garden of angst

Dragon in a Flower Garden

Title: Dragon in a Flower Garden

Author: namakemono

Word count: 32k

Contains: Slow Burn, Angst, Smut, Romance


Jungkook and his small team of fellow students film a documentary over the span of a semester, researching a local gang and following the life of one of its former members. They had all agreed to remain impartial, but soon he realizes just how difficult that turns out to be.

Rose Garden (Ruby X Oscar): Never Alone

Rated A for Angst.

              A lot of things were fading away around him. The corpses of the grim they had slain now faded into black clouds like ash, the light of the sun from beyond the horizon now faded as cold colors seeped into previously warm ones, even the edges of his vision blurred just the slightest bit from the exhaustion of the fight. Oscar saw many things fade in front of him, but he felt only one.

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fic prompt: garderenza discover a SECRET CASTLE SECRET

Find Her Here

After all, they’re not the only musicians in the world.

“Can I get you something to drink?” he asks as they sit down on a bench in the gardens.  

“No, my love, I’m alright,” she whispers, stilling his hands with hers.  They never stop moving, she remembers, even before that fateful night at the castle.  “I believe I’m a tad out of practice, is all.”

Even now, as he’s sitting next to her, she misses him.  She misses those years that they spent apart, her without his music and him without her song…it’s a marvel that she managed to keeping smiling.

“Let’s enjoy each other for now,” she says.  “The stage can wait awhile.”

So they walk in the gardens, among the flowers with their perfect petals and pristine stems, only grown for the purpose of being beautiful. No conversation, no laughter, only smiles, clasped hands, and memories of earlier walks through meadows, cobbled streets, concert halls just before the lights went down.  Two performers walking through a garden, harmonizing with each other in their silence.

But it isn’t long before she realizes they are quite lost.  The castle is still in sight, but in their reveries they have wandered deeper into the gardens than intended; they must be close to the edge, surely.

“Should we try to retrace our steps?” he asks, looking just as confused as she.  “We can’t have wandered far…”

“Ah,” she sighed.  “I suppose the guests will have to wait longer than they think.”

While she tries to remember which path they took to get to where they were, she notices a small clearing, hidden by a rather exotic-looking plant with enormous leaves.  

“Oh,” he starts, seeing it too.  “I wonder…could something be hidden back there?”

“Only one way to find out,” she replies, and starts forward, curiosity—rather than uncertainty—driving her forward.  Slowly, she pulls the leaves out of her way and steps inside the clearing—which, she quickly finds, is not a clearing at all, but a small bench surrounded by such thick greenery that she was surprised they even noticed it at all.  But as for what surrounded that bench…

Dio,” Cadenza whispered.  “What…what has happened?”

The tiny place has obviously been abandoned.  Ivy grows in thick vines up the legs of the white stone bench, which has now been riddled with cracks and smears of mud and dirt.  Weeds grow straight and tall from the ground, reaching toward the sky, up to the madame’s knees  (she fears the grass may stain her dress).  The trees and bushes shield them from the sun, which has just begun to set.  But, despite all of this ruin, there is something that grows still, stretching towards the sun with a fierce determination: a rosebush.

There are numerous bushes, they discover, upon looking closer.  Beautiful roses, in all shades of pale pink, ivory, cream…there are even four seasons, beautiful and blooming and…oh.  

Red. Deep, soulful red, so vibrant and full of meaning that they are momentarily breathless.  They could never forget that color, specific as it is.  The same red that the Enchantress offered, all those years ago.  Its sisters grew here, in this little hidden cranny of the world.

“I was wondering where you had gone off to.”

The madame nearly has a heart attack; she was quite sure they were alone! But standing behind them is the prince, looking as young and dashing as he did at the ball.  Blue is such a wonderful color for him, she thinks—it beings out the goodness in his eyes.

“Your Highness,” Cadenza exclaims.  “I do not understand; why did you leave the ballroom?  And without—?”

