garden of virtue


Triumph of Virtues, Minerva Expelling the Vices from the Garden of Virtue, 1502. Andrea Mantegna. Now at the Louvre museum.

Isabella d’Este’s Studiolo

The fashion of studioli, or private studies, small rooms reserved for intellectual activities, spread in the 15th century in the Italian courts, bathed in Humanist culture.

Isabella d’Este, who married Francesco II in 1490, rapidly decided to create a studiolo in a tower of the old Castello di San Giorgio. The work on this project lasted more than twenty years.

She entrusted Mantegna with the first two canvases of the cycle, Parnassus (1497) and Minerva (1502), but considering his work out-of-date, she turned to the most famous painters of the new generation. In vain she solicited Giovanni Bellini, Leonardo da Vinci and Francesco Francia but, in 1505, she obtained only the disappointing painting by Perugino. Lorenzo Costa, appointed court painter at Mantegna’s death (1506), completed the decoration with two canvases delivered between 1506 and 1511.

Minerva Expelling the Vices from the Garden of Virtue, completed in 1502, contains ideas and motifs that had obsessed the artist from his beginnings, nonetheless leads one to consider that the artist played a determining role in its conception: the theme of Ignorance as enemy of Virtue, numerous inscriptions in different alphabets, clouds and a tree in human form, or the grotesque personifications of the Vices, chased by the dynamic and majestic warrior goddess.


Andrea Mantegna - Trionfo della Virtù (o Minerva scaccia i Vizi dal Giardino delle Virtù) - 1502

(Triumph of the Virtues or Minerva Expelling the Vices from the Garden of Virtue)

Musée du Louvre, Paris

Fun fact: Minerva’s spear is broken, symbolizing her victory. Renaissance contemporaries associated the broken spear with success, indicating the target has been struck.

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I know you don't like being the 'ask me about religion' person all the time - but I was reading about the relatio post disceptationem on ncronline, and was wondering if you had any thoughts you felt like sharing? Thanks!

Oh man, I have a hundred different thoughts about it, from the content to the context to what I think they’re trying to accomplish. But I can honestly say I never expected to read the phrase “socio-economic factors” in a Church document? So that is…that is something.

Uh, for those you who aren’t up to date with breaking Vatican news, an extraordinary synod—a special council of bishops—has been called to discuss the family. Last week, the “report after the discussion” (Relatio post disceptationem) was published.

It is not a binding document in any way, or even reflective of the opinion of the bishops—they’re only halfway through the synod, and since publication lots of bishops have come out of the woodwork to say I DID NOT AGREE TO THIS!!! (“Lots” meaning “It’s mostly Cardinal Burke”) (Cardinal Burke is a hella conservative canon lawyer.) (We do not like Cardinal Burke.)

But anyway, the Relatio is supposed to be a summary of what the bishops and cardinals discussed, to lead them into their smaller group meetings over the next week.

And boy howdy is it interesting.

[DISCLAIMER: When I say interesting, I mean “to me.” To most of the non-Catholic world, this is a nonexistent blip on the radar of progress. A lifelong marriage between chaste, Catholic men and women is still best in the eyes of the Church. You’re still supposed to remain open to life while sexing up your hetero catholic hubby. If the Catholic Church reversed those decisions, I might drop dead of shock before I got the chance to blog about it.

But there is some shifting going on at the pastoral level, and that’s what I’ll be discussing.]

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A non sense poem. Find its meaning for me please.

Rose, a story?
Could you tell us the ending?

Yet; the world is yet,
Coming to an end of
Something as always.

The roses say, to us as they appear.

But we never hear, what could they say to us even,
If the world is ending then,
What do we,
What could we do?

Nothing, that you haven’t tried.
All potential seems to just die.
The truth was, potential is never ending always here,
Always there building clouds above you,
Raining down beside you, yet you never
Seem to care about it
Simply go and sing, about things that end.

Yet you can, somehow defeat this villain,

What villain?

One you’ve never thought of.
What is this you say if it makes no sense now?
Try and tell something logical rose!

Rose? That’s my name for once never ending.
Roses prick every thumb, tell every sentence.
We think of maybe,
Never ending
Never dying
That’s what you wish now?
But is it coming?
No! it never will.
It never will come, if it a wish is,
A wish is still potential a cloud that goes on never seems, to go on to
Where it wishes
Yet the world is ending, I feel it now
If the world is simply just a growl,
Then what do you do here?
Why do you seem,
To come here to hear of never ending stories and negative endings yet you never do,
Anything! Of course that is what you need.
Go on! And listen to the trees.

But we don’t know how.

You haven’t tried!

But we don’t know them

Talk to them and go!
We don’t care about you!
Roses we are, nothing you seem to care, go!

Nothing rose?

We are acting like you, humans!


No more. No more answers.
I don’t hear you.
I don’t know you.
I don’t see you.
You’re not there.


I’ve never been here.

Rose, there must be something
Some word you can hear us say.

There is none! All I hear none to listen!

But rose, you said so, you said so!
You’ll tell us a story.

Find it!
For once children three! find a story for my leaves to sleep to!
Bring it where I told you, and hear it where I said.
Go! Again!

We three must visit those trees
Yet it seems, nothing really syncs.
We go now, once again to something that
we know nothing about.
Yet somehow, we wish
To hear
These trees
Talk to
Finally to us so
We can hear their singing and listen to them talk now.
And know what they think
It is all nice to hear
For once.

Thanking and singing we go around this palace
We sing about the rose that
A story to calm something is enivitable
We go around this
Nothing going anywhere.
For there is only one thing to ask them
Isn’t there?

