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((Gardedroid and 107-001 have temporarily swapped bodies))

Gardeb*tch: P-please, do you have ANY idea what I should do?


“Oh… I see.” There was a tinge of disappointment in the Mismagius’s voice, his search for intelligent engineers would have to continue another day. At the call for help, Eudai pondered the multitude of scenarios that unfolded before him. He didn’t particularly care for the Gardevoir’s plight, but he did find the situation at hand to be of great interest to him. So he felt obliged to stay and give his aid, if only to satisfy his own curiosity. “Hmmm, such a situation is by far difficult to remedy, for there are a multitude of factors to consider. We could always imitate the situation that landed them in the conundrum you find yourself in the first place, but that could possibly worsen their condition. I believe it would be more prudent for me to observe them, assess the scenario before coming up with a hypothesis. For now, I would recommend keeping them out of trouble. Do you think you could do that?” 

Gardeb*tch: Nope, they’re hopeless- WAIT! MY HAIR!!!