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Fan Theories: Types I don’t like

I particularly enjoy the act of creating intricate theories with entertainment I consume. Much like with any kind of mystery; I, and people like me like to be ahead of the curb, predicting the turn of events before it shows up on the screen, just so we can punch our fists into sky and declare;

 “theory confirmed!” 

Over my time making and consuming theories however, I’ve noticed several types of theories that people tend to gravitate towards which I don’t care for, for a variety of reasons. Usually I don’t like these theories because its pretty obvious the show would never go in that direction and/or is laden with logical inconsistencies that are incongruous with 9/10 shows they are applied too. 

I would like to say before I delve into this that this is not an attack on people who have such theories. While they aren’t usually plausible, they do have instances where it actually works, which I will give examples of. Rather the point I’m making with this list is keep an open mind and make sure that this theory you are getting invested in really has merits to it before flame wars erupt online (though it would be best to not flame war over this to begin with but I digress). I’d also like to point out that this is about theories that are specifically trying to predict the course of the canon. If you are trying to predict where the show is going, these theories are probably not going to do it. 

The theories I don’t like include: 

The character was in a coma/dead/dreaming/imagining it the whole time!  

Such happy uplifting theories include things like Ash Ketchum was in a Coma the whole time, Harry Potter was in his cupboard the whole time, Steven Universe was just playing with rocks the whole time, and many, MANY more. Its a very popular twist that people like to lean towards because it adds this artificial level of sadness to it that people just dig. Such theories can disregard any inconsistencies in said theory because of the very nature of the characters delusional state. While most understand this is just sad au talk, I have met my fair share who legitimately believe such a twist will happen. 

Most times such theories are made for a piece of fiction, creepypasta, and more often than not it shrivels under any kind of scrutiny. 99/100 times, this theory is going to be false. 

Are there instances where this theory can work?

Shows like Over The Garden Wall for example could definitely be interpreted in this way and it would be entirely plausible, because the show creators clearly encouraged that line of thinking with both clues during the course of the show and its ending. Shows with such a twist usually leave the breadcrumbs for this answer in far more plain sight than the kind of mental gymnastics that goes behind trying to explain why Ash Ketchum doesn’t age. 


THIS character is secretly THAT character! 

Both applicable in crossovers and inside a single show, there is a never ending stream of theories that speculate that character A is secretly Character B. From the more silly theories like the everybody seems to be Sans variety too Rose/Lion is somehow Pink Diamond, its probably one of the types of theories that people get the most passionate about. They will have their list of evidence on hand at all times, ready to go on a tirade on how they are the only one who sees the “true identity” of whatever character it is. 

Nothing against the people who make such theories, but just understand that, more likely than not, these two characters are ACTUALLY just two separate characters. These theories are really tempting to make too, cause sometimes it would make for a cool twist, but the underlying logical inconsistencies and how they tend to undermine character motivations really show how unlikely such theories actually are. 

Are there instances where these theories can work? 

Gravity Falls has a character who falls under this trope of secretly being another character, and when it was finally revealed it was quite satisfying, because there were clues both kind of obvious and hidden deep in the background that pointed to this being the case. Much like with the previous theory, IF there is such a twist hidden in the plot, the evidence for it will not be nearly as obscure as people usually get for such ideas. If the “clues” are largely conjecture requiring a lot of leaps of logic, its probably not the case. 

This show/series/game takes place in a post apocalyptic Earth! 

I’ve seen this theory for way too many series to count. It is usually attributed to shows with happy settings that do not feature humans or a lot of humans. Logical inconsistencies are largely ignored in favor of some truly obscure pieces of information that really just doesn’t add up when you think about it. Like with any other theory that is going to appear on this list, IF the show has such a twist in mind they will have more than sufficient clues to fill you in on it, if they don’t outright come and say its a post apocalyptic Earth. I’ve seen such theories made for shows where even the SOLAR SYSTEM didn’t function the same as ours and they were still contesting it was a Future Earth. There has to come a point when you acknowledge the refuting evidence, else you become annoying. 

