garden eggs

anonymous asked:

headcannons for the plant kiddo trio pranking king George?

  • King George tries to make a baby himself
  • Kids dig out his ‘box’ or whatever and plant a rotten egg in his garden
  • He goes to show off to people the house he’s selling has a baby garden
  • Really it stinks like rotten eggs
  • He loses his buyers and has a garden full of stanky eggs

im not a huge fan of princess daisy but if there is one thing i love about her it’s that she’s the only one of the three princesses that doesn’t act like it

peach is very soft and formal, rosalina is quiet but very regal in presentation, but daisy looks like the kind of person who would stuff 27 fries in her mouth at once and say something like ‘sup nerds, who wants to go climb into people’s gardens and egg some houses’