Your Godly Parent // Heroes of Olympus Preference

a/n: This is my first Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus preference so if you would like me to add more characters  (Like Nico or Luke or Will) just let me know and I can add more to the list! Also, requests are open :)


Hephaestus. You were a bit of a hot head but that’s why you and Percy got along so well. Whenever you seemed a bit too worked up he always found a way to calm you down with his chill personality, and whenever he was too relaxed or bored you never failed to brighten up his day.


Apollo. Your artistic abilities in singing and painting never ceased to amaze your boyfriend Jason. While he helped you with your fighting skills to be more prepared for combat, you taught him how to enjoy the simpler pleasures in life like art and music. He always felt like you were a ray of sunshine in his life that had previously been more cloudy without you.


Athena. You were one of the only people in Camp Halfblood that could keep up with Leo’s constantly racing mind. Your abilities to think quickly and create instant solutions to problems had Leo head over heels in love with you ever since you first met. With the combination of both your genius brains, you were definitely a couple to be reckoned with.


Hecate. Frank was always fascinated by the way you could control magic like your mother. He was even more fascinated that you used your magic for good instead of evil. You opened his mind up to thousands more possibilities in the magical world, and he couldn’t have been happier with you.


Zeus. Annabeth was strong, no doubt about it, so it only made sense her partner was as strong as her. You were a fierce leader and fighter, taking after your father and the skills he passed down to you. Annabeth admired your bravery in battle and you admired her intelligence, and when you two began dating you became the power couple of Camp Halfblood.


Demeter. With your carefree attitude and flower crown in your hair, it was no wonder Piper immediately fell for you. Spending time with you always brought a smile to her face and no matter what, you always managed to make ugly situations more bearable when you were together.


Aphrodite. Hazel had witnessed so much sadness and despair in her life that meeting you was like a slap in the face. You were always talking loudly with your friends, a cheerful smile etched onto your face, and you made Hazel forget about her rough past. Together, you made each other happy like no one could imagine, 

do u even realize how petty Nathaniel, Mr Student Body President, is like :

  • “how about u make peace with Castiel now that the whole Deborah thing is cleared up” asks Candy. “lol nope” answers Nathaniel.
  • “it’s nice to have someone to hate ! it helps you appreciate everyone else more !”
  • Armin makes an ~innocent~ comment about Candy’s chest. Nathaniel proceeds to break his leg with a chair.
  • “sorry I didn’t do it on purpose !”
  • in the same vein : “one of my drumsticks just slipped out of my hand ! and I don’t know how, but it landed on Castiel !”
  • called Deborah a “garce” but I saw google translation translate the word to “bitch” and tbh same (official ts : “awful girl”)
  • jusrt ffuckinj slamed a door on his rival’s face. u talkin about my gf ? how about u say Hello to Mrs Locker Door right there here I’ll help u
C'est ta tête, je sais pas, elle a quelque chose. Un truc quoi. Ca me fait rire. Mais non, je me fous pas de toi, c'est juste que j'aime bien. Ouais voilà, c'est ça, elle me rend bien ta tête, elle me rend le sourire. Me pose pas tant de questions, j'pourrais pas te répondre. Tu sais j'ai beaucoup de blessures, j'ai un cœur troué, percé comme un gruyère. Faut pas croire p'tit mec, parfois j'ai peur, tu sais mon visage, c'est un masque. Et là dessous, j'me cache. Ça t'étonne, hein ! J'sais bien ce que vous pensez, vous vous dites comment est-ce possible ? Comment je peux avoir mal, si mal, alors que chaque jour je vous envoie ma putain de joie de vivre en pleine gueule ? Alors que chaque seconde j'explose de rire, à en verser des larmes. C'est qu'une façade inhérente de ma petite personne. Faut pas se leurrer, je suis fragile, je me casse comme du verre, alors oui je vais peut-être avoir besoin de toi. Je dis peut-être mais au fond j'en suis sûre. Fais attention mon p'tit gars, fais attention à moi. J'ai des ratures derrière moi, des éclaboussures qui déchirent la peau et laissent des cicatrices imparfaites. Fais attention à moi, j'suis une vraie garce quand j'suis malade, malade de toi. Tu pourrais t'en mordre les doigts. Mais c'est ta tête p'tit mec, elle me fait quelque chose. Non je me fous pas de toi, j'l'aime bien ta tête. Je voudrais même qu'elle soit face à moi, un peu plus souvent, un peu plus près. Mais si tu le veux bien, retiens moi. Ta main elle a qu'à prendre la mienne. Qui sait, peut-être qu'on ira loin. Comme ça. Toi et moi. T'es beau à ta manière, c'est peut-être con, ça me tue mais j'aime ça.
—  Skins