garbage you take out

This fandom proves over and over again they would rather be hateful than thoughtful.

I don’t feel like sharing my work with people like that, honestly. I work hard through numerous disabilities, get very little feedback, and the fandom very often shits on people who aren’t cis or het or white and ignores or violently tries to silence people who speak about it.

Honestly, I know damn near every single fellow PoC I’ve met through kpop feels the same. And really, the astonishing silence from white fans when poc are attacked for sticking up for rights is telling.

This behavior is ugly. And ARMYs need to get their shit together and take out the garbage.

Eyes are on you, now.

psa: for those of you who are unaware, for a lot of retail stores closing time is the actual closing time, employees aren’t given extra time to clean up the store so if you have to come in shortly before close, leave as little mess as possible

keep your fingers off the glass, take garbage that you bring in or generate out with you, have a solid idea of what you want and have your payment ready

never start using the phrase “don’t kinkshame me” or anything similar to it because before you know it you won’t be able to stop yourself and it will have bled into everyday usage to the point where when someone asks you how you could have forgotten to take out the garbage you respond with “why are you kinkshaming me”

A Survival Guide To Recycling in Germany

One of the most immediate culture shocks of traveling to Germany, especially if you grew up in the United States, is Germany’s seeming obsession with recycling. Whereas in the U.S. you are lucky if you can locate a recycling bin in public areas like parks or street corners, you’ll have the opposite problem in Germany, where you’ll find a sometimes confusing plethora of multi-colored bins. If you have been in this situation, looking around desperately to strangers or waiting to see what items other drop in each bin, we feel you. YOU are not alone. Even Germans sometimes question which bin is appropriate for which items.

Due to this common culture shock and the often harsh punishment one receives for a wrong move, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on German recycling.

Step 1: Prevent creating waste in the first place

Germany has created and continues to develop a culture of minimal waste. This is true for projects big and small: here are a few examples of major reducers of waste.

Bag fee: Germany combats the environmental threat of excessive plastic bag-use by adding a small fee onto bags at stores. Even though it’s small, the fee has further motivated people to bring their own reusable bags or carts to stores. Some stores now don’t offer plastic bags at all–opting instead to offer paper bags for those who need them.

Lack of excess packaging: Say tschüss to those individually wrapped fruit packages or items wrapped individually in plastic, then wrapped collectively in plastic.

Quality over quantity: According to a 2016 report by Germany Trade and Invest, Germans are well researched and particular consumers. They are much more risk averse and likely to return items that don’t meet their expectations. This makes things like quality labels or reviews really important and generally lends towards a population that has fewer, but higher quality possessions that don’t need constant replacement.

Step 2: Pfand

Imagine if, for every bottle–plastic or glass, you bought, you had to pay extra for it. The deal in Germany is that you pay more initially but then receive that surcharge back when you give the bottles back for recycling. So, just like when you weekly take the garbage out in the States, in Germany it is a regular habit to return your bin of recycling to super markets where you will find a machine like this:

This machine scans the bar code of your items, and prints a receipt for you to redeem at the register. Basically, if you don’t recycle your eligible items for Pfand, you are losing money.

As a tourist, you have potentially experienced Pfand in a different way. At Christmas markets, stands will charge you extra for the mug that hot drinks are served in. You can choose to keep the mug as a memento, or to return it for Pfand.

You may have also been asked for your empty bottle in public by someone collecting them to return. This is potentially convenient for you, earns them a little money by returning them AND it is good for the earth. Triple whammy! There are even entire non-profits that fund themselves by collecting Pfand at events or concerts.

Step 3: Choose your bin

This part sounds really uncomplicated from an American perspective. Trash or recycling…right?

After giving back bottles for Pfand, Germans sort trash typically by paper, plastic, bio/organic, glass, and other. Though details are dependent on town or region, a general breakdown goes like this:

Paper= blue bins. This bin is for cardboard, newspapers, magazines, waste paper, paper bags, etc, etc.

Plastic = Yellow bins. This is for plastic such as body wash, shampoo, sunscreen, laundry detergent, and juice bottles

Glass= Glass is sorted by color. There are different slots for depositing green, brown and clear glass. In this bin you should be putting any kind of jars (mustard, jam, yogurt, etc), oil bottles, wine bottles or the like.

Bio (organic) = green bins. This is for food waste like egg shells, banana peel, or scraps of food you didn’t eat.

Other = black bins. You choose your size and you’re charged accordingly. They send you a sticker each year to show that you’ve paid for it. Residual waste is garbage that neither includes pollutants nor reusable components. For example ash, dust bag, cigarette ends, rubber, toiletries, and diapers are thrown into the black bin.

Step 4: Enjoy a cleaner earth!

Though the effect of one person caring about the environment is small, the collective effort of a nation makes a dent. Germany leads the European nations in recycling, with around 70 percent of the waste the country generates successfully recovered and reused each year.

Recycling is only one part of Germany’s environmental efforts. Find more about national and local environmental initiatives here:

Knuckles : Boxer!Ashton (Part 5)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven  | Part Eight  | Part Nine

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- Knuckles Playlist

“Calum!” you call after walking into the kitchen, spraying cleaner on the counter and drying it down with a rag. “It’s your turn to take the garbage out.”

“One second,” he says back, followed shortly with an unrelated, “Oh, shit.”

A moment later you glance up to see him emerge from his bedroom, shirtless, and holding in his hand a toothbrush with bristles coated in white paste.

Your arm continues to circle the counter with the rag, using slightly less elbow grease now that you’ve been distracted. “What?”

