the Yogscast all living ‘normal’ lives living on the same street. 

Hannah and Lewis trying to live a normal life in a standard house….. with Simon happily living in the garage with a small army of corgis lead by Mandrew.

Sjin and Minty live across the road in a cozy cottage with a beautiful garden.

Sips lives in a nearby field in a trailer.

Next to Hannah and Lewis is Duncan in a flash modern building that has odd smells coming from it. All the time.

On the other side is the Hatflat. Alex, Chris and Ross are known in the neighborhood as the garage band that plays till 3 am.

By them is Area 11 house. They often have band wars with Hatfilms. And they host all the street parties.

I’m sure people have better ideas but I really only thought about this on the spot.

12x03 - Episode Review - What a roller coaster!

Honestly I adored this episode. It made me laugh (Cas and Crowley were a brilliant odd couple), it made me cry (Oh gosh Dean at the end was heartbreaking) and overall it was a massive step up from last week thanks to Bobo being a much more talented writer than Bucklemming ever could be.

Things that stood out

Mary’s conversation with Castiel - That one hurt. Mary is clearly still traumatised over what she has been through and deeply mourning the loss of her children (because it is a loss to her) and her husband. I can’t imagine that John’s journal is giving her much relief because we know just how terribly dark Sam and Dean’s childhood was. It is heart wrenching to watch her struggle with that. But this conversation with Castiel proves one very important point. Castiel does not see himself as family yet. Even though Dean told him he was a brother, Cas doesn’t see it. We figured this based on his reaction to the car scene in 11x23 anyway, but this moment just proved that. Cas doesn’t think he belongs with the Winchesters and doesn’t yet feel that the Bunker is his home.  

When did it start to feel like you fit? Like you belong here?”

“I’m still not sure I do.”

Cas’ face at that moment. The way he gives her a very slight smile that’s probably his version of a shrug. I just… I want to wrap my arms around him and tell him that he DOES fit and that BOTH Winchester’s WANT HIM TO FEEL THAT HE IS FAMILY. But urgh. They are gonna need to spell it out here. This is why communication is a major player this season.

The fact that he then goes on to say “You do belong here” is again further proof that Castiel’s mind set isn’t all that great at the moment and that he hasn’t recovered. Mary has just come back into the Winchester’s lives and is their mother and family by blood, to Castiel, it is obvious that she is loved and wanted and needed. She belongs with the boys even though she is a stranger to them when you really think about it, and they are strangers to her. Castiel has been their family for 8 years now, and yet he still doesn’t see it. Just kill me someone it hurts too much to think about.

(Review and meta continues under the cut)

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Secret escapes for couples

When was the last time you went on an adventure with your partner, or gotten lost in a new city? New experiences bring couples closer together, and between the hustle and bustle of work in the city, a little adventure might be called for once in awhile. For couples looking for new activities to discover together that are off the beaten path, here are some hidden gems that Dubai has been keeping secret.

