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Spent the long weekend in Colorado, the place that got me into photography a decade ago, and fell even more in love with it than I was before.

Various locations in the state of Colorado. July 2016. (Instagram)

Many great landscape gardeners have gone down in history and been remembered in a very solid way by the magnificent parks and gardens that they designed with almost god-like power and foresight, thinking nothing of making lakes and shifting hills and planting woodlands to enable future generations to appreciate the sublime beauty of wild Nature transformed by Man. There have been Capability Brown, Sagacity Smith, Intuition De Vere Slade-Gore…
In Ankh-Morpork, there was Bloody Stupid Johnson.
Bloody Stupid “It might Look A Bit Messy Now But Just You Come Back In Five Hundred Years’ Time” Johnson. Bloody Stupid “Look, The Plans Were The Right Way Round When I Drew Them” Johnson. Bloody Stupid Johnson, who had 2000 tons of earth built into an artificial hillock in front of Quirm Manor because “It’d drive me mad to have to look at a bunch of trees and mountains all day long, how about you?”
Th Ankh-Morpork palace grounds were considered the high spot, if such it could be called, of his career. For example, they contained the ornamental trout lake, one hundred and fifty yards long and, because of one of those trifling errors of notation that were such a distinctive feature of Bloody Stupid’s designs, one inch wide. It was the home of one trout, which was quite comfortable provided it didn’t try to turn around, and had once featured an ornate fountain which, when first switched on, did nothing but groan ominously for five minutes and then fire a small stone cherub a thousand feet into the air.
It contained the hoho, which was like a haha only deeper. A haha is a concealed ditch and wall designed to allow landowners to look out across rolling vistas without getting cattle and inconvenient poor people wandering across the lawns. Under Bloody Stupid’s errant pencil it was dug fifty feet deep and had claimed three gardeners already.
The maze was so small that people got lost looking for it.
But the Patrician rather liked the gardens, in a quiet kind of way. He had certain views about the mentality of most of mankind, and the gardens made him feel fully justified.
—  the introduction of B.S. Johnson | Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms
Shu Headcanon (Kinky Edition)

(I bet you’ve all been waiting for this ;) )

Shu is kinky. Veeeerrrryyyy kinky.

1. Loves teasing you with handcuffs, rope..anything else he can tie you up with.
2.Has a Daddy kink. He never knew it turned him on till you braved it and tried it one night. Just calling him that and acting all cute and sexy sent him into a frenzy!
3.Public places. The park. The garden. The kitchen..god forbid Reiji finds you..
4. Blood. Obviously. He likes seeing it trickle down your naked body. Licks it up and starts again in different places.
5. He’s a boob man. The bigger the better. Although he’s not really bothered so long as they make great pillows and do great boob jobs for him.


It’s been a GREAT week here in the purple mecca!

Legit have spent this time with virtual internet stranger fams from Tumblr and Facebook and we’ve had a BLAST living our best lives! Everything came together really well from touring Paisley together, to sharing an Airbnb house, to magically getting a block of seats close to the stage with no additional cost to just great vibes with people who for the most part had not met at all in real space.

This is what it’s all about, right? Sharing with each other, creating memories, being there, being there in spirit, and growing in love and laughter with Fairy God Boyfriend being the one who brought us all together. I’ve really made best friends for life!

Never discount or diminish the value of e-friends. They are just as valuable, important, and impactful as the ones around you every day!

MUCH love to my Purple tumblr fam!

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