“Water’s out in my room,” he answers casually, as if it’s a reoccurring inconvenience that he’s come to expect over time. He reaches across the counter to dampen his toothbrush with the kitchen’s faucet, then proceeds to scrub his morning breath away.

“How does it just go out in one room?” you question, turning to use the same cleaner on the front of the refrigerator.

“Dunno,” Calum mutters with a mouth full of foam. Your ears catch the sound of him spitting into the sink.

“I just cleaned that.”

“And you did a great job.”

You cast an annoyed glare over your shoulder.

“Anyway, cool if I use your shower?” Calum asks, smiling at the silent threat.

The ownership you have over anything in the apartment still sounds odd to you when put into words, almost always forcing you to pause with the need to correct Calum before remembering he’s making sense. You guess you haven’t quite settled in to your newest living arangment yet, still in the habit of referring to it as Calum and Ashton’s place. You only unpacked your last box a few weeks ago, a short while after Ashton left for Las Vegas to pursue the boxing training Dennis Serrant had to offer.

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anonymous asked:

can you do the neighbor au for seokmin, jihoon, and minghao?? only if you have time of course ^_^

joshua, mingyu & seungkwan can be found (here) ~
wonwoo, hoshi & seungcheol can be found (here)
[this post mentions snakes so if you’re scared of them be careful~!]


  • is barely ever actually at his apartment 
  • like he’s the kind of person that has a super active social life so he’s probably spending the night over at a different friend’s house every day of the week or getting home at like weird hours of the night
  • but the landlord doesn’t care because hey in the end he makes rent and that’s what matters
  • like his door is full of take out flyers and sometimes even packages stand out on his mat for like 3-4 days at a time because like ????? does he even come home like ????? ever
  • inside his apartment though he’s got a lot of stuff because he never really throws anything out ?? like he’s got CD’s from when he was kid, boxes full of comic books and old action figures, and thrown over his couch is a blanket he got second-hand from hoshi
  • and it’s really kinda cool though because he has bookshelves full of trinkets and books and photo albums
  • and on his wall he has photos of singers and rock bands he looks up to
  • and since this is an au, seokmin’s closet looks like you took it from the nineties lots of dad caps, flannels, and ripped jeans because tbh if seokmin was going to have an aesthetic as just a regular dude living on his own he’d probably keep up with his band days and be the type to own a ‘nirvana’ t-shirt 
  • does weird stuff when he’s home alone like sit on top of the kitchen table and eat take-out and drink his soda from something that looks more like a vase than it does a cup
  • and you don’t even know who seokmin is. you don’t even think the apartment next door to yours has anyone living in it
  • until you’re over at a party a couple of blocks down hosted by your friend seungcheol and somehow you get involved in this crazy game of twister
  • and it gets down to you and this boy,,,,,, who is kinda cute with his pretty half moon smile and really big grin
  • and you’re supposed to get your hand over his and like flip yourself around but you end up wobbling and falling forward,,,,,,,,RIGhT ontop of this cute boy
  • whom you’ve never meet
  • and you’re like !!!!!!!!! sfhksda im so sorry!!!!! but you’re also laughing because god how awkward to fall on someone during twister
  • but the boy is just laughing too and he’s like “don’t be sorry, it’s my pleasure ^^” and you’re like your pleasure??? and he’s like “ive never had someone so good looking fall ontop of me before ;)” 
  • and you playfully like nudge his arm before giggling into your palm
  • and then you hear seungcheol’s voice like “hey lovebirds get off the twister mat so we can restart the game!!!!”
  • and you flush red when you realize you two,,,,,,are just laying there in front of everyone at this party
  • so you get up and offer your hand to the boy who gladly accepts
  • and the rest of the party you two stick together and talk and you find out his name is seokmin!!! and that he’s really really hilarious and good at body gags and puns
  • and he’s so totally your type and to your surprise seokmin is like “THIS is gonna sound corny but,,,,,,,, you’re totally my type,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like omg no way that’s what i was thinking and you two burst into giggles again
  • and when it’s time to go,,,,,,,,,seokmin is like “let me make sure you get home safe!!” and you’re like oh sure i live a couple blocks down and he’s like whaT a coincidence me TOO
  • and as you’re walking you and him are talking more and more and tbh you stop and you’re like “i don’t wanna leave,,,,,,,,i wanna spend some more time but since i have to go let me do this-”
  • and you lean up to kiss his cheek and seokmin is like grinning and he’s like i don’t want you to go either
  • and as you continue walking he holds your hand and you smile, but you’re so happy because finally you went to a party and you acTUALLY met someone sweet
  • and you’re like ‘oh this is my building here!!” and seokmin looks up and he’s like ,,,,,,,,,,,, wait
  • i live here too
  • and you’re like what oh my god what floor
  • and then he says the same floor as you and you’re like NO WAY WHAT ARE WE NEIGHBORS
  • and yes,,,,,,,, turns out that apartment you thought was always empty is actually seokmin’s apartment 
  • and you’re both staring in awe until seokmin is like 
  • “hey maybe that means fate brought us together for a reason,,,,,,literally together because we’re neighbors and also because i like you let me take you out on a real date tomorrow?”