Is there clouds above?
Can they help us all catch them?
I sure hope so.
I do not know
I still do wish!
There is something we have yet to seen!
From this garden of nothing!
There are virtues growing!
Seeds that fall from heaven!
We catch them and sing to them
So they can grow and never leave the garden!
We know nothing of them
But the trees will talk then!
We will know something for once!

Is that maybe why…
I feel tension’s vines
Somewhere deep in my center there is something I feel
Maybe there is!
The guards sing as well.
What are they trying to say?
The leaves fall and instruments play?
I don’t understand any of this maybe I lack!

Something stretches from the top,
Green leaves and they flop,
Birds that leave their nesting
Go around, and feel about,
And we’ve never known them!
Yet they go to greet us, who are they?
Are we same?
Do they know?
There’s an end?

Finally there is the tree we saw!
Somewhere deep into the fog!
The tree raises!
The tree knows us!

What is that you wish for?
My branches? My shade?
Something other, of me?

We want something
Just a story, to entertain
Our friend Rosy!

So she can tell us the ending,
Of her happy little story!

Oh, no child,
I can’t give anything without you,
Giving me something,
Even the slightest,
For me to return, this something other,

Can we give an answer?
Is that probable?

Then speak children,
Of your lips,
Tell me something,
That completes my question.

We know nothing
we crave nothing
Is that what we must answer?
I don’t get it! Sir Excelsior!
Tell us did
We answer
So we can hear your
Is this
I feel that’s all indeed,
Must you say to me
Now I’ll tell you some words that I’ve captured:
The sky is free,
The birds are all,
Singing and chirping to something,
I don’t know.

Sir is that what you say?
Words that you must obey?

I don’t know if that’s true,
Listen, child, I don’t follow you.

Then what do you do?
Who shall I obey?
Is that what you claim?
I do not know what you say!

No not obey,
No not me not,
It isn’t me just nature
in a shell,
The sea must return something,
The ice will form a prison,
Of light and water shining,
Blue as lightest white!
Charcoal will scrap the eartherns,
The sky will swallow hole,
Anything you cannot see,
It is within me!

And with us too?

No never you.

Then what do we do?

Just listen soon!

Is that the end?

I don’t know
I don’t convey!
This treatment you pursue is
Never ending soon enough!

Tree I don’t understand
I don’t wish this!
I don’t get this!

Why can’t you stop speaking!
Listen clearly for I!
Seems that clouds have stopped
The rain is coming!
Sun is losing?


Go tell your Rosy,
That my story,
Is never ending complete
now you see,
For my leaves are here
to follow and fall
Don’t you see?
That’s my ending for me!

The tree! Oh no! Sir tree!
Your silence!
It was never to come!

What happened?

His ending!
His last ending came
No fun, in this!
Rosy said she…

Stop, let’s go!
The tree gave us something!
Let’s give it back to Rose!
We know death will have comed soon enough.

But I never knew it was so soon.

Don’t worry now, look up,
Don’t you see something else?
The sky is blue.
The flowers have bloomed.

But the tree is dead!

But a tree will grow.

Stop you two! No need for this
For grieve and solitude
We have another thing to do.
Let’s go.

But brother can you wait?
The sky is finally,
Sweeter than the light!
It shines oh so through,
Why do we have to
follow always you!
There’s nothing but you

Silence! I am the leader of this!
I’m stronger than your wind!
Hurry now it will start to rain!
So go on to Rose, this was our mission after all!


Why not?

I don’t know you.
Who are you brother?
I don’t seem to hear you any longer.
I understand.
The world is ending.
Rose was right.

And for that you cry?
Insolent child!
No wonder!
For you our curse was all but,
Because of you.
This is why we must listen to Rose!
This is why we’re stuck!
Because of your tears and eyes of rain.

Stop! Don’t speak anymore!
The two of you!
What has happened?
Didn’t you listen?

I did!

I didn’t understand.

So? Why must you go?
Go to your ways!
We’re brothers, we stay!
Our air is the same.

So? It doesn’t bother me.
I leave you with the girl.


Yet I don’t hear you.
Speak to me no longer.
I’ll go to the rose.

Wait! The vultures!
Hang on one minute,
The wind! It swallows all of us!
The world is going!
It’s leaving
Brother, sister,
Don’t go!

It doesn’t matter.
This soil as long as it’s yours.
Will never be mine.

What are you doing?
We all just wanted Rose’s story!
This isn’t? Could it have been all this time?
This cannot be!
Is this the ending?
The end to all?
The wind that consumes?
And frightens us all?

No, sir tree is dead.


No, Rose I’ll go.

But none of you are listening,
There’s cloud above us!

Who cares!
It matters not!

The winds are crushing us!
We’ve died!
We’ve died!
The vultures come to us!

I don’t understand
That nonsense on your behalf!

I shall grieve for Sir,
He knew how to say,
Something I’ll never do. Here I’ll stay

But wait for me now too!
Don’t you
What we have both been through.
That’s your answer?
Silence cannot fight the winds!
I am growing
Smaller each time,
I feel the sun,
Follow me whine
I feel
The vines intertwine!
But now, I feel as the world seems to grow bigger.
Its problems are clearer to see!
My limbs redder like she!
Don’t you see, brothers and me?
The ending is here!
The never ending ending it seems!
I know it!
I am the rose!
I am a rose!
But I’m not yours!
I don’t hear you.
I don’t know you.
I don’t see you.

You’re not there.