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I dreamt I was a Housewife

I awake to bright, natural light. It’s the kind that pours over me and gently rouses me awake. We’re married but we don’t have kids yet. I am still young, yet significantly more mature. My eyes say so. You touch me, with your words. And I feel for you, with my every lucid thought. You kiss me on the ear, as you gather yourself from bed, and put water on for coffee. We wake slowly. I vow I will never grow tire of that muscular ass walking down the hall from me and shamelessly cock my head to watch. Just like you do. I feel lucky. Just like you do. Morning has arrived. I am in only panties and you wear tight boxer/briefs. I slip silk over my shoulders and tie it tight around my waist. My bare breasts sit beneath the robe like two jewels atop my chest. I press play for my favorite Brazilian jazz musician of the moment and, from the other room I can feel you smiling at my selection. I always play the same thing over until we both tire of it. Right now, we’re living in a two bedroom place by the beach. It is not the nicest place we have lived in, but we are the happiest. The backyard is alive, with plants and animals. Dogs and a cat. Birds, cagelessly flying from tree to tree. A hammock sits under the shade of our red-flowering tree and the late Summer air smells so sweet. I begin my day loving all the animals, individually. I have a lot of love to give, however; you are always my first and last. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. They say we grow even as we sleep, so it seems I awoke to live while dreaming. I never needed expensive clothes, nor did I ever need the newest things. It was real love and a palace to cultivate it in that I always wanted. With certain things, I do have a particular taste. Our home is my sanctuary. I am a goddess and you, a king. The littlest things just to make the space ours is what matters to me. Freedom. Feverish love. Energies aligned. Patience. And, perfume. I collect fine fragrances, and you always seem to notice when I change it. Le Labo. ‘Smell is very important to me,’ I told you on our first date. ‘Almost as important as touch.’ The sun has brought freckles to the tops of my shoulders, and tanned the curve of my back that you love to run your fingers down. When I’m bent over, watering the lilies, you just crave to touch my bare skin. For this, I love my exquisite lingerie. Simple, or ornate, but always with a story. You know intimately the few things I love most. The jazz comes to a slow descent and I am in the garden, reading news and sipping coffee, topless in your favorite black panties. You watch me walk across the yard and then you leave. I can’t help but lose track of time in watching you return from your run, dripping in sweat. I let you walk into the bedroom but then sneak in the door just in time to help you out of your clothes. We make love like you will be leaving for weeks. We make love slowly, and then we fuck. Lingerie is made to be taken off. We fuck like tantric beings and then, after the gasping and yelling, we simply breathe. We lay victorious, basking in the same sunlight that began this vision. Sweat sticks to our skin and cum claims us as royalty of the sheets. We wash and then we go our own ways for the day. Suddenly, light pulled me from one reality into another. That’s when I woke up. The same crisp light showered me, yet here, I was alone. I smiled at myself, and let the warmth of the sun hold me close. I guess morning is my favorite time and I guess I know what I want later in life. To be honest, it felt less like a dream and more like a premonition. My real life is just as sweet, for, after all, I created that dream. I embrace a ‘let the cards fall where they may’ mentality. Though my life is very different than that now, and though you can never really plan these sorts of things… I have not a doubt that one day I will wake up and slip into your favorite black panties. 

me: sara are you leaving grey’s permanently, what are your future plans, why aren’t there any exit interviews, why is everyone talking about this except you, is it a break, will you come back after this season, what are these collaborations you hinted at, sara??

sara: …do you guys want to start a book club? #ImReading

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ok but what if jungkook meets the uncle again right and suddenly the uncle sees taehyung and jungkook together. and then he'd get mad at both and slaps jungkook but taehyung being the brave squishy tae he is pushes jungkook out of the way and gets slapped instead c':

did the mean uncle ever hit jungkook again? perhaps maybe in front of the princes?

what would jungkook do if the mean uncle would slap him again but this time in front of tae??

((so curious haha))

Jungkook wasn’t even doing anything. He was sitting quietly at the table in the gardens, occasionally sipping from his tea while Taehyung babbled on endlessly about anything and everything while stealing chocolate chips from the younger’s cake slice. They were just enjoying the sunny afternoon, when he heard it.

“Ah, well, if it isn’t young prince Taehyung” 

Jungkook felt himself going rigid, while Tae scoffed, muttering something under his breath, before sipping out of his tea “Hi uncle Chihee… What a pleasant surprise…” he all but spat, pointedly ignoring looking in the man’s direction. 

The man chuckled, though, to Taehyung, it sounded more like choking, before starting to walk down the small alley, up to their table. Tae was just about to jokingly ask Jungkook if he wanted to run and ditch the guy when he finally noticed the look of pure horror in his boyfriend’s eyes “Kookie…?”

“What are you doing, young prince?” The man asks, ever so pleasantly.

“Well, we were enjoying the day, but, really, I think we’ll just head inside for now.” Taehyung quickly stood up, moving around the table and motioning to the three maids behind to clean up. “Really, we’ll just go, I’m sure you have things to discuss with my father, wouldn’t want to keep him waiting, right?”

Jungkook let himself be pulled out of his seat and into the other’s side, eyes glued to the ground.

