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“I am a man.” - On February 12, 1968, Memphis sanitation workers, the majority of whom were Black, went on strike demanding recognition for their union, better wages, and safer working conditions after two trash handlers were killed by a malfunctioning garbage truck. The strike gained national attention and dragged on into March. Striking workers carried copies of a poster declaring “I AM A MAN,” a statement that recalled a question abolitionists posed more than 100 years earlier, “Am I not a man and a brother?”

Fuck Logan Paul. Fuck the “LoGang”. And fuck the people who defend him and his actions. He’s garbage, he deserves a strike, he deserves to be suspended and he deserves to be banned from all future conventions.

“What if a kid stumbled upon that?!?!?!” Says the guy who shows a video of it to hIS FANBASE OF CHILDREN!!!!

6 million+ views before HE took the video down. YOUTUBE DID NOTHING!! I’m so furious rn..

Betray the Captain, Love the Friend. (Part 6)

Title: Betray the Captain, Love the Friend.

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Author: Gráinne x

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader
Synposis: Uma and Y/N come to blows but Y/N and Harry grow a little closer together.
A/N: I’m so sorry this is late guys. But Part 6 here we go. YAY. I got distracted and i’m so sorry about that, but we’re almost done with this series… Nooo lol Perhaps 2 more chapters are left? not quite sure yet will know more after i’ve written part 7 (which has been started you’ll be glad to know)

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“Place still stinks” Mal turned her nose up in disgust.

Uma ready to fire back was cut off by Y/N piping up first.

“woah easy their tiger” Y/N raised an eyebrow at Mal,

Uma chuckled “Sorry were down a butler today… Princess” Uma scoffed, Y/N turned to face Uma giving her the look.

Uma shivered, that look was one scary look. Made all the pirates shiver right down to their toes. Suppose that’s why no one messed with Y/N.

“Where is he?” Mal asked flatly trying not to let Uma see how nervous she was about a missing Ben.

“You know… I’ve dreamed of this. You wanting something from me, and me just watching you squirm like a worm on a hook.” Uma chanted smugly

It was Mal’s turn to smirk “I’m so flattered that you dream of me, I haven’t given you a thought since I left.”

Uma choked that was not what she had meant. Y/N smirked, ear to ear as she reached to grab Uma’s hand “You know I don’t judge on who you like”


Y/N let out a bellowing laugh, Mal giggled quietly, pirates around the chip shop turned to see the commotion… “Obviously but I do love to see you squirm Uma”

Uma gritted her teeth “You’s have your perfect little lives don’t you’s? Whilst we sit here 20 years into a garbage strike”

Y/n stopped smiling after Uma’s confession. “Uma”

“NO” Uma bellowed “Don’t you Uma me, you took her side” Uma pointed at Mal

Mal raised her hands in defeat “Listen you got some kinda score to settle with me, fine Game on but I see no reason to bring Y/N or even Ben into it.”

Uma sneered “Might not be necessary but it is so much fun. And Y/n was in the middle before she even knew it began”

“Here’s the deal..”

Y/N threw her chair back in disgust “Everything’s always a fucking game with you Uma. I’m done” Y/N stormed out of the chip shop.

Harry slunk out of the chip shop after watching the commotion between Uma, Mal and Y/N.

“Y/N/N. Y/N/N wait up” Harry called out running after Y/n.

Y/N slowed down to a stop waiting for Harry to catch up

“What Harry? What do you want?” Y/N snapped, eyes cast adrift at the ocean crashing against the rocks and bay.

“Wha happened in there?” he asked

“Uma being Uma, implying I have to pick a side.”

Harry nodded solemnly “and you picked Mal’s?” he asked curiously

Y/N whipped her eyes to meet Harry’s “No harry I didn’t. I didn’t pick a side because I can’t”

Y/N huffed “I mean why the hell should I?”

Harry rubbed Y/Ns back gently in a comforting manner “ssh it’s okay I wouldn’t blame ya if did. You’d get away from this hell hole for starters”

Y/N sniffed trying to keep the tears at bay, somehow this boy was being so completely understanding and comforting and it was hurting Y/N the most.

“Stop, Harry don’t do that”

Harry looked back confused, “Do wha?”

“Be so nice, I don’t deserve it after the way I treated everyone”

Harry chuckled to himself “Don’t tell anyone but I’ve a soft spot for ye”

Y/N scoffed “Yea right”

“I do but ye’ll ruin ma bad boy rep if ye tell ma secret kay?”

Y/n grinned, nodding her head “Pinky promise?” she held out her pinky for Harry to grasp.

Harry laughed gripping her pinky with his own. A comfortable quietness settled over them as they sat watching the waves against the rocks.


“Yea Harry?”

“I never got ta tell ye this before but now tha you’re here…” Harry was cut off as Uma called his name.