  • always worn-out and the kind of neighbor who would fall asleep in the elevator ride if it weren’t so short 
  • you can tell by his constant yawning that he probably spends a lot of the night up doing work,,,,and like his clothes never look ironed and if you see him going to take the garbage out or get the mail he’s like got a face-mask on and the most sleepy expression
  • but also he always lugs around a guitar case twice his size and a shoulder bag that seems stuffed to the brim with notebooks of all different sizes
  • and he’s respectful, nodding to elders and things like that but mostly he doesn’t speak much to others
  • and it’s probably because he’s got one million things on his mind but also,,,,,,,,,i repeat: tired
  • his apartment reflects his hard work like the one thing that’s most noticeable in the entire apartment is that his living room has a huge desk with dual monitors and a shelf stuffed with books on musical composition and journals full of songs and lyrics
  • and jihoon has pens in coffee mugs in the kitchen, paper crumpled near the foot of his bed (a bed he never uses since he falls asleep in the computer chair or on the carpet beside his desk)
  • and im not saying this au brings back ponytail!jihoon,,,,,,,but that’s exactly what im saying
  • and there’s a point in the week when you have some trouble sleeping so to calm down you make some tea and go out on your balcony to sit in the night air 
  • and that’s when you hear it,,,,, the soft strums of a guitar,,,,,, then a sudden stop,,,,,, and then the guitar again
  • and you look over and for the first time, even though it’s a bit dark you can make a figure out on the balcony beside yours and you tell yourself “isn’t that jihoon’s apartment?” 
  • because although you don’t talk much to him, you know him by first name because your neighbors and when he’d moved in you had stopped by to welcome him and he’d told you his name
  • but it’s weird,,,,,you’ve never seen him outside his apartment 
  • and you never knew that he,,,,,played the guitar so well like you’d seen the case and assumed he liked music but the melody you’re hearing now is absolutely gorgeous
  • but then it stops suddenly and you hear him grumble a loud that it’s no good
  • and before you can really think you get up and go “i really like it!”
  • and jihoon’s head snaps up an he’s looking at you from above the fence of his balcony and he’s like ,,,, “o-oh uh im sorry for disturbing you ill be quieter!”
  • but you’re shaking your head and you’re like “no, i really liked what you played, is it your own?” 
  • jihoon nods, looking shyly down at his hands because gjfsgfs he didn’t know anyone was listening ,,,,,
  • but you just smile and go “it’s pretty, i would want to hear more.”
  • and jihoon seems hesitant, but it’s like 2am and you’re the first person he’s talked to in days since working on this song so he asks if you’d really want to hear what else he has and you say you do
  • so he plays it,,,,,,, and you close your eyes so entranced by the sound
  • and it’s enough to even make you feel a bit sleepy and when it’s over you give him a thumbs up from your balcony and he just shyly hides his head, but he’s smiling
  • and you say goodnight as you go back inside
  • and as your head hits your pillow, the sound of jihoon’s guitar fills your memory and you fall asleep easily
  • while jihoon sits outside on the balcony, holding his guitar and thinking about how breathtaking you looked standing there, eyes closed, with the moon as your backdrop and you and him as the only ones awake in that moment ,,,,,


  • honestly,,,,,,,is he a model????? why does a model live in this building???? it must be because the rent isn’t that bad,,,,,,,
  • jkjkjk but seriously everyone is always in awe of minghao,,,,, because like is it humanly possible to look that good??? no matter what??? because he can come out in his pajamas and still look like he’s walking the runway at seoul fashion week good lord
  • but also,,,,,he’s just a sweet oblivious kid
  • and everyone whose older has the strong urge to offer him food and take care of him like maybe it’s because he’s so tall and thin but also just looking at him makes someone want to take care of him,,,,,he’s just so endearing
  • all the neighbors invite him over for dinner tbh he never even has to buy food
  • except jun will come over and literally eat every snack minghao has bought in the past week and minghao is looking at the wrappers all over his living room floor like: jun ge,,,,,,,,,,,,you’re a punk you know that right,,,,, (same goes for hoshi hyung who does the SAME damn thing some1 save minghao)
  • his apartment is pretty nice though,,,,like he’s got this nice aesthetic going with fresh flowers in the kitchen and lucky chinese charms hanging from the walls ,,,,,,, lots of tea and other herbs his mom sent him from china
  • it always smells really good in his house
  • but the coolest thing and like,,,,,,,ok seriously just think about this: minghao,,,,,,,,,,with a pet snake
  • and he has like a whole tank just for his pet,,,,who he named sunflower in chinese,,,,because of it’s yellow skin,,,,and when you first come in you’re like huh do you own a liz- THAT IS A SNAKE
  • but minghao love sunflower, he can take her out and wrap her around his shoulders and he’s like ‘she’s a shy thing, come and hold her’ 
  • also idk i just think he’d look so cool with a snake ,,,,,
  • but yes you find out one day about the snake because minghao gets in the elevator with you and he’s holding a box,,,,,,and the box just says,,,,,,mice
  • and you’re like “are those really,,,,,mice inside there?” and minghao smiles and he’s like “yes! for my sunflower!” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,your sunflower???? and in your head you’re like is that his s/o??? why would they need mi-
  • and minghao is like “you wanna see her?” and you’re like ,,,,, “her?” and minghao is like “yeah!! sunflower!!” and tbh you’re like confused because you know minghao as he’s your neighbor, but you’ve always been scared to talk to him because lmao he’s beautiful and now he’s just inviting you to his house???? to see ‘her’?????
  • but the elevator is open and minghao is pulling you out by your wrist and he’s so excited that before you can even say much
  • you’re following him into his living room and he’s like “there she is~!” and you see it,,,,,,,the tank,,,,,,,,,,and then the little head of a S na ke ,,,,, and you’re like “t-t-t-that’s sunflower?” and minghao is like yep! and this is her meal!!”
  • and you figure out that whats in the box,,,,and why is was for sunflower,,,,,, and you might not watch sunflower ‘enjoy her meal’ but minghao just claps and is like “she’s pretty right??”
  • and you’re,,,,,,you know,,,,,,shell shocked to say the least but you’re like “yes,,,,,,she’s a pretty color,,,,,,” and minghao grins and he’s like “she also does a good job of keeping jun out of my house,,,,,he’s not fond of her.”
  • and you assume jun must be a friend of his but you laugh because that’s actually smart, say you have a pet snake and see how many of your friends refuse to ever come over again
  • but minghao turns to you and he’s like “usually people are running down the hall by now. good job.” and he ruffles your hair and you’re like,,,,,a bit embarrassed
  • and minghao is like “do you have any pets” and you guys talk about it until you say you have to go and minghao is like ok,,,,,you should come over and play with sunflower sometime!!!!
  • and you’re like gulping because how does one play with a snake,,,,and minghao can read your expression which just makes him laugh even more and he ruffles your hair again (he must really like doing that hmmm) and is like “don’t worry, ill be beside you to supervise!”
  • and you know,,,,,,,,why not like when will you get the chance to hang with a snake again so you’re like “sure!! just call me when you’re free~”
  • and minghao is like “oooo really?” and you’re like “sunflower,,,,,,,,seems nice,,,,,” and minghao grins and he’s like “i knew i liked you, sunflower will like you too~”
  • and you’re like well one you’re like oh you liked me 
  • but two now you have a play date with a snake,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’ll be worth it though
  • because one date with the snake but also,,,,,a date with xu minghao tbh i would sell my soul for that so snakes aren’t all that bad LOL 
Apartment - PART 2

