garden of abundance


“The SAVIOUR will be a space computer. IT will guide us to serenity. We will adorn ourselves with decoration in celebration of IT’S arrival. We will be filled with joy. We Will shout to the COSMOS: Hark! A New Day Has Come!”

I’ve been thinking about religion (specifically dogma), the singularity, extraterrestrials and afro-futurism.

I mean, specifically, the way that religions will change post singularity or in the event that we on Earf make ongoing contact with extraterrestrials.

There’s this interesting phenomenon around the world where missionaries have brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that truth has been adopted into cultures with vastly different religious or spiritual truths where the people of those cultures merge their traditional beliefs with the new “right” religion.
For us Muonjang, the first people aren’t known as Adam and Eve, but Garang and Abuk and rather than the garden of eden with abundant foods, they were given corn to eat every day probably somewhere similar to the Nilotic region.

Basically, over time, the lines between tradition, colonialism and family traditions (as opposed to cultural traditions) become super blurred and it seems that we cope with that blurring by creating bridges of fiction to ease the confusion; overtime, those bridges become dogma.

Church is incredibly celebratory across South Sudan and we dress up and dance our traditional dances and sing in language calling God Nhialic and ending services with handshakes and announcing “Nhialic is with you”.

This is a very long winded way to say that I’m constantly wondering how we’ll adapt our religions to include extraterrestrials (because I can’t imagine that humanity will just drop religion altogether).
Maybe we’ll point to revelations and say “look! These are the demons God warned us of!!” but I don’t imagine that would last.

Maybe sentient machines will be used to symbolise the beginning of the end - God’s creation has become so proud and has forgotten God for so long that they think they too are Gods!

Maybe some will point to the giants and various kinds of humans mentioned in the bible to embrace extraterrestrials.

Maybe sentient machines will be seen as Angels come to help and free us.

I’m specifically interested in an African future because most sci fi will have you believe that only the United States and Europe have a chance of thriving beyond the 25th Century, and most science fiction writers and directors can’t fathom a future lead by black because our civilisations and cultures only exist to represent the dead past and the triumphs of the west.
I find it interesting that they can imagine every form of non Earf creature, but can’t imagine a black future; BUT I DIGRESS!!


This video imagines a black future, post singularity where the existence of extraterrestrial sentient beings comes to our knowledge and we become excited by the prospect of these saviours that represent the possibility of life outside the crumbling, colonised Earf we’ve known so long.
We decorate our bodies in preparation for our escape.

It’s about celine dion because i love her and pop culture’s religious references are too topical to ignore

It’s about colonialism in a spiritual context

It’s about intergenerational trauma, and genetic memory (it’s about pseudosciences !)

It’s about the other side as a metaphor for space and space travel

It’s about why Lilith is chosen by the Alien’s in Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis series (obvious references to birthing but also in many cultures across the African diaspora, it’s women who do most (if not all) of the heavy lifting, organising and so on)

It’s about looking at concepts in the matrix^ from a black or colonised perspective; that is, thinking that the machines can very easily be replaced with the colonisers and the ruling class, and seeing how, in a black future with a focus on historical context, the extraterrestrial could presents a new hope


^ the human Christ figure, non-organic creations of man (machines) that are not of God and therefore inherently evil, impending destruction and ongoing slavery from the mistakes of our ancestor etc


Untitled by Gabriela Tulian
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This Abundant Garden

Carelessly neglected and cruelly rejected  
choked by the weeds brambles and briers
sentenced to solitude ever trapped within
her faithless lover’s long forgotten garden
while wandering to ease my restless soul  
I came upon this rarest and fairest flower 
and in her sorrow thought I saw her smile
transfixed and bewitched I took her home
now we’re flowers flourishing sharing love
in this abundant garden we call our own

Goodbye July, Hello August !

July is when things start to happen for real in my garden. The Clematis start their main blooming which continues well into August and beyond. I have to confess my love of these plants. I’ve had this affair for seven or eight years already: growing them, breeding them, and even doing research on them. Which brings me to the main news article of the month: the cladistic research into the evolution of Clematis I’ve been involved in for the past 5 years has finally been accepted for publication. Yay! I’ll let you know when it comes out - hopefully later this year. What a long process it has been! :D

I spent most of my July on vacation, which was lovely and much needed. It was such a luxury to laze around, catch up with TV series that I didn’t have time to watch earlier, and do a bit of gardening. Yesterday, I did the last cross pollinations of Clematis for the year. I hope I’ll get some viable seeds this year to play around with come the winter. ;)

The holidays gave me a possibility to concentrate a bit more on the writing of poems as well. We’ll see how that goes now that I’m back to work and as the horticultural course will continue in about a month. I hope I’ll be able to keep writing. This blog gives me such a different, creative space from the daily toil. ;)

Which brings me to thank yous: What keeps me going with poems and this blog in general, is your continuous love and support that I have received daily. I would like to welcome all the new followers - I hope you will enjoy what you find here. I am so thankful for all the nice comments I’ve received, all the heart-warming reblogs, all the votes of support with the likes. It is a great feeling, I’m grateful for it and being a part of our many-faceted community. THANK YOU!

       as always, 💕, Daniel