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The boss' darling

It starts as a joke. The auror department considered Newt Scamander one of the most adorable creatures that they’ve met. But after a few weeks of him being their consultant it became clear he was only for their boss.

At least that’s what it looks like. Because they’ve never seen Percival Graves act like he does when Newt is around. And before they notice they start to call him Graves’ darling. But it’s just a joke.

And, in their defense, that begins because Director Graves behavior changed after Scamander’s arrival.

He is less angry and grumpy when Newt’s around. He uses to carry the magizoologist in his arms when he falls asleep (and Newt falls asleep anywhere if he’s tired; cafeteria, garden or even over an auror’s shoulder). Graves takes him to his office and close the door, warning anyone near by what would happen to them if they dare to wake him up.

Director Graves also likes to take Newt out to eat or he brings him food himself, making sure the reddish hair wizard eats properly and he doesn’t miss any meal. Newt argues with him sometimes, assuring him he can take care of himself, but Graves prefers to ignore him.

And he has good reason to do it.

Because one day Newt scared the hell out of them.

It was almost New Year’s Eve, the magizoologist was talking with auror Goldstein about maticore’s venom. They all knew he wasn’t sleeping well because of the dark shadows below his eyes, but they had no idea he had forgotten to eat. They didn’t know he was that weak until Goldstein yelled his name, scared when Newt’s eyes closed. Fortunately, Graves was near them, speaking with Picquery, but he was keeping an eye on him (their boss was always looking at Newt) and appeared next to him just in time to catch him in his arms before he fell to the ground.

The healers told them he was going to be fine, he just needed food and sleep. They all were to see him when he finally woke up, just a quick visit to make him know they cared. They left eventually, when the healers insisted, but Director Graves… He didn’t leave Newt’s side and even growled at the few people who were brave enough to try to convince him otherwise.

They weren’t successful of course. He looked angry because ‘It seems, Mr Scamander, you don’t care about your own health. How could’ve you forgotten to eat?’ but they knew better to see all that attitude was just to hide the fact that he was deeply worried.

Another thing they start to notice is their boss seems awfully incapable of keeping his hands to himself when Newt’s around. There’s always a hand touching the wizard’s shoulder, fingers ‘fixing’ the magizoologist bowtie, hands cupping a face full of freckles, arms around a waist just to prevent the other one from 'falling’. 'Be careful, Newt, this path is particularly slippery,’ which is a total lie and they all know it, but their boss looks happy and Newt doesn’t seem to mind.

And don’t let them start about his boss jealousy, because boy he is jealous. He can’t help but to get involved in any conversation Newt is in, because he can’t stand the magizoologist paying too much attention to someone that’s not him. Nor he can’t help but glaring and snarling at anyone who looks at Scamander like they’re interested.

And that poor poor soul that tried to flirt with Newt that day. It was one of the British aurors that came to discuss of international security with Madam Picquery. He recognized Newt because he was Theseus’ colleague. He asked about Newt’s work and they all know the magizoologist gets very excited when someone asks about his creatures. And he smiles and giggles with the British auror and the man looks charmed (because why wouldn’t he be, Newt’s truly adorable).

“Theseus didn’t tell me you were so cute,” he comments and Newt blushes prettily.

And that was the last thing they heard him say because he died that day.

Okay no, he didn’t, but it was a close call.

“Newt, I think Miss Goldstein is looking for you,” Director Graves says and the magizoologist nods and walks away quickly. The British auror wants to follow, but is stopped by Graves.

They don’t know if was something their boss said or just the murderous look on his face, but the auror paled suddenly and he never tried to talk with Newt again.

The poor guy.

So their joke begins, they don’t even remember who came up with it, but they don’t care, because somehow it feels so natural to call Newt the boss’ darling that some days they even forget it’s a joke.

But then some messes up and does it while Graves is still in the room with them. They all get petrified, while watching their boss blinking in surprise.

“What did you say?”

Kenneth looks up in horror, realising his own mistake.

“I’m terribly sorry, Sir.” He mumbles.

“You called Newt my 'darling’?”

“I didn’t mean… It was a-”

But Director Graves doesn’t seem to care, he looks like he’s forgotten they’re more wizard in the room with him because he starts to smile to himself.

“It’s okay. No harm done,” he assures, shocking everyone. “Now… Where were we?”

