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Romeo and Juliet, The Lesbian Swans of Boston (Cygnus Olor)

These swans are kept in the Boston Gardens during warm weather and taken to a sanctuary during winter. As a mated pair, they were assumed to be male and female and thus named after Shakespeare’s tragedy. Sexing certain birds that have the same markings for both sexes is very difficult, but when their nesting continued to fail they had the birds sexed, and to their surprise they were both female. (Romeo is obviously Butch) So while I was at the Boston Pride Parade, I had to take some photos of these magnificent birds. (X)

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Was watching treehouse masters the other night and saw the story of the Nancies, and i thought I’d share.

Nancy S and Nancy T, who are both retirees, enjoy gardening and bird watching

At their home in Nancy Lane

With their two very friendly dogs, Hank and Annie

And their significantly less friendly herd of Alpacas

In a beautiful, lush green valley

And they wanted a bird house looking treehouse so they called treehouse wizard and tree whisperer extraordinaire Pete Nelson, to bring their vision to life. Nancy S wanted a small art studio. Nancy T wanted a little tv room to hang with the dogs in. Both wanted a common room to spend time together in. And so Pete got right to work with his merry band of tree elves.

With Nancy S’s treehouse art studio up high

And Nancy T’s tv room down below to the side

And their common room right at center, where they can enjoy each other and their surroundings 20 feet in the air

And a small deck to enjoy the tree top breeze

Not once did they mention the Nancies as a couple but i mean, two older women living together with their dogs in the middle of the woods sounds about as gay as it gets. I hope the Nancies have a great time in their treehouse. They are living the dream

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Can i get zenyatta x reader fluffies Pls ; v ;

[He is my booooooy my second most best bean in the world]


- He doesn’t need to sleep but will always stay with you while you do, he will either be sat up meditating, reading or just laying next to you, watching your chest rise and fall gently.

- He will always wake you up gently, making you a coffee or tea, both of you sitting out in the garden watching birds as you wake up. He will make conversation with you happily.

- Zenyatta can be funny, he will make jokes but in his ever so soft voice they just seem so out of place which makes the delivery even funnier to you. He enjoys the sound of laugher and will try and crack another.

- You travel a lot, he is aware you get tired and he is happy to carry you, he will get out a blanket from his bag and bundle you up against him as he floats further to your destination.

- If you are having a nightmare or if you are unhappy, feeling down or depressed he will use one of his balls of harmony to set your mind and soul at peace, it calms you down and you just lean against him with a soft smile, he will read you something or tell you an old proverb that brings you some guidance. You are always amazed at how smart he is.

- You like when he plays his orbs like wind chimes, you find the little tinkles of sound relaxing and they make nice background sounds. He is just happy seeing you smile and always look so at peace with him.

- Neither of you care when you get hassled by anti Omnic protests or people shouting rude things at you both. He never lets anything bother him and you learn from his strong example. Making jokes about it when you are both alone.

- When you both joined Overwatch you could tell people were judging you. The Junkers would shoot you shitty comments but you used some fancy proverbs and sayings your lovely Omnic partner told you which soon shut the lanky Junker up as he looked perplexed and just used a swear word as response.

- Zenyatta would just pull a ‘face’ or childish gesture behind his back and you’d both chuckle about it. You didn’t mind being friends with Genji either, the three of you spent a lot of time together, they had to remind you to eat and drink when you looked pale or they heard your tummy rumble, so used to being with people who didn’t need those things you often forgot that you DID.

- Both make sure you are fed and watered and getting your sleep. Your boyfriend and his best friend were looking out for you and you’d never felt as safe and happy before.

What would the boys give their lovers as a present? -Anonymous

Ciel would take his lover to many expensive places, not really knowing the meaning of toning it down. At first, he’d take them to a tailor to get their sizes for a dashing outfit he (Sebastian) had already decided on beforehand. He would then take them to a fancy French restaurant, ordering large meals with many delicacies.

Afterwards, he leads them to a shop and has them buy whatever catches their eye. Next, he brings them back home, so they have a small tea break. When their little break is over, Ciel gives them their final gift, the outfit that they had sized that day. In order to make sure the present doesn’t go to waste, Ciel insists they put it on and they do a dance, even if Ciel messes up more than a few times.

Alois definitely gives them an insane amount of gifts. He starts the day by trying to make them breakfast in bed, but deciding his cooking wasn’t good enough, instead asking Claude to do that part and presenting them with the food himself. He would go out of his way to throw a huge ball for them during the earlier hours of the day, sticking by their side and dancing almost the whole time, only leaving occasionally and returning with flowers and snacks.

For the later hours, he would take them out to the town for some fresh air and alone time. However, he would drag this out for a long time, taking them to several gardens and engaging in bird watching. When the sun sets, they watch that, staying longer to gawk at the twinkling stars on the black canvas of the sky.

Claude would have to locate the lovers and take them back to the mansion by horse carriage where they would continue to procrastinate going to sleep, instead cuddling and complimenting each other and just talking about the stupidest and sweetest of things until sleep danced into the room and led them to dreamland.