Are there instances where this theory can work? 

Clear and obvious example of a show which employed this trope is Adventure Time. The clues for the “mushroom war” were far and wide from the credits too off handed dialogue long before it was explicitly talked about. It was clearly something they intended for the show from the beginning. When making such a theory (with the specific purpose of trying to predict the course of the show), keep in mind the evidence that is actually on the table and be prepared to acknowledge this isn’t the case. 

 Those are the three big ones I see on a regular basis in a variety of fandoms. Like I said in the beginning and throughout this, a good predictive theory is based on evidence and an open mind to alternative interpretations of the evidence. If you are trying to make a legitimate theory to predict where the show in question is going to go, this is good to keep in mind. 

If you’re just making the theories for fun and aren’t really all that interested in predicting the course of events however, then disregard and have a blast. Nothing tickles my funny bone quite like a clever joke/satire theory, and really, having fun is what these kinds of speculations are all about. 


garden of cosmic speculation ▴ portrack house, dumfries and galloway, scotland

this 30-acre sculpture garden was designed by landscape architect and theorist charles jencks. it is not abundant with plants, but sets mathematical formulae and scientific phenomena in a setting which elegantly combines natural features and artificial symmetry and curves. the garden is private but opens one day each year through scotland’s gardens scheme and raises money for maggie’s centres, a cancer care charity named for jencks’ late wife.

Speculations about Hideyoshi Nagachika

This is the first time I’ve decided to write down my speculations about the manga on a website (I usually just scream while I spam Twitter), so here goes.

In the recent chapter (:re 65), there’s been a specific panel that’s been bugging me, specifically, a character:

If you recall, this is just a random masked ghoul in the 6th Ward, most likely one of Banjou’s lackeys. However, I have found him somehow familiar, as you can refer to in this post. Yes, I’m talking about our dear sunshine, Hideyoshi Nagachika. I don’t know, maybe it was the familiar hair, or just the way he speaks- how he points out the important point that Takatsuki Sen (or Eto) chose to write about the story to move the hearts of more ghouls. Such a point, in my opinion, requires intelligence and observation. Which is exactly what Hide was good for. Remember how he placed a tracking device and followed Jason? There are plenty more evidence to prove my point that Hide is a clever and observant fella, just search it up. 

This same character also appears here- :re Chapter 43. This was when the “Operation Mask” was taking place, and the Quinx squad disguised as ghouls to get more intel. Interesting to put in the exact same character again. This must mean that this person, be it Hide or not, must be someone of importance.

Now, on to a little research. Symbolism time. If you would notice, his mask says “86″. According to the Urban Dictionary, 86 means “to be kicked out/banned”.

Also, according to the ACSII code, 86 is a codename for the letter V.

If you see where I’m coming from, you’ll know what I’m trying to get behind. So is this man related to V? 

My take on this, is that he is involved with V, but not quite. He could be an ex-V member, someone who got kicked out of the organisation. Similar to Rize, just that he didn’t escape, he was forced to leave.

Assuming that this man is Hide, the only possibility I could think of is that he is a banned member of V, more specifically, the Sunlit Garden. Maybe Hide used to be an orphan training at the Sunlit Garden, however due to certain circumstances, was asked to leave. This would explain why Hide has always had such sharp observation skills, to be able to notice Kaneki’s habit of lying, to be stealthy to track and locate ghouls, to be able to outwit a ghoul… Remember, little to no information about Hide was revealed. Not even his family (his past and his relations) or his birthday (note to self: Maybe the ‘8′ and ‘6′ could be his birthday too lmao). For more information about Hide and Sunlit Garden, maybe this (x) would help.

Knowing Ishida sensei and his deep plot, it’s safe to say that Hide is an important character to the story (and he was not forgotten in the Calendar too!), so in the meantime, I’ll be keeping an eye for this mysterious masked man.


