This video, titled Shorts On Sustainability S.O.S., seems to be deliberating several counter Garbagean themes in visually succinct, segmented narratives but we at Garbagea do not mind such animated disdain being channeled toward our wastelands. We think it is pretty admirable that there are still some people trying to salmon their way against the tides of consumerism toward the shores of sustainability, futile but admirable. It would just be easier if they accepted their imminent deaths with dignity but our political ambiguity impels us to grant everyone freedom of choice, which entitles even the salmon sort to exit however they feel inclined. One order of “kicking and screaming as extinction is impressed upon you” coming right up!


Inquinamento Idrico


Plasmabile PVC Pâté

 Ciaparma Ceviche

Bonifica Bagnato Bruschetta

Insalata Pesticida Pierrepi

Il Primo

Rimasto Risotto

Superfluo Materia Manicotti

Spazzatura Sferzata di Salute

Pietrisco Macaroni


Il Secondo: Cibo Che Cambia   

Nocivo Granseola al Plastica con Parabene Polenta

Scolo Salmone con gambe a rana

Filetto di Pesce nel Sudicio Sugo

Carne di pollo Ormoni della crescita

Malattia della mucca pazza Montanara

Il Contorno

fagiolo con malattia di Lyme

Di Scarico di funghi

Il Dolce

Tossico Torta del Giorno al Taglio

Formaggio con le Velenoso Residuo

Crêpes alla Asbesto Avanzato


Tetanus Lemon Cello

Botulinal NT Bellini

Necrosis Negroni

Liqui Pol Spritz


Currency: Caps and Sheets.

Caps: Ten caps make a nice line of caps if arranged with a ruler. Ten caps can also choke an albatross chick to death. 100 caps make 1 sheet.  Caps come in two colors because Garbageans also use caps to play checkers. Caps are made of PVC.

Sheets: 1 Sheet is worth a BP gulf debacle, 5 Sheets is worth a Prestige oil spill, 10 sheets is worth the global consumption of bottled water, 20 sheets is worth a Chernobyl meltdown 50 sheets is worth the eternal collapse of a predatory species and the resulting imbalance it creates in an ecosystem, 100 sheets is worth the current daily measure of global carbon emissions. If you want to see gaudy Garbagea grow richer by the second all you need to do is log onto David Bleja’s

PPP:  Since our GDP and GNP comes at the cost of every other country’s GDP and GNP, the world cannot afford to trade our currency on its global exchange markets, but for all trading purposes our legal tender is fully convertible.

Sheet Type: Poly ethylene terephthalate, composition: 10 carbon atoms, 8 Hydrogen Atoms and 4 Oxygen atoms. Molecular Formula: (C10H8O4)

Fabrication: The PET used to print Garbagean Sheets is exceptionally strong, inert to water and unaffected by oils, greases, and most aromatics. It is flexible from -100° F to 300° F and is not predisposed to yellowing with age or turning brittle in constitution.

Security Features: Security fibers, plastic promoting watermark, 3D Polymer security ribbon, Garbagean crest and optically variable ink.