“Belle is dancing with her father,” the prince replies.  “I never could keep her from her father for very long.”  But his smile quickly changed into something resembling nostalgia.  “As many people couldn’t separate me from my mother.”

“Oh,” the madame says, her voice hushed, remembering.  The prince’s mother had died of sickness; that was what Plumette had told her wasn’t it?

“This was hers,” the prince continues, stepping past her.  “She used to come here all the time to read and watch the hummingbirds that flew around.  She used to love hummingbirds.  She told me once that the reason why they’re moving so fast is because they don’t have as much time as we do.  We have all the time in the world, she said.  All the time in the world.”

He stands there for a moment, lost in memories, like they were, but his are most likely memories that will never be remade, never recovered. Never relived, because the living has now become the dead.  

She looks at him, but she doesn’t see a prince.  She sees a boy that has lost too much.

“You should tell your gardeners to clean this,” the madame says.  “It’s true; there are things that we can never truly get back.  But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t remember every now and then.  And smile about it.”

For a moment she can feel something else.  A presence, a laugh carried by the wind.  A summer breeze ruffles their hair, and she sees a tear slip out of the prince’s eye.

“You are absolutely right,” he says softly.  “This has been abandoned since she died.  I don’t want…well…she already has one grave.”

“You still love her,” the maestro encourages.  “Let her know that.”

The prince turns to them, his expression now resembling something like gratefulness.  “Thank you both.  You’ve given me much to think about.”

The madame and the maestro turn to look at one another.  Unfortunately, they know what happens when two loved ones are separated for very long.  Hopefully, the prince will be able to fully remember that his mother still dances in the castle.  And that when the time is right, he may find her here once again.

“Now,” he continued, “I imagine Belle will be missing me.  And I wouldn’t mind an encore from you two.”

“Naturalmente,” the maestro answers, clutching his wife’s hand a little tighter.  “A moment longer, your Highness, and we will be on our way.”

Yes, she thinks.  One moment longer, lost in memory.  Then back to the stage, the music, the lights.  

Back to the memories they have yet to make.


It is late, I have been procrastinating uni wise but productive with creative…works. I needed somthing to kickstart my calligraphy practise and I just re-read obs&bh and this just…happend and I like making things for others and I know it is not perfect but I really wanted to use these colours for this and…afskfjskf(more rambling)
This is for @kazliin , who created one of the most amazing series of the YOI fandom and has taken countless tears of mine (and I bet those of others) to water their garden of angst, where we all await the flower called “The Rivals series” to bloom. (take your time😉)
Also, I want to make another one for umha&mfb but I CAN’T DECIDE ON COLOURS UGH and does this count as fan art???

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Any Ayahina wedding headcanons?

I was recently talking to @ayahinas about Ayato being bitter about being left out of Touka and Kaneki’s wedding so he locks Kaneki out and Kaneki has to watch the wedding from outside. :D

But anyway, some headcanons: 