In the last month or 2 my work commitments have changed quite a bit, from my previous set up as a freelance researcher to having returned to university to undertake a full-time PhD.

Recognising that my time would be more constrained, I have been determined to make use of the Scottish spring/summer- and get away on my bike every weekend, whether just a day trip or on an overnight stay.

Here is a little record of my May trips on the bike- and where I’ve got to in Scotland. The red lines and numbers on the map correspond to the following routes:  

1-  Train from Glasgow to Dumfries to see the fantastic, and only open once a year, Garden of Cosmic Speculation (just north of Dumfries). Then a good 110km cycle west through beautiful (and quite empty) Dumfries and Galloway- passing through Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbright, Newton Stewart and to Wigtown. Lovely cycling, other than the pretty busy A75 road. (top row images)

2-  Train from Glasgow to Wemyss Bay and ferry to the Isle of Bute. A cycle round the island, and a visit to the quite stunning Mount Stuart House and gardens, as well as its Art of Power exhibition. A bit of a hidden gem of a place, but still accessible from Glasgow, and with fantastic weather. An overnight on an island feels like much more than a day. (2nd row images)

3-  A cycle from Glasgow to the village of Balloch on the southern edge of Loch Lomond and then over to the town of Helensburgh to visit Hill House, the masterpiece of one of Scotland’s greatest architects- Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Then back along the Firth of the Clyde to Glasgow. (3rd row- left)

4- After a bit of a rainy weekend, a late bit of fair weather on a Sunday meant I got a few hours in on a cycle south, climbing out of Glasgow to the open fields of East Ayrshire and the villages of Stewarton and Dunlop. (3rd row- right)

5- Making the best of 2 days at the end of last week to cycle in the evening from Glasgow to the bustling little village of Drymen (on the West Highland Way long distance walking route)- before next day embarking of a fantastic 120km cycle north to the village of Aberfoyle, over the Duke’s Pass (with brilliant views), round Loch Katrine (Glasgow’s freshwater source), and back via Aberfoyle and Strathblane to Glasgow. One of my favourite recent cycles in Scotland- and getting the most out of probably the warmest day of the year so far. (4th row images)

I’ve plenty of plans for cycles in June…

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Question; has Mr. PizzaPasta™ released any details for,,, the new Red Vox album?

Oh my guy!! Hello!

As far as I’m concerned, I belive either on his instagram or the redvoxband twitter he’s given some little sneak peeks for the songs?

I seriously cannot fucking wait. Im like 98% positive Another Light will be their best album yet. He said “late spring” when he released In the Garden so I’m speculating after his break, or after the vinesauce anniversey, is when he might release it. But thats merely speculation.

But soon my friend, soon..

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On Hide, the Washuu’s secret and the Garden

Before I get started, please note that this post is just pure speculation. Take what I’m going to say with a grain of salt. (Also note that it’s probably going to be a long post)

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Matsuri was in Germany for quite some time, he had to eat with Germans, right? He even brought beer from Japan... Somebody must've noticed if he didn't eat properly (ಠ~ಠ) so maybe he is not full ghoul...?

The Washuu are really, really, really good at hiding. There is no way that Tsuneyoshi would have let Matsuri be seen in public, much less leave the country, unless he had perfected the art of being human at all times.

Marude is the head of the intelligence division of the Commission for Counter Ghoul and he couldn’t find a single shred of evidence that any of the Washuu were anything other than human in the way they acted.

He at meals with Yoshitoki for years. I’m sure he’s had dinner at their house.

We don’t know how they do it, if they have a special trick, or if they just start really young until they’ve mastered not just appearing to enjoy the food but keeping it down.

After all, eating human food makes a ghoul weaker. Maybe they learned to use it to help their act. Yoshitoki is really athletic. Surely he’s played sports with people from the CCG before. Maybe eating some human food before hand helps him appear human. The sweating from feeling sick to his stomach and working through what is effectively poison looks enough like exertion.