So… The rumor spreads and they all start to think that maybe Newt is, in fact, Graves’ darling.

Until Queenie tells them the truth.

“No, they’re not dating,” she informs.

And honestly it makes them feel disappointed because now they’re sure that their boss is pining and Newt is completely oblivious to everything.

Well… there must be something they can do about it.

So they tell Newt and hope for the best.

The magizoologist face turns completely red and he looks like he doesn’t quite believes them. He’s about to argue when Percival Graves walks in the room.

“What’s going on here?” He frowns at them, but his irritation changes to worry when he looks at Newt. He approaches him and cups his face in his hands. “Are you okay?”

They’re not sure if is something in the way he looks at Newt or in his voice, but suddenly the magizoologist eyes’ wide with realization right then and there.

So he smiles at Graves, a beautiful soft smile, and leans in to kiss him. The kiss is quick, because Graves is still in shock to respond so Newt steps back, thinking he’s made a mistake.

Director Graves grins like he just finished all the paperwork for the next ten years and tooks Newt by the waist and kisses him with all he has.

But he stops after a moment, suddenly remembering his aurors are still in there. Newt must have remembered it too, because he hides his face in Graves’ neck.

“Will you be standing there all they? Are you planning on returning to WORK anytime soon?”

That’s their cue to leave and they do with pleasure because their mission is accomplished and honestly they both look so cute together.

So they leave Director Graves and his darling alone.

Good Girl (Chapter 10)

Warnings: Slight smut, violence, abusive triggers, cussing

Word Count: 2584

Notes: Okay so first, I’m very sorry for the long wait. I just lost inspiration and time. But here it is! Also, I need help with where the story is going. Should I end it when she loses her virginity to Negan, or keep going? I’m very confused.

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After the aggravating conversation with Amber, you decided to head out to the cafeteria and get something to eat. Normally, you avoided this area since the last time wasn’t the best experience of your life. However, without Negan to assist you, it was either you fetched your food yourself or starved. For the sake of everyone here, you decided to satisfy your hunger. You weren’t the nicest person (apparently) in general, so just imagine how unpleasant you were when hungry. It was getting to be late, so the cafeteria was filled with people receiving their dinner. You avoided eye contact with most just to miss any confrontation due to a weird stare or vibe. Standing in line, you examined the meal for today. Chicken noodle soup, toast, and for dessert, a prepackaged brownie. Surprisingly enough, the menu brightened your mood a bit. Chicken noodle soup has always been a guilty pleasure of yours, and you thought you would save the brownie for Ellie. You sneakingly swiped two other brownies for the boys, avoiding any glances from the people around you. Once you got your tray, you gave the new guy in Eric’s place your name to deduct your points later. Your eyes roamed the cafeteria and it felt like everyone was either staring through you, or blatantly ignoring you. You had to admit you hadn’t made the best impression since arriving here. Everyone was there to see your spat with Arat, and news spread extremely fast of Eric’s death. No one here had made an effort to befriend you after Eric, apparently he was well-liked in this area. Little did they know, he was a child rapist. Either way, the only social interaction you got besides Negan and the kids, were dirty looks and gossiping as you passed them. People were also starting to realizing you were living with Negan which also sparked up more gossip. Things like, you were another wife, sister, cousin, daughter, they were pretty outrageous but gossip never bothered you anyway.

Finding a seat in the cafeteria next to someone who didn’t hate you was impossible. It reminded you of your high school days.

Good times..not.

So you decided to eat in the garden, happily met with the kids who were excitedly waiting for you. You made your way over, playfully waving the brownie as bait to the children. They quickly scurried over to you, practically trampling over each other before jumping up to grab it. Ellie attempted to keep up with the older boys but failed.

“I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 10.” You smirked and moved the brownie back and forth. Noah and Mason’s eyes never left the snack, you took this opportunity and moved your gaze to Ellie. You mouthed the word “3”, and she quickly nodded her head with excitement. The boys began to shout random numbers but Ellie’s confident voice squealed over them.

“3! It’s 3!”

You tossed the brownie to her and she laughed with happiness as she caught it.

“That’s not fair!” Mason whined. But you quickly stopped him revealing the two brownies shoved in your pocket.