Harry sighed head dropping in defeat. “I gotta go Y/N/N” Harry squeezed her hand tightly before walking off into the night heading back to Ursulas.

“Harry” Y/n called after him chasing him down the board walk

Harry turned in one fluid movement catching Y/N as she stumbled into him

“Don’t go. Don’t help her…” Y/N wheezed out gripping Harrys jacket tightly in her hands.

Harry looked horrified “Y/N I can’t… I can’t disobey my captain’s orders. Not even for you”

Harry unhooked her hands from his jacket holding them tightly before bending slightly to place a soft gently kiss on her knuckles, with one final look at Y/N, Harry turned and walked away.

“She’ll make you fight me” Y/N called out in one last final attempt.

Harry turned and started walking backwards grinning from ear to ear “Then I’ll know it’ll be an even match… I did train you after all” he waved and turned around nearly at the chip shop.

“What if you came with me… back to Auradon?” Y/n yelled

Harry stopped in his tracks, ‘Could he actually go to Auradon with Y/N and without Uma? His captain?’

Y/N was shocked he stopped but hoped he’d change his mind.

“We can ask Ben, He’ll have no problem with letting you come? As long as Uma doesn’t get the wand..”

Harry turned around and ran back to Y/N “what wand?”

Y/N sighed “Fairy godmothers wand. I overheard Uma making a bet with Mal about whoever wins gets either the wand or ben and obviously Uma won. You and I both know she’ll unleash hell when she gets free from here.”

“You would too if you’d been stuck here for your whole life” Harry shouted angrily

“I was stuck here for my whole life remember or did you forget we grew up together? But then I got this opportunity to go to Auradon and did you see me raise hell out there when I was free? No because believe it or not they aren’t so bad and I know you’d actually enjoy it away from Uma, Harry?” Y/N said wishfully

Harry sighed shaking his head “She’s my captain, I can’t Y/N”

Harry let go of Y/N’s hands a final time heading back to his Captains chip shop, ready to join her in the fight VK against VK.

“You still have a choice tomorrow Harry, 12noon the battle begins you can always change your mind. I Love you.” Y/N called out to a retreating Harry.

Harry stilled as the words rang loud in his ears… ‘Did she just..Say I love You?’ Harry turned to meet the vast emptiness and darkness, he let out a shaky breath ‘She loved him, and he never said earlier’

“HARRY” Uma’s voice shouted out from the chip shop.

Harry reached the doors of the chip shop pausing slightly to look at the place where Y/n once stood, he smiled knowingly making his decision before he went inside.

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Culture Clash: RUDE BOY (’80) by Kimberly Lindbergs

“We felt that the whole machine was teetering on the brink of collapse. Some amazing things went down in Britain during the ’70s—the government decided they could disempower the unions by having a three-day week, for instance. Can you imagine that? … There were garbage strikes, train strikes, power strikes, the lights were going out—everything seemed on the brink, and looking through youthful, excitable eyes it seemed the very future of England was at stake.” – Joe Strummer

In 1970, when Joe Strummer was just 18-years-old, the future frontman for The Clash was asked to identify the body of his older brother David who committed suicide. David’s body was found on a bench in London’s Regent’s Park where it had laid for three days after he swallowed a lethal dose of pills. At the time of David’s death, he was estranged from his family and had joined The National Front, a far-right fascist organization that enticed angry young men and promoted neo-Nazi ideologies. In the years that followed The Clash rose to prominence in Britain’s burgeoning punk music scene, but Joe Strummer rarely talked about his brother and the impact of his death.

Despite Strummer’s silence on the subject, his music tells a vivid story about the circumstances that gave rise to The National Front and why the unsavory group may have appealed to his sibling. The frontman’s grief metastasized and found expression in the reggae rhythms and punk riffs that characterize The Clash. Between 1977 and 1985 the band recorded a handful of studio albums that gave voice to the disenfranchised while railing against social injustice, criticizing nationalism, denouncing racism, condemning capitalism and mourning the victims of perpetual war.

RUDE BOY (’80), which is currently available on FilmStruck, captures the zeitgeist of the times. This loosely scripted cinema verité drama stars 18-year-old Ray Grange, an apathetic young bloke employed at a London sex shop. Ray eventually finds work as a roadie for The Clash, but he is ill-equipped for life on the road and spends most of his time in a drunk stupor spewing racist rants that demonstrate how ill-informed he is. In response, the band members barely tolerate Ray’s presence. Drummer Topper Headon knocks him around during a boxing workout and guitarist Mick Jones threatens Ray on several occasions, but Joe Strummer sporadically takes pity on the confused youngster and attempts to straighten him out. Through it all we witness angry riots breaking out in the streets, spurred on by Margaret Thatcher’s rightwing policies and racist attitudes advocated by The National Front that Ray has adopted. At the end of the film we are left wondering what will become of Ray while a substory involving black youths weaves in and out of the loosely defined narrative in an attempt to further demonstrate the bigotry affecting Britain.