Remember, Matsuri is the fifth generation of Washuu to work at the CCG. 

In fact, a lot of things about Matsuri’s character make sense if you think about him as a full ghoul Washuu. Especially his hatred of Arima and his acolytes.

Matsuri, as a Washuu, would know what Arima is. A failed half-ghoul. Matsuri is said to be proud of his Washuu blood. So to him, the fact that Arima, a broken, rotting failure of an experiment is getting praise and recognition, is being hailed as some kind of god… well, you can imagine why that bothers him, knowing the truth.

It also might bother him because he would be expressly forbidden from ever fighting like Arima. As half-humans, as failures, people like Arima and Hairu are praised for fighting to their full potential. But if Matsuri, as a ghoul, fought to his full potential, well… he isn’t allowed to do that. So to earn the recognition he wants, to overtake this half-breed mistake, he has to climb the ranks via Division II and using other people’s achievements.

We don’t yet know why he hates his father so much, but I imagine any childhood in the Washuu household is tense. I’m sure the training to pass flawlessly is brutal in and of itself.

But perhaps it stems from his fathers involvement in the Garden experiments? Maybe they have ideological differences in terms of what it means to be a ghoul family leading humans in a fight against ghouls?

But I think carrying the Washuu name means that he is a ghoul like his father. Even if it turns out he’s adopted, I suspect he would be adopted from another branch of the family who are also ghouls. Though I think there is less evidence for him being adopted now that we know that the Washuu don’t get the “吉” character from birth when they are the first born, but rather sometime later, probably when assuming a certain role in the family.

Now, whether or not his wife is a ghoul is an interesting question…

All that said, this is Ishida, and we can never know what surprises he has in store. 


On Tuesday we had a full day of Garden visits. The day started with a trip to Kailzie Gardens where we met with Lady Angela Buchan-Hepburn and Guy Crowhurst who gave us a wonderful tour. We particularly enjoyed the walled garden and burnside walk. We learned that ‘burn’ is synonymous with 'stream’ in Scotland. Afterwards we met with Graham Stewart at Dawyck Botanic Gardens for a brief introduction to the history of the property and the Castle before Tom Gifford ushered us quickly on a full disclosure tour of the Gardens through the eyes of the former head arborist. He highlighted an interesting sculpture of a Native American created to recognize their numerous American tree species. Our last garden of the day was the Garden of Cosmic Speculation. The head gardener Alistair Clarke covered topics from DNA and quantum mechanics to life, death, and consciousness. It was a fast paced day that immersed us in horticulture and Scottish culture. We are all quite grateful for the level of hospitality we’ve received in this country.

Fluffy Omelets      HP 300

In celebration of its 9th anniversary (yesterday) I thought I’d post some MOTHER 3 recipes for you all :).

What’s your favorite food? Is it omelets? You certainly wouldn’t be alone in the quaint hamlet of Tazmilly if it is. But just how do they get this breakfast staple to taste so fluffy and delicious? Could it be the farm fresh eggs from the summit of Mt. Oriander, or that distinctive bite of peculiar cheese melted on top? There’s even a rumor going around that claims the town’s famous omelets are actually grown in the castle courtyard garden!! All speculation aside however, I’d have to say that what really makes them special is the love of Mothers throughout the village cooking their children’s favorite meal.

Truthfully, a written recipe can only go so far at attempting to capture that kind of familial affection, so just consider this a starting point and feel free to add in whatever else you’d like.

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What do you think about the Garden of Cosmic Speculation?

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is sculpture garden created by landscape architect and theorist Charles Jencks at his home, Portrack House. Forty major areas, gardens, bridges, landforms, sculptures, terraces, fences and architectural works.  Covering thirty acres in the Borders area of Scotland, the garden uses nature to celebrate nature, both intellectually and through the senses, including the sense of humor.  A water cascade of steps recounts the story of the universe, a terrace shows the distortion of space and time caused by a black hole, a “Quark Walk” takes the visitor on a journey to the smallest building blocks of matter, and a series of landforms and lakes recall fractal geometry.