After hanging out with the children until the sun went down, you brought them back to their rooms. That’s how the nights continued without Negan, you did your duties in the garden along with the kids. When you weren’t with them, you were alone, which didn’t bother you too much. Being alone was a specialty of yours, which was both a blessing and a curse. Friends were never good to you, and the ones that were, were eaten by walkers. Blunt, but sadly true. However, withering away in solitude was relaxing, almost comforting.

It had been about 3 weeks since Negan left, and people were starting to get worried. You heard gossip as you roamed the halls alone, in the cafeteria, the garden, everyone was talking. Thoughts of Negan’s death surfaced, the thought of the group being killed or eaten, kidnapping, just leaving us. These rumors made you slightly nervous, you tried to figure out why.

It’s just a friendly worry right? Not romantic or anything I don’t LOVE the guy..

His room grew large and lonely without his tall body or sarcastic comments. You had to fill them in for him while he was gone. You were slowly becoming a little Negan in a way, you’d hate to see how that would turn out when he returned..

He’ll return..right?

The rumors were getting to you, so you went to your sanctuary of the garden and attempted to clear your thoughts. It was about noon, everyone was either performing their duties or eating lunch. You had finished in the garden earlier in the morning, so the rest of the day was left for you to decide. Still, you ended up back there anyway. You laid with your back against the dirt, beside growing tomatoes and onions, the hot sun blanketing your skin. The feeling was satisfying, the sun blinded your eyes so you kept them closed, listening to the neighboring noises. The sounds of clammering metal abrupted your thoughts. It was different than the walkers banging against the fence, it was more like a large vehicle.. Rolling your head to the sounds, you squinted your eyes against the beaming sun. Your heart began to jump within your chest, cheeks growing hot along with an overall joy clearly shown on your face. The saviors had returned after weeks of absence. Negan had slid out of his truck and loudly slammed the door. Anger was written all over his face, his hand clenched Lucille, his knuckles grew white. Continuously rubbing his beard with stress he began to shout orders. “Bring Inspector fucking gadget to a cell. I’ll deal with him later.” Eugene was then dragged out of the back of a truck and quickly brought into the sanctuary. You quickly sat up and dusted the dirt off of your butt, moving towards Negan. Before you could reach him he started to the sanctuary, moving quick and avoiding any gazes. Stopping in your tracks your mind started to race.

What’s wrong with him? He’s acting strange. Normally he would have been dying to tell the sanctuary of his brave adventures and brutal doings.. Is following him a good idea?

Knowing the answer was a clear “no”, you followed him anyway. The hallways of the large factory were packed with nosy onlookers. Their eyes searched for an answer as to why Negan snuck off to his room after being gone for so long. Having to push past all of them was difficult, especially since they were not hesitant to push back even harder. But that didn’t bother you, you had other issues on hand. Once you got to his door you stopped as you were just about to open it.

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, what the FUCK!” Negan’s voice was filled with so much anger it sent chills up your spine. However, the scariest part was the desperation that hid behind his words. The sound of things being thrown and broken could be heard. You slowly opened the door and immediately looked at him. There was blood all over his clothes, his hair was disheveled, his back was towards you, but you could still see his chest rising and falling heavily. You tried to close the door as quietly as you could but failed, Negan jumped at the sound. Without turning to you he spoke.

“Whoever you are, get the absolute FUCK out of my FUCKING room!” His voice stayed low until he cussed, it was then he shouted. You stayed still, holding your breath with fear. Maybe you shouldn’t have followed him after all..before you could react he quickly spun around with Lucille in the air and pressed the bat against your neck. Slamming you against the door, you felt the barbed wire piercing into your throat, blood trickling down your neck and lingering within your collarbones. You met his gaze and were instantly pulled into his fury. His eyes were dark, they had lost their color. He looked through you, as if he didn’t even see you were there. As if he wasn’t even there, he was back somewhere else. Lost and confused. Desperate and angry all at once. You couldn’t speak, so you just stared in hopes of him seeing you. His eyes flickered to each of yours, back and forth, until he had realized what was happening. The stinging of Lucille was becoming unbearable, you squirmed beneath his force. He quickly dropped the bat and stepped back. His gaze fell to the floor as he stormed into his bedroom and locked the door. You were once again left alone in his room after yet another fit of his. Your hand reached for your neck as you traced the marks left by the bat. Anger started to build up within you. First, he had not only been gone for weeks with no messages as to why, but then he comes back and fucks your neck up.

