This is a collaboration piece done with my middle sister, Samantha. It’s of our characters Duncan and Ronan. They are brother and sister.

I drew my character Duncan (the male) and my sister drew her character Ronan (the female). We basically excel at the genders we drew, so we tend to draw and create them most.

I was livestreaming for about the third time in my life about three days ago, and DJ Arrow from suggested that I draw my character Duncan. And form that, my friend Damien suggested drawing him at Denny’s. And I suggested him being with Brutus.

And so it was.

Duncan loves to eat at Denny’s wee hours of the morning/night and Brutus is a detective who’s work causes him to be out that late, working on cases. And so they end up chatting often.

I’ve been drawing lots of my character Kessler as of late. Mostly due to the fact I have been working on his story and setting and also due to the fact that he has several other characters to interact with now.

This is basically an example of his closet, minus the outfit I normally draw him in. Obviously he can mix and match some of these, but as you can see, he has a thing for plaid.


So I have been looking up totems a lot lately…and I think my totem is the alligator. A lot about it and what it stands for fits my personality and my preferences.

So what did I go and do? I went and made a character based on an alligator. :B

This is Jake Mckinly. He ended up being of the Garcan race, a fictional race I made for a story.

I also was left by myself after making him for far too long and gave him multiple forms. :B He has his human form, his semi-human form, his weregator form, and his gatortaur form. Oh and his alligator form, but I haven’t drawn it yet.

He’s still in the developmental phase and I’m probably going to change his hair, but this is basically how he looks. His personality is still under development too. However, I have a basis to work off of; the alligator.

Because every time I see a Dunkin’ Doughnuts commercial, hear someone speak of Duncan Hines, hear the Duncan Hills Coffee jingle by Dethklok, or ever hear the word done, I always see Duncan. Whose nickname is Dun.

So I could not resist this. Not that Duncan would care for coffee, but honestly, how could I pass up the opportunity?

Seeing as I love Pokemon as much as the next little nerd, I decided that I was going to look at all the pokemon and determine which I feel is most like each of my OCs. Well this led to working on teams and such.

Basically, my sister Samantha found a Pokemon Trainer Registration form for one of the Battle groups on dA and we worked on filling one out for some of our characters.

This is one of my Garcan OCs named Kessler. I drew him in one of his other outfits because I felt it looked more ‘pokemon trainer’ than his normal outfit. And as you can see, he has a thing for plaid patterns.

The pokemon that most reminds me of him is probably Mamoswine, hence why it’s the first listed. But the rest of his team would be mostly fighting or ground types.

After drawing this up, I researched biology terms and named all of his pokemon after the 5 basic studies of biology. I also am currently working on making this team on my Pokemon White version.

*I did not create the template of this registration, I simply filled it with my own art/writing and altered the color scheme.

I even set to work on a Trainer Sprite for him.

External image

I took the Lieutenant Surge base from Heart Gold and Soul Silver and edited it. So the base is not of my doing, but the colors and edits are.

One of my many characters of Rebirth. He is a Garcan who goes by Tanner.

When listening to The Gorillaz - Dirty Harry, I always picture a meeting between two of the groups we have on Rebirth. And it happens in the desert and right before a sandstorm. So this is Tanner searching the horizon, for zombies. Because this story involves zombies.