Navratri begins this week..(much more than a reason to get dressed up!)

One of the most epic festivities of Hindu culture starts this week.  Like most gujaratis i’ve been attending the festival since i was very young. Love raas garbas and the feeling of spirituality that is gained from being apart of the whole thing is just amazing but the truth is i’ve been feeling a little distant from the whole thing for the past few years, i don’t know if i’m the only one that feels this way but the spiritual aspect of it seems lost somewhere behind pretty dresses and social agendas. Hence i have decided to take a slightly different approach to navrati this year. All i wanted to say is that  their is a wealth of spirituality behind the 9 days which shouldnt be forgotten ..ok i think thats enough of my lecture (I’ve got lots of garbas floating around in my head now :)- happy Navrati to all!

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I must say, I love your blog. However, there is something that I've always disagreed with in the brown community. I know cultural appropriation is a thing, and understand its consequences, but I actually get happy when non-brown people embrace my culture and embrace me at the same time. I bring my friends to garba (I'm Hindu) and they have fun w/ me! But groups like Reclaim the Bindi make me upset b/c I don't want to stop people from experiencing the Desi culture. How do you feel about this?

Ahhh, we’re so glad you enjoy the blog :)
I think that embracing a culture and cultural appropriation are kinda two different things! I totally agree with you that it’s great when people embrace a culture, and all aspects within. However, I think it becomes a problem when people take parts of the culture (such as clothing) without actually embracing the culture behind it, if that makes sense. For example, I believe that Reclaim The Bindi was started in order to showcase that the bindi is something cultural for many (rather than a fashion statement) and, to those who wear it, I’m sure it can be quite disheartening to see other people wear it without any knowledge of the actual culture behind it! I hope this makes sense/helps! Also, yay you for sharing your culture with others, that’s genuinely so great to hear!

briarrcse | x

 his eyes trail from behind a tree , &&. quite frankly – between all
 of the warm colors of summer , did jack’s paleness stand out . his
 gaze seems to dawdle , but he swore that the sight of the girl with
 pale , dusty , blonde hair catches his attention like a patch of neon
 in a garden full of dullness . as does her hauntingly pretty singing .

 ❝ w o w , ❞ slowly slides in a dripping , hushed voice – nails rubbing
 slightly against the dark wood of the tree he’d fit so slimly behind . 
 whilst her figure seems to grow smaller &&. smaller as she walks , 
 swiftly did frost leap quietly from branch to branch ; a skill he’d seemed 
 to of mastered along his journey becoming who he’d found himself
 to be . 

 — but the knowingly silent sound of the forest was forced to stutter 
 right underneath jack’s feet , tightening his lips while a branch had 
 snapped between his toes . it falls to the ground , in fact landing right
 beside the strange girl . he ducks his head down , taking quiet shots
 of breath . hopefully she couldn’t see him .

abcdesialvays replied to your photoset “TROLL!! IN THE DUNGEON!! I was tagged by the lovely aithusasgold to…”

hold up. Are you wearing a Garba With Attitude 2014 shirt?!?!? CUZ I WAS THERE!!!!!

oh my god??????? YES I AM omfg this is awesome! Yeahhh I was there, I was on Columbia Raas and we came to GWA in 2014 and 2015! I can’t believe you recognized the shirt from the lil corner that’s showing this is so cool