“And who is this then?”

Jungkook barely managed to hold himself from shivering at the voice.

Taehyung instinctively went to grab his hand, squeezing gently “No one.”

“Well he’s obviously someone.” the man said, moving a hand under Jungkook’s chin and tilting his head up to examine his face. Taehyung quickly pushed his hand away, dropping all formalities “Don’t touch him.”

“I’ve never seen you before” the man mouses aloud, completely ignoring the prince “Look at me boy.” And Jungkook’s never been able to ignore those demanding tones, so he snaps his head up immediately, eyes full of panic.

“Leave him alone!” Taehyung yells as his uncle’s guard holds him back. One of the three maids quickly rushes towards the castle while the other two eye the situation in front of them not really knowing what to do.

The man keeps staring at Jungkook for a few seconds before his face frowns in disgust “You’re no royalty… Who the hell are you?” When the younger keeps quiet, shifting his eyes, terrified, in Tae’s direction, the man snaps “Talk boy!” 

Jungkook is sure he’s on the verge of tears when he stutters out a response “J-Jeon Jungkook sir.”

“Where do you live boy?”

Jungkook hesitates, hands shaking behind his back “T-the… the servant’s q-quarters… sir…”

The man stares at him for a second before bursting in laughter. “Are you serious!? The servant’s quarters!?” he stares at the boy in front of him, watching him shake and flinch with his every move “A servant! A peasant! What the hell are you doing sitting at the table with your master!?”

“Shut the fuck up!” Taehyung yells, nails digging in the hand of the bodyguard still holding him in place.

“What right do you have to be sitting in that chair boy?”

And maybe Jungkook is crazy, or maybe he hated how this man keeps ignoring Taehyung, or the way he keeps spitting in his face as if he’s trash, but something in him makes him look straight into the man’s eyes and bit out “I’m his boyfriend.”

In hindsight, he really should have kept his mouth shut, because maybe the man would have used less force when slapping his face, and maybe he would have used the hand with only one ring, not four and maybe he would have hit him with the front of his palm, not the back, where diamonds and golden ornaments break his skin apart. But he didn’t.

He falls to the ground from the force of the hit, immediately grabbing his cheek and allowing the tears to finally fall from his eyes. Before he even knows what’s happening, he looks up to see the man himself on the ground, gaping and holding his eye, as Taehyung bends down next to him in panic, asking him to show him his cheek. And right behind him is Yoongi. And he’s fuming.

“Kookie…” He looks to his side to see Jimin as well, worry clear in his eyes as he removes his hand.


“Chihee what the bloody hell!” The Queen’s voice resonates through the garden and Jungkook immediately spots her, making her way through the roses. “How dare you touch that boy!” She yells, glaring at the man before crouching down next to her youngest son and gently stroking Jungkook’s cheek “Look what you’ve done… Hoseok, take them to the living room and get Haynee to fix them up. And you” she glares, turning to throw an ice cold glare at the uncle “are coming with me to talk to your brother.” 

Jimin helps Jungkook up together with Taehyung and they all follow Hoseok all the way to the main living room. After they take a seat on one of the couches, Yae finally turns to Jimin “How did you guys…?”

“We were in the drawing room with your mother and a maid came in and told us your uncle was harrassing you two… Your mom was amazing. She ran all the way outside! In heels!”

Tae chuckled, watching as the resident medic took care of Jungkook’s cheek, cleaning it and bandaging it up nicely. “Thank you, really. I never knew you could punch someone so hard as to let me go. He’s a bodyguard too. Remind me to never get on your bad side.”

Jimin laughs, before heading to the door, where Yoongi motions for him “I took self-defense classes.”

After Haynee leaves, Taehyung plops down on the couch and places his hand over Jungkook’s cheek “Are you OK?”

The younger nods, resting his own hand over the prince’s Thank you…”

“Actually, I should be thanking you” Tae begins, grinning widely “You called me your boyfriend… I’m really happy. Thank you.”

And Jungkook pretends the blush covering his face as the elder pecks him all over is just from the heat of the room.