Very happy to see you too dick head

You knew it wasn’t about you, but even still, the pain was blocking any sense of that. You started to pace, back and forth in his office area. You tend to do this when under stress, or confused, contemplating a decision. Hesitant to break down his bedroom door you continued to move between his door and the desk. This continued for a while, attempting to calm yourself down, but failed. Finally the feeling of being overwhelmed consumed you and just as you were about to pound the door down, you just stood there and screamed at the top of your lungs. This was something you did as a bratty child. Sometimes when your parents didn’t give you your way you would scream. It wasn’t really to achieve anything, more to annoy your parents and amuse yourself. It also relieved built up stress, in a very annoying way. You could be a little erratic at times, but it was a trait to love and hate. Standing there, screaming, until your face was as red as a tomato, you waited for a reaction from Negan. Suddenly his bedroom door swung open causing you to nearly jump through the roof.

“What in the absolute FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” The veins in his forehead were more visible now that he was holding back the urge to fucking murder you on sight. If you hadn’t shared the same rage you would have fell to the floor and died of laughter. Anyone listening from outside probably thought there was something seriously wrong with the both of you, and they weren’t wrong.

“No, what in the absolute fuck is wrong with you! You think you can just leave for 3 fucking weeks during a fucking apocalypse without any explanation? I thought you had died, been bit, or just fucking left.” The last words trailed out quietly. He looked over you and waited for you to continue, but you didn’t.

“Since when do I have to fucking go by you before I do shit?” His body towered over you, he was closing the space between the two of you as he spoke.

“I’m not saying that. But you do realize you run an entire fucking village right? These people rely on you, you can’t just do that. Leave for that long with fucking walkers and shit.”

He raised his eyebrows at your statement, a smirk cut across his face.

“Rely on me huh? You saying you fucking rely on me now?” You scoffed at his comment.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” You calmly stated, rolling your eyes and matching his smirk. There was still a lot of tension in the room, despite the two of you taking playful jabs at each other. He didn’t say anything, just laughed lowly at your attitude. So you continued to talk,

“Listen, you’re the only fucking person who likes me here, if you still even like me because I can’t fucking tell. If you go missing and people catch on I’m probably the first one on their shit list to kick the bucket, or worse.”

“Well you’re not wrong.” He laughed to himself at your poor circumstances. “And how do you think that makes me feel? Knowing I’m forced to leave you here, in a place where no one can fucking stand you because you refuse to keep your mouth shut. I was half expecting to see you dead when I came back.” You crossed your arms and pouted like a child at his accurate imagination. You stayed quiet knowing he was right, so he decided to keep pushing.

“And don’t act like that’s the only reason why you’re fucking pissed. You missed me and you don’t know how to handle it. Admit it sweetheart.”  He leaned down to reach just above eye level, however it was difficult with his tall body compared to your average height.

“Yeah well, can we add the fact you sliced and diced my fucking neck with Lucille to the reasons why I’m pissed? Because I think that might just make number one.”  He hesitantly glanced down at your neck. His face held disappointment in himself, as his eyes lowered. Silence loomed over the room as he just stared at your injuries. You awkwardly moved beneath his eyes as the awkward silence continued. Negan grabbed your hand and pulled you into his bathroom.

“Sit.” He gestured to his tub. You obeyed and sat on the rim of the tub. He rummaged through his inventory behind the bathroom mirror above the sink. Laying out a facecloth and a small bottle of peroxide.

“Shit, this is going to fucking burn.” You said under your breath.

“Don’t be a pussy.” He laughed the words out and brought the items beside you. Pouring the liquid onto the face cloth above the tub, you tilted your head up to give easy access. He patted the cloth against your neck and you twitched away in response, breathing in a harshly between clenched teeth. Negan sighed and held your head in place with his opposite hand.

