garden in winter


A series of cold, crisp winter days have resulted in some beautiful photos of the palaces this week. Thanks to all who shared their best snaps with us! Here’s our pick of the bunch.

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pampas grass by tez guitar

(Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe )

A Song of Obsidian

Upon one Night’s solemn, a dream caressed my soul darkly,
And I awoke with all light failing, dying in cold winds bewailing
“A ghostly curtain,” I declared!—beyond my window peering;—
A wanton Lover that beshrew my deepest slumber
To what pleasures might arise, before my last breath is taken—
Surely I will ponder in gardens bleeding obsidian

Twas a Winter’s song, I recall—she first loomed upon the ages;
A fable—wherest my skin still broods in those dark torn pages
My beloved once wed;—now an apparition wild and seething
Her beauty tis but a lament, forever lost in my soul, haunting—
This winged-Demon outside, dripping terror from the trees;—
Unto a night of dread—a tempest of ebon seas

Decay hath become wine thru many Moons bleak and passing
Yet this black figure threatens my carriage of madness;—
“I beseech thee,” she bemoaned, clad in crimson shadows
A Goddess or Demon, returned in naked prominence beguiling
‘Lust and seraphic-whispers forged in Acheronian lore—
Her lips bestow the Night evermore

Then this Nightly maiden—grim in my soul scarcely breathing—
Bore sadness and radiance as I stood there weary;—wishing ..
“Art thou Devil’s plume spilling upon my laden bed dreaming—
Tell me this Night hath neither glory nor Elysium!”
Far into my dying soul she plunged, upon this Witching hour—
Whisper’d she: “Your heart I yet drink and devour”

Lo a thousand winged-spectres filled all the horizons assailing
And here I shall sleep—in this sky dark’n deep—
For no morrow I dare seek—or prophet of a Love forsaken
Her blackness billows thru my veins and memories fleeting—
In a song of silence, my senses wane; o’er the Midnight shore—
Among the dead—I dream evermore

— by Arthur Crow © 2017