garden of betrayal

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girlfriend rize headcanons

- She will paint your face in makeup if you fall asleep around her.

- She loves sharing her food with you. It’s the proof of her true love.

- If you are human, she also loves buying you chocolate and wine. If you’re a ghoul, she finds you the most exotic meat she can.

- She has a thing for flowers. You have a thing for buying her all kinds of flowers.

- You started as a strong, slightly flirty friendship. One night you had a deep conversation about life that culminated in her telling you about the Sunlit Garden, and Furuta’s betrayal. You promise to never betray her.

- She replies, somewhat indignantly, that she doesn’t need your protection.

- You agree, but say you still want to anyway. This is how you begin dating.

- She hates PDA, but she will find a way to show you, through winks and smiles and subtle literature references, how fond she is of you.

- The two of you often discuss literature until the late hours of the morning.

- Rize has a bit of a dominant kink. 

John must have loved Mary

I’ve seen the idea circulating around tumblr of John as bisexual and homoromantic.  I see why it’s a great notion: John’s had a hard time with his relationships with women from day one and his relationship with Mary goes belly up, in the worst possible way, one month into his marriage.

However, there is one reason why I think that John is, nonetheless, biromantic.  Because Mary’s betrayal would lack dramatic effect if he never really loved her or if he were incapable of romantic love for a woman.  The shooting, the scene at Leinster Gardens, the betrayal, the heartache, none of these exist properly if John is homoromantic.  When Sherlock reveals who the dummy really is we have this moment with John and Mary where she can see that he is done with her.  He is angry, disappointed, betrayed, heartbroken.  This is because he really did love her.  Romantically.  As his partner.

The Sign of Three spends a significant amount of time showing us that John loves Sherlock and Mary, equally; romantically.  He likens them to each other in relation to him when he asks Sherlock to be best man,

when he attempts to talk to him on the bench in the Bloodyguardsman case,

He touches them the same way on the dance floor after Sherlock reveals Mary’s pregnancy,

After this we get, ‘we can’t all three dance’, further cementing the idea that John loves Sherlock and Mary.  

We are being told here, John loves Sherlock, romantically, see how he feels the same about him as Mary.  This, to the uninitiated into TJLC reveals the depth of John’s feelings for Sherlock.  By likening him to his actual romantic partner.  The opposite is true, as well, though.  And it becomes especially important once Mary shoots Sherlock.  If we know just how much John loves Sherlock, and we’re told that, to him, Mary is his equal in his heart, then that means that he loves her, too.  

Judas didn’t wake up Thursday morning and decide to betray God in the flesh. That decision had been made with every choice he made leading up to that Friday morning in the garden. Our betrayal of Christ doesn’t happen with one big event. Maybe today it’s one drink, a second look, a tv show. Then soon you’ll be at the altar with everyone else giving him the “kisses"of worship with a heart that’s far from him. For just like judas our betrayal of Christ happens one compromise at a time.