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Meanwhile, Oikawa is sulking hiding behind a rock.

Imagine with me, please, after Akira leaves for home, everybody hanging out and doing things together?

Everybody going to events for Yusuke’s art. Ryuji complains the whole time and Ann smacks him for it, and it takes Futaba a lot of courage to come out to a crowded place but she manages to come sometimes, to support Inari. The times she can’t, she bugs somebody’s phone so she can still see/hear what’s going on. Makoto and Haru can’t always come because they got college and stuff, but they do their best to show up when they can. After the event they grab some ramen together, and someone pays for Yusuke’s meal.

Sometimes they all hang out at LeBlanc, just to chill out and do whatever work or studying they gotta do. Sojiro closes the store early a few times, and and somehow there’s always enough “leftover” curry for them. He makes sure to give Yusuke some extra curry and tells him he is welcome to have dinner with him and Futaba any day, because the boy eats breadcrumbs on like a daily basis.

Everybody decides to go to another one of Sae’s court cases one time. The gang has to physically restrain Ryuji from yelling at her opposition when the guy is just generally rude, and Makoto shoots an apologetic look at her sister. When Sae wins her case, Makoto gives her a hug and they get some coffee at LeBlanc.

Ann hangs out with Shiho and sometimes brings her along when she hangs out with the thieves, and Shiho notices how happy Ann looks with her friends and when Ann isn’t around (getting Shiho a crepe or something), thanks everybody for being Ann’s friend and to continue taking care of her. Everybody is overwhelmed by her kindness and it’s all fuzzy until Ann comes back and asks what’s up, and Makoto changes the topic like a pro. Later, Ryuji tells Ann that Shiho is too good for her and gets a “yeah” and a punch to the arm.

Sometimes they all watch movies/tv shows together in the attic, and everybody always dreads when it’s Haru’s turn to pick the movie, because she either picks the cutest movies (which are fine) or the most disgustingly gory ones. There is no in between. Futaba makes everybody watch some sentai show and she strikes a billion poses with Yusuke. Somehow, she manages to rope everybody else into posing, and Sojiro takes a picture of them. Eventually, it just turns into watching bad horror movies. Everybody pretends not to notice how Makoto manages to get scared at nearly all of them, and she holds Haru’s arm in a death grip. Haru just thinks it’s cute. At some point everybody ends up passed out on the couch, and Futaba is the last one awake and draws on Yusuke’s face. Ann wakes up and catches her in the act, and asks her for the marker when Futaba is done so she can draw on Ryuji’s face.

The group takes turns helping Haru tend to her garden. Sometimes they all help her out at once, sometimes in pairs, whenever they can they help. Someone suggests making flower crowns, and the next time everybody comes to help her she puts one on everybody’s head.

Ryuji goes fishing with Yusuke, and he sends Akira pictures of their catches. Yusuke poses with the fish before wondering if he can eat it. Ryuji then decides it’s time to feed the starving artist and calls everybody up to get some cheap sushi.

Akira’s first planned visit back to the city is nearly ruined, because his parents just don’t want him to go off and think he’s gonna screw around and make some more trouble. He tells the group this, and suddenly Sojiro is on the phone with his parents saying he will personally drive down to pick him up, saying that it’s no trouble at all and that he’d love to have the extra help at LeBlanc.

These all kinda look like they’re centered around Ryuji now that I look at it, but it wasn’t intentional I swear lol

I love the phantom thieves so much, they’re all so good. Where are my pointless slice of life spinoff games, atlus

Throw in the Trowel

Pairing: Castiel x Dean
Rating: Teen (for gratuitous cussing and use of the f-bomb)
Word count: 3,306
Warnings/ Tags: Love confessions, First Kiss, Misunderstandings, Jealousy, Oblivious Dean, Sam Ships It, Pining, Canon Universe, Men of Letters Bunker, Gardens and Gardening, Dean wants into Cas’ plants
A/N: I wrote this fic in response to this funny post floating around tumblr. Although there’s not really any vegetables in this story, but there’s a garden. Kind of.
“What’s going on, Dean?”

“Jesus, nothing’s going on. I just –" Can’t be in the same room with both of them right now? Feels physically ill every time he thinks about that 100-watt smile Cas had flashed at Sam, a smile that even Dean has only seen a handful of times? Can’t decide whether to be happy for his brother or strangle him?

It’s a damn fine day, for all of about thirty minutes.

“You guys are planting tomatoes, right?” Dean calls, stretching out his legs on the rickety lawnchair he picked up at a garage sale in Mankato last week. It may be a death-trap waiting to happen, but for two crumpled $1 bills from his wallet, it was a steal. “I’ll make salsa from scratch.”