  • Ayato’s probably like “huh? why a wedding? it’s a pain” but Hinami just forces him to have a ceremony anyway and he accepts. 
  • Tsukiyama is the wedding planner, of course, like how can he let his daughter’s Hinami’s wedding go wrong? Everything must be perfect.
  • It takes Touka a long time to process everything because wtf how is that immature little brat of a brother getting married to Hinami out of all people????
  • Kaneki is in tears because THEY GROW UP SO FAST
  • Banjou’s like ಠ_ಠ but he’s seen how Ayato is with Hinami so his own personal feelings aside, he wishes them all the best 
  • Oh drunk Uncle Yomo part 2 
  • Nishiki dealing with drunk Uncle Yomo part 2 
  • Hirako telling his kiddos not to be like drunk Uncle Yomo part 2
  • I bet Miza will be partly celebrating (because come on she ships them, no doubt about it) and partly cursing fate because what the fuck why is Naki so dense to the point that they’re still not married. 
  • I wonder if they do the biting thing because I can’t imagine Ayato being willing to bite her deep enough to the point it scars her shoulder. But I can imagine him relenting after her prodding. 
  • Or maybe they’ll have rings instead, like Arata and Hikari did. 
  • When Hinami appears, she’s so beautiful that Ayato just can’t look at her. And so, what he doesn’t notice is the fact that Hinami can’t look at him either because his ikemen levels probably got amplified by 5000. 
  • They’re up there, blushing, stammering and looking everywhere but each other and this continues for very long. At most, it’s quick glances and immediately turning away sorts of things. 
  • Eventually, they do get used to it and it starts getting hard to look away.
  • They get married in the Ayahina garden of angst. Or maybe the ceremony happens somewhere close to it and when everyone is celebrating, Ayato quietly pulls Hinami away and drags her to the garden for some alone time. 
  • She asks him why and he says nothing for a long while until he admits to her how the garden seems to be really important to him because it always reminds him of her since it has all those flowers and plants and how, when she was in Cochlea, he’d come here whenever the feeling of missing her gets too overwhelming for him. It felt like she’s back with him again.
  • He kinda looks a little sad so Hinami starts to get worried. I feel like Ayato will have a lot of insecurities about getting married because it means the start to a new family and clearly, Ayato didn’t have a good experience with his family. But Hinami admits to him that she shares the same worries and that she’s scared of what’s to come as well but she knows things will be okay because they’ll be together and he’s someone she can always trust and count on. 
  • They can hear the music from the wedding so Hinami asks him if he wants to dance. Ayato clearly doesn’t know how to dance and she teaches it to him and asks him to follow her lead. There’s a little stumbling, tripping and stepping on foots but eventually, they get a hang of it (kinda like that Soma scene in Soul Eater except Ayato’s Maka and Hinami’s Soul lmao what). But stuff lightens up between them and finally, some heartfelt laughter.  
  • I imagine the garden to be some kind of greenhouse-like kind of place so maybe the ceilings are transparent and you can look at the sky (or if it’s not, then they stand by a window and look at the sky) and Hinami admits how she’s always watched him when he looks out that the stars because he looks so beautiful when he’s under the moonlight and somehow, it feels so unreal that’s he’s now a definite part of her life and that he’s officially hers. Ayato teases her saying that she’s being cheesy but then he goes on and says that he’s always been hers. 
  • They kinda discuss what’s to come and talk about kids and all that and the topic goes to kid names. Hinami says that if they have a daughter, she’ll want to name her ‘Hikari’ because of how Ayato’s always been some kind of light in her life when she was at her darkest. I kinda not want Hinami to know that it’s the name of Ayato’s mother (and is probably one of the only things he knows about her) and chose it on pure coincidence and Ayato doesn’t tell her anything about it either but instead he agrees to it since he’s mommy’s boy anyway. 
  • They’re about to kiss when Touka walks in like what the fuck are the two of you doing here this is your wedding get your asses back down you can have your alone time all you want later at night 
  • Somewhere out there in a CCG laboratory, Arata cries in his test-tube because his kids are all grown up. 

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satanick being nice to ivlis for just once in his life

Despite how often he’s seen Ivlis’s naked body, he hasn’t paid much attention to it. This is the first time he’s noticed the ragged scars on Ivlis’s back. It’s very hard to put any sort of a permanent mark on a Devil, and Satanick wonders why Ivlis doesn’t fix the blemish. Such small changes are easy for a Devil. Ivlis whimpers without meaning to when Satanick’s fingers brush against the dead, raised lines of flesh. Those wounds are old, older than most things in this world, but they still burn with a phantom pain when they’re brought into focus. Satanick seems fascinated, and he won’t leave them alone, tracing the larger wound where the fleshy part of the wing once was, and then moving down along the area where the wing membrane would have connected. He knows why Ivlis hates having his false scarf-wings tugged on now, and he asks what happened.

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