penumbrathewiccan  asked:

Now I want to imagine what kind of Function would come from Amelia? I mean, she was a pretty powerful/influential person herself, being pretty much the only OVC reporter to do what she did. If things had gone like the Camerata wanted and they had the Transistor still, I think she'd have been on their hit list after the singer.

I’ve actually thought about this with @cosmictuna! It’s totally up for speculation, but it could have a persuasive effect like Farrah. It could also blind the enemy and make them run around aimlessly! (Maybe with making areas hidden by Snapshots visible as a passive?)

There would probably also be some damage aspects, though, since she has some serious determination and doesn’t want to go out silently like the rest of Cloudbank. Something like a shield or force field around the User that could damage the Process and soften their attacks.

As for Function names, there are some that would be pretty awesome, like Quit(), Stop(), Pass(), or Latch().

It’s hard to tell how influential she is beyond knowing that Red chose to listen to her, and that she spread the news out when others wouldn’t, but it’s safe to say that she has guts. Especially for an associate editor. Who knows what the Camerata would have thought about her?

(Even if they didn’t realize it, she was a force to be reckoned with. Sadly, though, without the Transistor to protect her she became another casualty. Just the loudest civilian of them all.)