I must admit that before this question I did not know about this place but now I am intrigued. It looks unreal in the way nature is used to create this elaborate designs, wish I could visit it soon!

Images and text via Charles Jencks


someone made me aware of this.

well, that’s a pretty specific claim….
….and its also a pretty specific time to have leaked that claim…..

and that’s really all I will even say about it, because its nothing more than an anonymous post online.

Like I always say, I am not in the business of knowingly posting falsehoods here.  

Rumors and speculation have to be labeled as such.  

A post such as that might not even count as rumor or speculation because no one is putting anyone’s name behind it.

But the thing that would be most interesting about this would mean there would have had to have been a rather sudden change of heart about Max’s sound.   Of course, the Glamour magazine interview in which she suggests she “would do a lot more than three songs with Max this time” was done over a month ago.

If there was a change of heart about Max’s level of involvement, maybe that meant the album’s entire course changed when she didn’t win Grammys.


S4 Setlock Speculation - Is the Lady in Red actually BBC Sherlock’s version of the 1945 Rathbone Holmes movie Woman in Green (colour inverted)?

Imagine the tagline - “The first time in Sherlock’s life - he’s got a case that’s beyond him.”

From the Setlock we’ve seen so far, Sherlock is being pushed to his limits.

Rathbone Holmes is the only Sherlock Holmes adaptation that straddles both the Victorian and the modern era, so it makes sense for Mofftiss to refer to them as we move from The Abominable Bride set in Victorian era (ish) back to modern BBC Sherlock verse for S4. 

Woman in Green (x) is loosely based on The Final Problem and The Empty House, where the villainess Lydia works with Moriarty in a plan to blackmail their victims whom they frame for murder. 

There is also a subplot on hypnotism and drug-enabled hypnotism -  more on that later. 

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Do you think Rize's a Washuu?

If I’m honest with you, Anon, I really have no idea. 

If you asked me this question a few chapters ago, I would have probably said “nah”. Back then, the only fact that we knew about V and the garden was that there appeared to be two kind of children in the facility, each of whom wore a different kind of outfit (Furuta and Rize with the white kimono on one side, Arima and Hairu with shirt and pants on the other one), and this seemed to stress the idea that the former two were the result of this “breeding process”, while the others weren’t. 

Now, I’m not sure about anything anymore. You see, Arima says this: 

(Conveniently leaving Rize out of the equation)

BUT, this page is interesting because it gives us another piece of useful information: half humans are born when a human and a ghoul have a baby. So are half ghouls. But Rize is neither. She is a ghoul, period. She has two kakugan eyes, so that’s not up for debate (unless Ishida will pull another Cheshire Cat on us). 

So, what I meant to say was, what exactly was her purpose for being in the garden, which -I am assuming- is a place where experiments to “become humans” take place? Well, the only thing that came to mind was this panel:

If she had indeed Washuu blood in her veins, then this could possibly explain why:

1. She appears to be the only ghoul in the Garden;

2. She was part of this “breeding” process (thus -I’m still assuming- supplying ghoul genes for the half-human/full human soup the Washuu are trying to cook; but this in turn implies that she breeds with other Garden children, not with the Washuus, who are ghouls themselves);

It could also possibly explain why:

3. Her kakuhou was so powerful (because if the Washuu clan survived for over 100 years then I’m willing to bet that they have amazing ghoul genes, not to mention the skills acquired and passed on to their heirs);

4. (This is just an hazard) she appears to have daddy issues

Honestly I don’t feel like we have enough puzzle pieces to build a proper picture yet, so that’s why my reply probably raises more question than it answers. But maybe I got it all wrong and this has nothing to do with it (it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case :,,D)