proto-and-vinyls-clop-cave  asked:

What are the rest of your casettes{Beastbox, Enemy, Flip Sides, Garboil, Glit, Howlback, Overkill, Ratbat, Slugfest, Squawktalk, Sundor and Wingthing) up to Soundie?

I honestly have no idea they’re really hard to keep track of and now you make me feel like I’m a bad hostmech because I cant keep track of my ungodly number of kids.

They’re all alive though so thats good

Transformer of the Day:

Garboil (Animated)

In Detroit in the 22nd Century, Decepticon Soundwave experimented with creating a prototype drone out of Sumdac Systems Technology, resulting in several Garboils being created. The Garboil drones were released on Detroit at some point, creating chaos. One Garboil obtained sentience, being able to blackmail people he had recorded. Garboil had received the nickname “The ever-present worldsnatcher”. Garboil would serve as the basis for Laserbeak and Ratbat.