Word Count: 2,813

Summary: You moved into a new apartment. You have a perfect view of a neighbor across the building. You’re intrigued by him and watch his every move.

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Female Reader x Jungkook

Theme Song:  Click Here

 Work wasn’t kind to you today. Your body was aching and you could feel a slight twinge on your lower back from sitting at your desk till 8pm. You walked into your building, pressed your floor number and sighed. It was late already and you had no idea what you’ll cook tonight. You waited in the elevator and looked at your own reflection. The LED lights really brought out every imperfection on your face and you hated that. You couldn’t look at yourself anymore. The elevator ‘pinged’ and the doors opened. You slumped your way to your door, jabbed the numbers on the pad and walked into your dark apartment. The first thing you noticed was a horrid stench coming from the kitchen. You winced at the smell and turned on the lights, wanting to know where the source of smell was coming from. You quickly dumped your bag on the table and looked at your piled rubbish bin. It was filled to the rim. You had already separated the paper and plastic, it just needed to be put out. You completely forgot about putting the trash out last night. You groaned in annoyance and started gathering the rubbish.

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Now will you take your garbage out to the dumpster, DAWGS?

My first apartment was in the huge complex of townhouse-styled buildings: my doorway faced another apartment doorway, outside (i.e. there was no inside common hallway like in a hotel). We shared a common sidewalk that led up to our doors. I meet Dawg 1 and Dawg 2 the first day there. They were socal surfer brodawgs who called everyone “dawg”, frequently. It became apparent that these two had the social skills of illiterate 5 year olds. They would throw parties on weeknights, late into the night, blasting music, with the front door open (my bedroom window was right over my doorway). I would dutifully put on underwear and ask them to close the door and lower the music, and they would cheerfully say “sure, dawg.” Eventually I just went over naked to get compliance.

Our apartment complex was apparently built on a massive anthill. I had sealed off the holes in my apartment to keep the things out, kept the place spotless, trash was always sealed off and taken out, etc, and kept the place ant-free. You can guess what the dawgs apartment looked like. So to keep THEIR ants out, they would just put the trash outside their door. Not take it to the dumpster, just leave it outside for days on end until they decided to stop being lazy. Of course, millions of ants would get into the bags and then where did they go? MY APARTMENT, but of course! I would ask them to take the trash to the dumpster, they’d say “no problem, dawg!” but forget to do it. I’d ask again, “oh, sorry dawg!” etc.

Finally one morning I reached my last straw. Knowing that these two dicks were sleeping after yet another party, I proceeded to rip open ALL of their garbage bags before I headed to work. These things had set out festering in the socal sun for a week. They were fucking rancid. I spread the trash EVERYWHERE. I covered the entire entrance and made it so that the dawgs couldn’t step over it, nor jump over it. When I came home I would just blame the racoon or skunk that we sometimes saw outside.

Came home that day, the walkway is spotless. The guys had just finished sweeping it all up and were actually scrubbing the sidewalk with cleaner and a mop. I was surprised to see they actually had these products, but no, it turns out they stole them from work. “Dawg, you won’t believe it! A racoon got into our trash and went crazy, this place was shithoused! We’re not leaving our trash out anymore!”

Good dawgies.

BTS as things my siblings have said:

Taehyung: Well if you’re Chanel then I’m fucking Gucci, come at me.

Namjoon: I’m the greatest chef of all time *forgets to put water in the easy Mac and sets the microwave on fire*


Jin: hahahahah losers I’m getting married first

Jungkook: hey punch my stomach *punches stomach, pretends to be okay* did you hurt your hand?