From where he’s kneeling in the dirt, Sam twists around to give him an unimpressed look. “You know the whole point of having a garden with fresh vegetables is to eat healthier, right? Not make salsa for greasy tortilla chips?”

Dean grins toothily at him. “Plant some bell peppers too. They’re great on pizza.”

Sam huffs. “If you’re so invested, you could actually help us, you know.”

Dean tips his sunglasses down onto his face and takes a pointed sip from his beer – the one he grabbed specifically so he could drink it while Sam and Cas spent the afternoon sweating and digging around in the dirt. Sam rolls his eyes and turns back to the garden.

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Genuine suggestion for anti-nazi protests

Water pistols


  • put out those stupid garden sticks
  • soak some nazis, make them wet and sad and want to go home
  • water beats fire
  • usable from safeish distance (20-30m if you get a good one)
  • not going to be mistaken for an actual weapon
  • not likely to escalate things to fights that might get people killed
  • “persecution!!!” “dude, it’s a water pistol, don’t be a whiny child”
  • “It was self defense your honour!!!” “it was a water pistol”
  • fun :D


  • ?????

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They’ve met.

Batting his eyelashes the slytherin laughed not noticing the slight blush in the other’s face. (x)

Not related to my au, just a little something for telidina from their fic, because I really love HP aus and I’m glad I’m not alone doing something!

Frost (Chapter Twenty-One)



“You will forgive us for interrupting your night, My King. We have word from other worlds.” The advisors gathered in the room looked nervous, some of them pale, others looking out right terrified. “And it is not good.”

“Which worlds?” Thor sat on his throne, pulling Tony onto his lap, and reaching for Loki’s hand. If he saw the disapproving head tilt one of the advisors gave, he ignored it, and simply squeezed Loki’s hand tighter.

“Almost all of them.” Several letters were thrown down on the table in front of them. “Even Midgard. All are saying the same thing about a threat, about a danger that threatens to erase their world from existence.”

“It is not Asgards responsibility to save other worlds from their enemies.” Loki interjected. “We have not engaged in war for ourselves in some time, why would we intervene in someone elses?”

Thor nodded in agreement. “Loki is correct. I do not see how–”

“It is Thanos.” A councilman interrupted. “The Mad Titan. He is the threat.”

Thor swore under his breath, letting go of Loki’s hand to reach for the papers, allowing Tony to slide from his lap and into the chair next to him.

“Thanos?” Tony asked quietly and Loki sent him a warning look, shaking his head quickly, so Tony sat back and simply listened.

It was all very… well very comic book-esque, if Tony was being truthful. Names of monsters and realms that sounded as if they were right out of a myth. Descriptions of devastating powers that he couldn’t imagine anyone being able to withstand. An Infinity Gauntlet– which caught his attention because he knew the gem on Visions forehead was considered an Infinity Stone.

Still he kept his mouth shut and let the gods and the advisors argue over the best course of actions, over their responsibility to help their allies, over the idea of going to war with a Titan, with Thanos.

Thor finally leaned back and sighed, rubbing his forehead wearily. “If we are to fight we will need help. We will have to return to Midgard, to join with the metahumans, the superpowered mortals. This is a threat to our entire realm, the entirety of creation. We will need all the help we can gather. We must visit Earth, and any other world we can reach in the journey inbetween. No one world can withstand him, so we all must fight.”

“We have made a list of worlds to visit, to ask for assistance.” Another sheet of paper, with the names of nearly a dozen realms. “It will take some time to visit all of them of course, and it will be dangerous. Most of them are filled with… undesirables. But those are easily the best warriors the realms can offer and we will need them.”

“A small matter to travel to ask assistance.” Loki shrugged, reaching for the paper and scanning the list. “Between Thor and I we can– we shall–” his voice shook suddenly, and he pushed the list back towards Thor. “Not that one.” he tapped one name. “But everywhere else. I will travel everywhere but there.”

“You must visit all the realms.” the advisors insisted. “We need the help. Gods though you are, just you alone are no match for Thanos. Every one of those worlds must come to our aid for us to even stand a chance.”

Not that one.” Loki repeated, firmer this time, and Thor looked down at the list, at the name Loki had pointed out.

“Not that one.” he agreed, meeting Loki’s eyes, seeing the sheen of tears in them. “All worlds but that one.”

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I was thinking about what Kazi would do around the lab besides make sentinels and weapons out the whazoo along with just generally helping out, and since she loves infested too so damn much I decided she can have her own little garden. Of infested. She already has a database of information to work with, and would have zero issue obtaining samples. She’s slowly learning to work with organics.

They’re her children to replace Zen with

I need to draw her chubbier help