garden canyon


Trip up california’s coastline north of San Francisco

Locations- Mendocino, Mendocino Botanical Gardens, Fort Bragg, Glass Beach, Fern Canyon, Avenue of the Giants, Trees of Mystery, Crescent City Lighthouse, Burney Falls (not really on the coast).

All night while the rain fell
the dark valley heard in silence
the silent valley did not remember
you were asleep beside me
while the rain fell all around us
I listened to you breathing
I wanted to remember
the sound of your breath
but we lay there forgetting
asleep and awake
forgetting a breath at a time
while the rain went on falling around us
—  W.S. Merwin, “The Sound of Forgetting,” Garden Time (Copper Canyon Press, 2016)

and our best is always enough. a mix for steve & peggy, of love and bravery. 

♥ to katie-my-lady, happy holidays! 

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all eyes on you i will never take back the words that i said then — i will always come back to you

you know me i’m walking on air — but i’ll never regret anything that helped me see

running back to you there’s a piece of you in every song I sing — where your childhood runs wild and free

the garden where the canyons meet the sky – it takes a brave one to love this night

gravity and i can’t stop running – can you hear my heart beating?

breathless the future’s fine, at least it seems okay — it doesn’t mean a miracle should be turned away

first train home i want to run in fields, paint the kitchen, and love someone

now is the start need a thing, you already know — you are right as you are

do what you do so if you trust what’s in your heart — oh, what better can you do