“I’m sorry..I blacked out.” His voice was low as he spoke. You stared at him as he focused on your throat. Watching him sent an overwhelming amount of emotions through you. This man who normally wore a strong, hard mask was different. He was still a very strong and very hard (no pun intended..okay maybe) person who held so many harsh aspects. Still, all of these traits sculpted such a thrilling and captivating man. The cuts were just above the collarbones making it easier for the peroxide to drip down your shirt before Negan could catch the drops. You could see him watching the drops slide beneath your shirt. He looked up from your chest and caught you watching him, still his expression hadn’t changed. He stayed serious as he placed the items down on the floor. Slowly, he reached for your neck and dipped your head back. Placing soft kisses just beneath your jaw, it sent sensations throughout. The kisses deepened to the point where you knew he was going to leave a mark. His hand cupped the opposite side of your throat before moving lower and gripping it lightly. Negan’s teeth slightly tucked at your skin, sending you over the edge. But before you could act on your desires, he pulled away, his fingers lightly prancing against your neck.

“Let’s take a bath.”

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Baby Don’t Like It (Mark x reader)

Word Count: 5845

Genre:  Angst? Fluff? (Not really sure), Highschool AU!

Summary: All of this was a mistake, although you could consider it as the best mistake you have ever done.

A/N: This is my first fanfic or one shot I’ve ever writen. Hope you guys enjoy it and make sure like it if you did. Btw I have nothing against Yeri from Red Velvet. I’m receiving request!

Originally posted by minhynug

Mark was startled by the arms of the girl that hugged him from behind, and although he was surprised about that action he couldn’t stop the feeling of warmth and comfort settling inside his chest.

“What are you doing?” Yerim asked kissing his cheek, curiosity dripping down her voice.

“Nothing!” he said with a light shade of pink tinting his cheeks, even though he had being dating Yerim for a long time now he was still easily flustered by the loving actions the girl did that made him feel all mushy and giddy inside.

“Oh really?” she said with a teasing voice “but it has a heart and my name”

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The Tall Tales of Tiny Veronica

A/N: SO @ima-dead-girl-walking DID THIS. WE MADE THIS. PLEASE READ WE APPRECIATE YOUR VALIDATION. (This is honestly such a fucking meme but oh well) THIS IS A SERIES!!! STAY TUNED


Summary: “What the fuck have you done” Veronica screamed, motioning to herself. Though from way down on the floor, it didn’t really sound like screaming at all.“It was an accident, I swear.”

(aka edgelord and ronnie mess with science and it does not end well)

PROLOGUE:  #JD, Veronica, and the Field Trip

Field trips at Westerburg High School were a special kind of hell.

It went the same way every time. Twenty kids would pile into a school bus, pushing and shoving each other to get the best seats- unless you were a Heather who showed up hours later in Heather Duke’s green jeep with some nonfat-extra-sweet-steamed-skim-milk-organic-caramel-triple-chocolate-mocha-latte-monstrosity.

And so the bright yellow prison buses would haul out onto the highway, chock full of Veronica’s least favorite people (minus the Heathers). For what seemed like forever, they would drive, as there were no appropriate field trip locations within a twenty mile radius of Sherwood, Ohio, until they all finally arrived at some random, vaguely-educational destination.

That day, however, it only took an all-time record of three hours to arrive at their destination, a science centre meant for ten-year-olds.

Despite the ordeal of actually getting places, Veronica would usually enjoy trips like these; appreciate the little things that were meant to fascinate children, find the kid inside herself; but not today. Especially not today.

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Beastly Beautiful | Jeonghan | Ch.1

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life (SoL), drama, Romance!Jeonghan, Jeonghan!AU, OnceUponASeventeen!Jeonghan

Word Count: 3.7k+ 

A/N: This is my first series and I’ve decided to make it an AU! It’s under the Seventeen Series category! I apologize if this wasn’t written well, still a newbie but I’ll do my best! Inspired by Beauty & the Beast, a modern version ;) Happy reading!

Summary: Two different people, two different personalities, yet destiny puts them together.

Ch.1 || Ch.2 || Ch.3 || Ch.4

Pack up your bags, we’re moving.

It was most probably the seventh time you heard your father said that particular line. Most of your life was spent in the clouds, wandering about. You had a pretty normal life: having a luggage as your closet, leaflets as your books, and airplanes as your transport. Well, mostly normal.

Being the youngest of six children and a sibling to three older brothers and two older sisters, it was normal to not have any idea what was going on. You had so many unanswered questions. Not until fourteen years ago, that one incident cleared your blurred mind, the answer to your confusion.

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