Hoseok: *takes garbage out to the curb and the garbage bin falls over spilling all of the garbage* well that could have been worse *kicks trash*

Jimin: *laughs nervously* oh mom is gonna beat my ass

bts as types of roasts
  • namjoon: Scientists say the universe is made up of neutrons, protons and electrons. They forgot to mention morons.
  • seokjin: If I had a face like yours I'd sue my parents.
  • yoongi: Please, keep talking. I always yawn when I am interested.
  • hoseok: Which sexual position produces the ugliest children? Ask your mother.
  • jimin: I thought of you today. It reminded me to take the garbage out.
  • taehyung: When you were born, the doctor came out to the waiting room and said to your dad, "I'm very sorry. We did everything we could. But he pulled through."
  • jungkook: The only way you'll ever get laid is if you crawl up a chicken's ass and wait.
things you should have at your first apartment.

Keep in mind, my advice is to get most of these things at the dollar store/second hand if you can because if it’s your first apartment you’re probably broke as shit and it’s way cheaper to replace even if it is not as “luxurious” or comforting as you would want. 

I’m sure that there are people who will look at my list and declare half of these unnecessary luxuries but everyone’s experience is different. these are the most useful items based on my experience. 

  • Dish soap - because clean dishes keep you healthy and you can’t use all purpose cleaner on dishes.

  • Laundry detergent- because if your clothes are clean and well taken care of, people think better of you. people thinking better of you= better job opportunities= more $. If push comes to shove you can wash them in the bathtub and hang them to dry. 

  • All-purpose cleaner- use this for everything. Yes, even your non-carpet floors. it’s a pain in the ass but it works.

  • Broom - gets the big stuff into a pile so you can get it off the floor, so you can work on getting anything sticky or greasy off the floor. Helps prevent pest infestations. They sometimes come with dustpans, otherwise, just use an old piece of paper like a flyer or something. They are also good for getting the big messy looking stuff off carpets, just sweep the mess towards a non-carpeted area in order to sweep it up.

  • Wash cloths / rags -these are great for everything from dusting to washing your ass and mopping the floor. Literally, any cleaning job just grab one of these.  Dollar stores usually have them in 5-10 packs for $1

  • at least one spoon and fork, a spatula and one all purpose kitchen knife

  • a cup/glass

  • ziplock baggies - can be off brand. you can store anything in these if you break it down in to small enough bits. great for freezing meals and meats for later

  • garbage bags or plastic grocery bags- personally I get so many plastic grocery bags for free that I don’t bother with garbage bags. take them out as soon as you can to prevent pests.

  • pot - you can’t bake in one but you can cook just about anything in one, also convenient for eating out of and mixing things in before cooking.

  • something to sleep on, whether a camping cot, a pile of blankets or a mattress.

  • a sheet - not only will it make your bed comfier to sleep on but it will A. keep a blanket pile in a more useful shape and B extend the life of a mattress

  • blanket - because it can get cold, especially if you don’t turn on the heaters in your house to save on the electricity bill

  • something to store your clean clothes and dirty clothes in - milk crates and cardboard boxes work well and are usually free/fairly cheap if you ask for them around the backside of stores.

  •  a towel

  • personal hygiene products - because if you smell good people like you more and so on.

  • Toilet paper-  alternately, if water is not a problem in your area, you can use your shower to rinse the waste off instead. 

  • Plunger - because you may never need it but lord help you if you do need one and you haven’t got one. Not only is the clean up disgusting but repair bills are expensive.

  • First-Aid kit - should include bandages of various sizes and types, antibiotic ointment, mild painkiller such as aspirin or  ibuprofen and anything you personally will need in an emergency such as prescribed medication.

  • Shower curtain -  protects floor from water damage which is expensive

  • Period products

  • Light bulbs- if your apartment does not come with pre-installed light fixtures, get a small lamp that you can move from room to room as needed. 

  • small tool kit for minor repairs.

  • Flashlight/candles - for power outages

  • batteries / matches - for the flashlight/candles

  • Emergency Survival kit - pack it yourself if you can’t afford a pre-packed one. 

  • Fire extinguisher- like the plunger better to have and not need then need and not have.

  • carbon monoxide alarm/ fire alarm - these are supposed to be standard in the US but definitely not something you want to mess with not having.

  • your favorite condiments and seasonings
  • eggs
  • milk/ milk alternative
  • bread
  • peanut-butter - if you aren’t allergic this is a good source of protein when you’re on the tight end of your monthly budget.
  • rice
  • pasta
  • tomato sauce
  • fresh/ frozen vegetables
  • lentils
  • fresh/frozen fruit
  • meats
Fuck my one co worker in particular bc she rude

I work in a small grille/diner, with a few people I go to school with who are either in my grade (I’m an 18 y/o senior) or a grade below me. We all do dishes, buss tables, sweep, bring food out/etc. I genuinely like all the people I work with, my boss is nice, the cook is nice too, but this one fucking lady… I’ll call her Helen. Helen is like, in her 30’s or so, she isn’t a manager, I don’t really know what her job is but she helps the cook in the back. She is so FUCKING RUDE. Not just to me, but to all of us high schoolers working there. She is needlessly rude to all of us and it can really ruin my work day if she’s there. If I ask her a question she gives me snark, she says things like “Why are you ASKING if you should sweep the floor?” “Figure it out.” Like damn bitch calm down I wasn’t sure since we usually sweep at the end of the day and it’s already gotten dirty. Yesterday I was helping out with closing by sweeping the floors and taking the garbage bags out (I took 2 at a time, all I could carry, being small and fragile and having heart problems no less) and when I came back inside, Helen just snaps at me from the cash register “You can just go, you taking garbage bags out one at a time is wasting our time, so get out.”
Wow ok sorry for trying to help everybody close? She even kicked me out before the cook could offer me dinner. I swear to god she always has a rod up her ass or something. She needs to stop being so needlessly rude to all the high schoolers because honestly. I really hope my boss fires her at some point or she just fucking leaves because we all hate her and ever since I started working there a week or two ago she has treated me like something stuck to the bottom of her shoe.

