A Woman Was Raped And Murdered. Why Is Her Drink Count Relevant?

By simply sharing how much Chipcase had to drink the night of her death, The Sun is not only complicit in victim-blaming, but also reinforces a culture that excuses rape when alcohol is involved.

We hear over and over again stories of women being sexually assaulted behind dumpsters, gang-raped by football players, repeatedly sexually assaulted and raped while behind bars; their dead bodies turning up in garbage bags by the side of the road like forgotten trash.

And all too often, people point to what the victim was doing before she was kidnapped, assaulted, raped and/or murdered.

She was traveling alone. She was drinking. She had a criminal record. She was his girlfriend. She had substance abuse issues. She enjoyed kissing him before that night. She had “drank six Jägerbombs in 10 minutes.”

The offending tweet was among several others tweeted by The Sun that included emerging details about the case. But it shouldn’t have been. It doesn’t matter what she was wearing, who she was dating, how much she had drank ― rape is rape and murder is still murder.

A drug addict who was high on heroin when she was raped, doesn’t make her assault any less of a rape. If a woman is sexually assaulted while unconscious from drinking too much, it doesn’t mean she wasn’t sexually assaulted. Drinking or doing drugs or wearing revealing clothing or flirting doesn’t somehow invalidate or cancel out or nullify rape.

The perfect victim does not exist. And when we seek her out, we undermine every person who’s ever been sexually assaulted.

skeletonschoolgirl  asked:

hello!! could you tell us a bit about lottie strange?? they look so cute!!


  • She’s the youngest of the Strange Siblings! she’s 14
  • They all live with their adoptive father Wes. 
  • she’s a beauty vlogger. she also has a secret gaming account where she posts videos of her playing mmos and fucking everything up for everyone.
  • she’s exetremely into doll fashion.
  • Has a very high-pitched voice, it drives all her siblings up the walls
  • everything she does is Carefully calculated to uphold her Persona.
  • her persona being Uninterested in literally everything/Also better then everything Princess type.
  • She and Sybille pretend to be twins. They’re bffsies. Her and Francis don’t get along, her and Ashley got along even less. No one actually gets along with Ashley
  • on account of him being a creep, a creep who talks to garbage bags and has a crush Wes’s girlfriend.
  • She’s neutral evil.

defxrmography  asked:

hey i've seen a lot of posts saying that manson has really been a mess during this tour and that he sounds really bad and stuff and im seeing him in a week, and i now dont really know what to expect so i was wondering what your overall concert experience of his performing was?

okay I’m such a manson Stan but his performance musically wasn’t good but it was entertaining because he was rolling on the stage and walking around in the crowd and literally threw a whole garbage bag filled with the manson dollar bills in the crowd I had fun and enjoyed it and he changed his set slightly

i love that the one thing that the fandom can agree on from the sdcc voltron panel is that under no circumstance should keith be allowed to lead the voltron squad