Amazing 3D Grass Printer Makes Creative Gardens Possible

Students Maja Petek, Tina Zidanšek, Urška Skaza, Danica Rženičnik and Simon Tržan at the University of Maribor in Solevnia designed an innovative “green” 3D printer to aid their mentor Dušan Zidar. The purpose of the machine is to construct creative designs varying in different shapes and sizes to fully express inventive compositions for gardening. Titled PrintGREEN, the apparatus is a modified CNC machine, which deposits soil, seeds, and water, instead of plastic or metal. With the aid of the PrintGreen, one can compose fun shapes and sizes to create the ideal garden.

Where Charamath takes bad pictures with giant plants

My planters out on the patio are now massively over-grown.  I apparently have the Hulk’s green thumb.  So I took pictures >.>

Here is a giant cucumber.  It’s about twice the size it’s suppose to grow to o.O

Zuko eating said cucumber

A friggin massive pie pumpkin (which is a bad thing, pie-pumpkin wise).  This  plant has another 7 on it this size.  It’s taken over the patio.

According to its tag, that giant thing below the tomatoes is also a ‘pie pumpkin’.  Methinks someone was being an asshat and switched tags around. 

Somewhere, buried in this tomato plant that is taller than me, there is a tomato cage that has long been rendered useless.  My two tomato plants have totally taken over a 6 foot long planter and have hundreds of fruit.  The jerk rat that keeps eating them all lives in here since it’s so overgrown.

HOW DO I HOLD ALL THESE PEPPERS?!  One plant, two dozen peppers.  (aren’t I beautiful?  lol)

I grew an inappropriate anaheim pepper. 

Giant rhubarb stalks turn into giant batches of rhubarb jam