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Eram Garden (Bagh-e Eram) - Shiraz, Iran

A historic & traditional Persian garden, it dates back to the 18th century. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Home Solutions: Summer Centerpiece

Succulents thrive on bright sun and benign neglect, two things on offer during the hot, lazy months of summer. This arrangement of stonecrop, Mexican snowball, and hens and chicks, by garden design Molly Wood, works well on a rustic outdoor table. A vintage chicken feeder plucked from eBay requires only drainage holes to keep roots from getting soggy, a bag of cactus soil, and a topping of pebbles. Along with contributing color and texture, this living tabletop accessory is practically self-sustaining—unlike most potted plants, it soaks up this month’s dry heat.

Photograph by Trina Roberts/Courtesy of Molly Wood Garden Design