Cute couples costume ideas




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“I know I say this every time I have a project due but I’m so tempted to just say fuck it and drop out.”

Across the table, Wonwoo rolls his eyes and flips a page in his textbook. “For someone who wants to drop out every other day, you care a hell of a lot about your grades,” he hums, his eyes never lifting from the page. “You know you care too much to drop out. Take a break, go get some snacks to smuggle in.”

“Or we could go make out in the stacks,” Mingyu hums as he shifts in his seat and leans a little closer to you. “But, I do agree that you should take a break. I’m cool with whatever you decide to do. If you choose the snack run, though, can you bring me back a coffee?”

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Cabin Fever

**Reader request: Could like they be having a little struggle in their relationship (like they’ve been together for a long time) but then like they just have like hardcore sex. like no toys or cuff or anything just sam being super super rough and her loving it? then after everything, they talk about whats wrong with their relationship and talk about working to fix it bc they don’t want it to end? 

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: It’s been a while since you and Sam have been on a hunt, and you’ve both been getting stir crazy, which in turn drives each other crazy! But eventually you find a way to work it out. *wink*

Word Count: ~1500

Warnings: Angst, smuuuuuut! Aggressive sex, swearing, then fluff.

A/N: Sorry this took me so long, I’ve been sick the last few days :( BUT I’m back, and I love this request! @dadd11e thank you for sending it, I hope you like it! :) Dom!Sam is so sexy.

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You storm through the bunker, pot in hand, muttering to yourself angrily. Your footsteps, though impassioned, hardly stirred the younger Winchester. Sam looked up lazily from his computer, and opened his mouth in mild confusion while assessing what he was witnessing.

There you stood, your chest heaving, free hand clenched in a fist while the other wildly waves a dirty pot.

“How many times,” you said very slowly, making sure to enunciate each word, “have I told you to stop leaving dirty dishes on the stove?!” Sam flinched at the high pitch of your voice, but otherwise didn’t respond. He was silent for a minute, staring at you, jaw clenched, before he went back to his computer, completely ignoring you.

“SAM!” you shouted, demanding a response. This was the third time this week Sam left a dirty dish in the kitchen, and it was driving you INSANE.

Both of you were dying to leave the bunker, but lately there had been no leads, and due to safety precautions, the boys told you that you weren’t allowed to go farther than the mailbox while you waited.

“But we don’t have a mailbox,” you had protested.

“We know,” Dean had said with smirk. 

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Room Care

If you’re like me you spend lots of time in your room. This can mean that things build up and subconsciously start to clutter your mind. So here is a friendly reminder to:

  • Try and keep your desk clean if you have one
  • Make your bed today
  • Maybe organize your dresser or under your sink
  • Hang some posters/pictures you’ve been wanting to hang
  • Clean out part of your closet 
  • gather garbage together to take out when you get up to it

Please don’t let all of these things daunt you to the point of avoidance. If it takes you a whole week to do one of these things I will still be super proud of you because you’re taking steps to look after yourself.

We All Fall Down - Seven

Over the next few days you sunk back into old habits. The first morning after the funeral you awoke to find the house empty. Not even a note from Spencer telling you where he had gone. You couldn’t text him, you’d smashed your cell a while ago in frustration, never bothering to replace it, and there was no landline in the house either. You pottered around, opening doors to the rooms upstairs and discovering that Spencer was sleeping in what must have been Henry’s room for when he stayed over. His bags were in there and the bed clothes on the child sized bed were slept in.

You wondered why, having observed that was another guest bedroom which you had passed by. When you went back to check it out though, it became apparent that mattress was shot to pieces. Anyone sleeping on that bed would need a trip to the chiropractors. The bed did seem slept in though that led you to believe that he must have at least attempted this room first. During your wanderings you located the master bedroom. You could see that Diana must have emptied a good portion of her belongings out already, or perhaps Jennifer and Will had. Every surface though was still littered with pill bottles, dressings, cream. Some names you recognised as painkillers and muscle relaxants, codeine, diazapan, tramadol. Others you’d never heard of before, tarceva, sunitinab. Next to one side of the bed was a drip stand, an empty saline bag still hanging there. There was an odd smell to the room too, something you couldn’t quite place. If you looked beyond the mess, the room was huge and although one side of the bed looked raised (pressure pads added to the mattress you discovered), you’d bet that if the sheets were changed and the room aired out, it would make for a loverly room. Given its current state though, you could see why Spencer had chosen Henry’s room.

You took in the downstairs, room by room. A large kitchen which you’d seen already with a casual dining area. A grand looking dining room which looked like it hadn’t been used in years. A large sitting room with beautiful window seats which in a different life, you could have imagined yourself loving. There was a study that doubled up as a library, works by both William and Spencer Reid adorning the shelves along with the classics. And there was another study room, a tiny area with medical texts stacked on overflowing shelves, Diana’s study you assumed.