Random facts about Hot Rod

Favorite color: Orange (also black and purple. And yellow)

Favorite food: High grade electric blue energon

Hobbies: Racing, adventuring, exploring, long drives, bird watching, gardening

Favorite place in the world: England, animal sanctuaries or gardens

Least favorite animal: Fish. He isn’t keen on water and doesn’t really see them as anything but food for his birds

Least favorite color: pink

Fears/ phobias: being forgotten, losing all of his loved ones and it being his fault

Languages spoken: English, French, a rusty bit of Cybertronian

Nervous habits: he waves his servos, swings arms back and forth, checks his armour over and rubs/cleans himself, mumbling in French, doorwing flutters

View of marriage/ family: He wants to be married and have a family but there is no rush. He will do it when he finds the right person.

Body modifications: He has changed his car/ frame and body many times

Something other people assume about my muse: he is a jerk, he is stupid, he can’t speak properly

Allergies: bullshit, liars.

Random fact: He can do the splits

Anyone else free to do this.

I can’t wait to get lost in this city.

to take the train and pick a random stop to get off at, then just walk around aimlessly and duck into whatever shop or cafe looks cool.

I can’t wait to wander in the botanical gardens. watching the birds and the butterflies flit about above my head. to smell all the sweet perfumes that radiate from the flowers all around me.

I can’t wait to just sit out on the balcony at night. watching the planes come and go, dreaming of all the places they’ll be visiting. creating itineraries for imaginary people I’ve placed in the seats.

I can’t wait to take the ferry to the beach. to sit in the sand and just watch everyone around me. to stroll through the streets of that island and wonder how I got there. listen to the ocean as it waves hello and goodbye to all the people.

I can’t wait to fall in love with life again.

Day Two

Summary: After finding out that his parents have canceled their normal Christmas plans, Dan finds himself with nowhere to go on Christmas. In comes Phil who insists on bringing him up North to visit his parents. Featuring Dan/Phil’s Mum Bonding

Words: 1.9k

Genre: Angst with some extra loving fluff.

Warnings: There’s some pretty heavy stuff in here, mostly revolving around the fact that parents aren’t always great.

Author’s Notes: I get prompted to write about hot chocolate and this is what I make. Amazing.

Anyway, this fic is honestly a little bit of a vent fic I guess. I do want to say right now that the holidays aren’t always easy for everyone. There are some people who don’t have very good relationships with their parents and they dread having to see them and I want you to know That’s Okay. Your parents are people just like you and they screw stuff up, but if they’re not good for you then it’s okay for you to cut them out. And if you don’t want to cut them out, it’s also okay for you to not like spending time with them and look forward to the time that you don’t have to. You don’t have to like your parents and that’s important to remember. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday and that that continues on into the New Year.

It honestly hadn’t been Dan’s idea to go up North to visit with the Lesters for Christmas. In fact, up until the day previous, he’d been planning on going to Wokingham to complete his obligatory family visit he did every year, but his mum had texted him and said that Adrien was spending Christmas with his girlfriend and that she and dad were taking a holiday with another couple they were friends with so Christmas would just have to be postponed. The casual dismissal had kind of stung, but the far more gut wrenching thing was the feeling of absolute relief. He loved his family, he really did, but even six years after moving out every day he didn’t have to spend with his parents was a good day in his books, and no matter how many times Phil told him that was an okay way to feel it still made him feel lower than dirt. He almost wanted to ask Phil to stay home with him so he wouldn’t have to do Christmas alone, but he knew he’d never be able to do it.

Phil, of course, was all packed and ready to go and super excited about going to visit his parents and brother and live in a house with a truly sickening amount of love and support, and Dan wouldn’t ever take that away from him. Besides, he and Phil had already celebrated their own Christmas together last Friday so really the only thing he’d be doing was making Phil miss a great celebration to be miserable with him so he didn’t have to do it by himself. He would just wait until Phil left as he always left a couple days before actual Christmas, then take a short train ride to a nearby town to do some shopping, take a selfie to post online and just pretend he was going home to a perfectly happy family for Christmas like everyone else, then come back to his real home and drown his sorrows in Christmas movies, cookie dough ice cream, and wine.

Or that would have been his plan, but Phil was an emotion bloodhound and noticed as soon as he walked in the flat that Dan was feeling down and when he didn’t get a proper answer from Dan he went on Dan’s phone and uncovered his canceled Christmas plans, which obviously wouldn’t stand. Which was how, despite his many loud protests, Dan found himself on a train headed for the Isle of Man and then taxied to Phil’s parents’ house. Upon arriving, Mrs. Lester threw her arms around him, completely ignoring her laughing son, and scolded him for not coming with Phil to Florida to which he blushed brightly and muttered something about there being too much work for him at home. The welcome had been warm and loving as always and everyone was sure to keep Dan included and he had never felt more alienated.

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