garden art

 Despite the song being called sunlit gaden I thought of this cozy scene of two people star gazing.  Riding my Praxalia high from last night the two lovers became prax and Talia Praxina not being the emotional type isn’t sure how to react to Talias open acceptence of her despite their fighting.  Looking at the stars seems contrary to who she has been and who she has had to be for so long she’s not sure what to do, while Talia knowing that Just hold Praxina and shares the stars with no expectation waiting for Praxina to feel comfertable enough to open up on her own.

The Sunlit Garden From the revolutionary girl Utena OST

The Garden Party Mystery

It’s not often that I work in flat color, but I experimented with a few pieces over the summer – and then completely forgot to post them. Guess I better get these up before 2015 runs out, even if sunflowers look a little out of place this time of year.