After realising that you couldn’t exactly leave the house as you couldn’t even find a set of keys to lock up, you wandered back to the kitchen. Although the fridge had been stocked by Jennifer it was with basics only. Butter, milk, a few packets of deli meat. There was still bread that was in date and you located a pantry with a large chest freezer of which the contents had frozen over so badly you couldn’t ever chip a packet out to see what it contained. There were also some tins and jars lining the dusty shelves, their expiration dates past. The only thing of real interest that you found was a wine rack. Not finding anything better to do with your day, you grabbed a bottle and took it back to the sitting room, flicking on the TV and channel surfing until you found a cooking show marathon.

You slept on and off, curled up on the sofa and trying to ignore the noises of the house settling. After draining one bottle, you went and made yourself a sandwich, it barely registering that there wasn’t anything for Spencer to eat when he came home. Grabbing another bottle you retreated to your spot on the sofa, remaining there until around 9pm. With no sign of your husband returning, you took yourself off to bed, crashing until the morning.

The next day you repeated your actions, finding the house empty again. You knew Spencer had been home, you’d poked your head into Henry’s bedroom, seeing the sheets in a different position to the day before. When you entered the kitchen, there were empty take out cartons on the counter. A piece of paper was taped across the two empty bottles you’d deposited on the counter top last night.

“The moving company are bringing our things today. Be sober enough to let them in. The front door opens on a yale lock.”

So you could open it from the inside but if you let it shut and you were on the other side of the door, you couldn’t get back in. If this wasn’t his parents house, you’d have thought he’d had that type of lock installed on purpose. Still, at least you could open it. Upon discovering that the back door was also the same sort of lock, you pulled back the dead bolts, jammed the door open with a chair and ventured outside. The garden would have once been beautiful but was now overgrown and unkept. Diana had had her hands full with other things. Locating the garbage bins, you disposed of the wine bottles and take out containers and went back inside, taking up your spot on the couch. After around an hour of yet another reality show marathon, you heard the tell tale sign of a large vehicle pulling up, and moments later a door bell you didn’t even know was there, sounded.

The movers made quick work of unloading box after box into the hallway and sitting room, stacking them against the walls. You felt bad, wanting to offer them a drink or something, but the milk was out of date as of this morning and you didn’t think they’d take kindly to being offered wine. You couldn’t even tip them, Spencer hadn’t left you any cash. After they left you sighed, surveying the mountains of boxes, not having the first clue what to do with them. Spotting a few labelled as your room, you carefully carried them up to the room you had been sleeping in, stashing them in a corner. You ignored the rest, not wanting to risk doing something to upset Spencer further. At least it was just boxes and not furniture, Spencer had sold the New York apartment fully furnished. Your stomach rumbled and you went in search of something to eat. You lucked upon a jar of honey, remembering that Spencer had once told you that it was the only first that never expired. It had crystallised slightly but that somehow made it tastier. Toasting some slightly stale but definitely not moldy bread, you sat and ate honey on toast.  Afterwards you wandered around downstairs, spotting a wooden cabinet in the dining room which upon opening its doors, rewarded you with a choice of rum, whisky, gin, vodka, some deep copper coloured liquid which had lost its label which you suspected to be brandy, and some tequila. You settled on the gin, not realising you had left the cabinet doors open. Scrawling “food?” on a piece of paper and taping it to the fridge, you took the gin to bed. You glugged down a good portion of the bottle, wincing at the taste before climbing into bed and falling into that altered reality of not quite being asleep but not quite being awake.

The next morning was different. When you peeled your eyes open there was a note taped to the inside of the bedroom door.

“I’ll bring food home later. Make yourself useful instead of draining my mother’s liquor cabinet and actually start unpacking. Oh, and this room reeks. Have you even showered recently?”

You sniffed the air, wrinkling up your nose when you realised he was right. But what was the point in showering when you had nowhere to go. And how were you meant to unpack when you didn’t have the first clue where anything was to go?

The doorbell sounding pulled you put of your wonderings and you make your way downstairs, peering through the peephole and seeing your neighbour, Emily. As much as you wanted to ignore her you didn’t feel able to. You pulled open the door, hoping she wouldn’t judge too much.

“Hey Y/N! So I catered for a party last night and made way too much food. I always used to bring the leftovers here for Diana so I thought maybe you’d appreciate them instead? I know how it is moving house and stuff.”

She held out a foiled covered tray and your stomach literally growled with delight.

“Can I come in for a sec?”

You moved to one side and let her in. She didn’t even try to hide her curiosity, her eyes raking over the boxes lining the halls.

“Lots to do eh?”

You nodded. “I don’t even really know where to begin either.”

“Well when Tara and I moved, we started with the bedrooms,” she offered, looking around still.

“I would but… Well the master bedroom is still full of medical equipment and stuff. I don’t know what to do with it.”

“Give Diana a call and ask her. She’ll probably arrange for it to be taken to a free clinic or somewhere where they can get some use out of it. She wouldn’t want things like that to be wasted but I can understand why she’s not been back to do it herself. Still, thought JJ might have come to give you a hand.”

“I would call her but I erm…. I don’t have her number,” you shuffled your feet awkwardly. “Or a phone. I broke mine a while ago and have made do without. And there doesn’t appear to be a landline.”

The truth was that you’d smashed it up yourself after your last interaction with Derek. And since then you just hadn’t bothered. It had suprised you how easily you’d come to live without it. There were days when you’d have spent hours online, watching shows or just clicking through articles on the internet. Now you spent hours staring at the ceiling.

“You don’t have a cell? Jesus Christ, I don’t know how I’d even live without mine,” Emily pulled out her phone and started scrolling through her contacts. “I’ll call Diana though.”

