garden in the background

Monologue assignment from 1st year of TAW with a grumpy Wirt (Over the Garden Wall) I just now tied down and colored. AND the monologue is Martin from my favourite BBC radio sitcom Cabin Pressure <3 

We had lovely Sarah Airriess - aka @tealin - as our teacher this time, and being a fangirl herself she had selected this as one of the clips we could choose… So of course I had to take it. 

(Also, I have rarely fangirled more than when she did an animation demo of Arthur from the show… *sigh*. It was amazing.)


Kinkakuji Temple by Patrick Foto ;)
Via Flickr:
Kinkakuji Temple (The Golden Pavilion) in Kyoto, Japan


Here’s a background tutorial that was intended to hand out to the painters on Over the Garden Wall…I’m actually not sure if I ever did (maybe German or Levon can chime in on this) Anyway, I whipped this up super fast in the early days of pre-production and it might be of interest or help to some aspiring digital painters out there. 

EDIT: It was just pointed out to me that there’s a missing step 8…that was a typo in the original document…sorry about that.


Minoh waterfall by Patrick Foto ;)
Via Flickr:
Minoh waterfall in autumn season, Osaka Japan