You started to protest, “Wait! It’s fine! You don’t have to,” but she already had the phone to her ear. You waited, listening to the one sided conversation.

“Hey Diana, how you doing?….. Yes thank you, yup….yup. Hahaha… You betcha I will….. Listen, I’m at the house with Y/N and the poor thing is surrounded by boxes with nowhere to put them…. Yeah…. Yeah… Yup, she mentioned the master bedroom too…. That’s what I thought. No, it’s cool, I’ll tell her…. No it’s fine! Don’t you worry…. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye!”

She disconnected the call and turned to face you. “She says that she’s very sorry she hasn’t been around to see you here yet or to help out, but to box any of her and William’s things up and make yourself at home. She said that if you bring all the medicine and equipment diwnstairs, she’ll arrange for JJ or Will to pick it up. Anything else you can stash in the attic, and that’s there’s some empty storage boxes in the closet in the smaller guest room. So basically, have at it.”

So now you had no real excuse to not begin. Emily stepped a little closer, her nose wrinkling up slightly.

“What’s that I can smell?”

Your cheeks flamed red. “I erm… It’s me, I think.” You thought quickly, seeing her eyes widen slightly. “I’ve not very well over the last few days so I’ve mainly been sleeping. I haven’t really had chance to clean up.”

“Oh! Is everything okay? I can call Tara and get her to call around this evening? It’s no bother.”

“No!” a little too loudly. “No, honestly Emily. It’s fine. It’s just migraines. I get them quite often.” So apparently even you were using Spencer’s lie.

She still looked a little concerned but dropped it. “Okay, well if you’re sure… I gotta be going anyway. I’ll pop back in the next few days, give you a hand with things. See ya soon!”

You didn’t get chance to protest, she was gone as quickly as she’d arrived.

You took a deep breath, ignoring the scent of yourself. You’d bathe later. Now, apparently you had a job to do.

You worked for hours, after devouring half of the tray of food Emily had bought over first. That woman sure could cook, and the little cupcakes that she’d included were to die for. After fueling up and locating the storage boxes, black garbage sacks, and a linen closet, you decided that you would attempt to do some thing nice for a change. It couldn’t be comfortable for a 6ft 1 man to be sleeping on a bed made for a child so you decided to try to make the master bedroom habitable. You threw the windows in the room wide open at first and then set about striping the bed, folding the pressure pads down as small as you could and stashing them in a box, and then stripping the bed. You completely emptied out two of the chests of drawers, folding up any clothes you found and bagging any dressings and creams separately. It was weird going through his parents drawers, not that you were when particularly looking at anything, just moving item from one place, to a storage container. You spent a good hour just on the closet alone, carefully folding expensive looking suits and wondering what Diana was going to do with William’s things. Perhaps she’d donate them to charity?

After taking a small breather, you started hauling box by box downstairs, grabbing one of the boxes labelled with Spencer on them, each time you returned upstairs. Your arms were going to ache terribly tomorrow but you actually felt like you were being useful and that sparked a tiny piece of happiness inside you. You located a vacuum and duster, giving the room a once over a removing the good few layers of dust that was clouding the air. Finally, you flipped the mattress and remade the bed, thinking that if Spencer didn’t want the room perhaps you could have it? Spotting a few more pill bottles that had slipped between the bed and the cabinets at its side, you picked them up and took them downstairs, placing them in front of the box of medication you put together. One was almost empty, it’s cap falling off as you settled it down.

By now, it was getting late and you felt achey and grimey. You grabbed a quick glass from the kitchen, filling it with the last inch or two of whisky from the liqueur cabinet and snagged another cupcake. You left the now empty bottle out on the table with the boxes from upstairs. You’d take it out to the trash tomorrow.

Searching out a fluffy towel and some bath salts from one of your own boxes, you drew yourself a hot bath, settling in and relaxing when it was ready.

The water pipes in the house were old, still clunking away as you closed the your eyes and inhaled the sweet smell of the bath salts, feeling the hot water soothing your aching body. Slowly you inched further and further under the water, until just your nose was peaking out from underneath the surface, allowing you to breathe as the water encased you. You barely heard the slamming of the front door downstairs, or Spencer calling out your name.

Spencer arrived home earlier than the last two nights, bringing two large bags of groceries in with him. You were right, you did need food. He was pleasantly surprised to see that some of the boxes that adorned the hallway yesterday had been moved, even more suprised when he passed the dining room to see boxes and boxes laid out on the table, him recognising them as things from his parents room.

He felt a surge of anger. How dare you start packing up that room? He was considering doing it himself, the bed in Henry’s room wasn’t suitable for an adult at all and he was spending hours tossing and turning each night. But that fact that you had taken it upon yourself to start removing things from that room? Without consulting him? No.

It was then he spied the empty bottle of whisky, sat directly next to an almost empty bottle of pills. A rush of panic coursed through his brain as he saw the label. Tramodol - 100 tablets. He called your name, once, twice and then three times, each one louder than the last. Realising he could hear the water pipes, he bounded up the stairs heading for the bathroom attached to your bedroom.

“Y/N! Oh god, Y/N! What have you done! Oh fuck!” He knew he’d been terrible to you recently, you’d been a terrible to each other really. But he’d just abandoned you in a new town, with no way of contacting anyone, or any way of leaving the house. He hadn’t thought you’d do this though, that you’d be so desperate for a way out of it all.

You hadn’t locked the bathroom door, not seeing any reason to. When Spencer flung it open he was greeted with the sight of his beautiful wife, her eyes closed and her body completely submerged under the water.