Jack Hazan and David Mingay (A BIGGER SPLASH [‘73]) shot the film between 1978 and 1979 but it wasn’t released until March 1980 and when RUDE BOY finally reached theaters critics were decidedly mixed about the results. New Music Express called it a “An innovative piece of cinematic art” but The Daily Mail asked readers, “Must we show off this foul view of Britain?” Worst of all, The Clash disowned the film due to its erratic editing, which makes the filmmakers inclusion of black youths rather ambiguous and difficult to follow. Strummer even suggested that the filmmakers were advocating racist government polices in a 1980 interview with Melody Maker stating, “We didn’t like what they were doing with the black people, because they were showing them dipping into pockets … Who wants to propagate that? That’s what the rightwing use, ‘all blacks are muggers’ which is a load of rubbish.”

It is also evident that Strummer has trouble explaining his progressive politics clearly to Ray and this has led some critics to believe that The Clash was dissatisfied with how they represented themselves on screen. But if the final product is rough around the edges, that is understandable. Punk music is dissonant, transgressive and disruptive by nature so why shouldn’t RUDE BOY embody these traits? Strummer is a lyricist and he, along with the rest of the band, can best express themselves through their music. Much to the directors’ credit, they were able to capture the confused chaos that frequently accompanied the band’s live shows as well as the political climate that inspired their songs. In turn, the concert footage is what makes this such an indispensable film.

The Clash is absolutely electric on stage. They are all raw energy and instinct with rowdy balladeer Joe Strummer leading the band through one angry anthem after another including “I Fought the Law,” “White Riot,” “Career Opportunities,” “London’s Burning” and “I’m So Bored with the USA.” Strummer is accompanied by Paul Simonon slinking across the stage like a hungry mountain lion pounding out aggressive rhythms on his low strung bass as Mick Jones wields his guitar as if he were a combat veteran looking for his next gutter fight. In the background, we catch glimpses of Topper Headon pounding on the drums while frequently appearing in a bright yellow jumpsuit that resembles Bruce Lee’s costume in GAME OF DEATH (’78). This live material was shot during the historic Rock Against Racism concert in London’s Victoria Park and their On Parole and Sort It Out tours, allowing viewers to get a varied and intimate look at the band before they found worldwide success following the release of Combat Rock in 1982.

The film’s important place in music history can’t be overlooked but RUDE BOY is also a pertinent social document that can help contextualize the current political landscape. In a bleak world where good jobs are scarce, healthcare is a luxury and upward mobility has become almost impossible for those born without a silver spoon in their mouths, fascist organizations can effortlessly take root. Hopelessness breeds anger and anger needs a target. Immigrants and ethnic minorities can easily be transformed into involuntary adversaries when governments won’t acknowledge the human cost of autonomous war and unremitting colonialism. Joe Strummer understood this unfortunate truth and the music he made with The Clash remains as relevant today as it was 35-years ago.

“Oh, obviously” said Uma, stopping so that her face was inches from Mal’s. “You have your perfect little life, don’t you? And we’re twenty years into a garbage strike” Uma walked around the table and put a hand on the chair across from Mal.

Not gonna lie- this is my favourite Uma quote and I love how at the same time she pointed out Mals selfish side in 5 seconds with no issue- while the entire film as a whole struggles to admit the same thing.

The anarchist collective known as “up against the wall, motherfuckers!” (Aka, the mother fuckers) of new york.
Famous for their direct action, They are said to have influenced the weather underground and the yippie movement.
The Motherfuckers contributed to new York counter culture by setting up crash pads, serving free food, starting a free store, and helping radicals connect with doctors and lawyers.
Direct action included:
Forcing their way into The Pentagon during an anti-war protest, Helped occupy and hold one of the buildings at the Columbia University takeover, cut the fence at woodstock, allowing people to enter for free, Dumped uncollected refuse from the Lower East Side into the fountain at Lincoln Center on the opening night of a gala “bourgeois cultural event” during a NYC garbage strike, organized and produced free concert nights in the Fillmore East after successfully demanding that owner Bill Graham give the community the venue for a series of weekly free concerts(NY City Hall, the police, and Graham came together and put an end to the arrangement)

the phrase “up against the wall, mother fucker!” became popular among several groups that came out of the sixties, from Black Panthers to feminists and even “rednecks.”


(warning: long story)

Strictly speaking, I was not the one who undertook the revenge here. But I did play a small part, and it was one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced in my entire life. It was seriously like something out of a movie.

Back in my college days, I slaved away flipping burgers under the good ol’ golden arches to help pay for my tuition. It wasn’t a terrible job, all of my co-workers were great people… well, almost all my co-workers. There were two, let’s call them Bryan Bully and Jerry Jerk, who were workplace bullies.

Both these goons had been at the same place for several years, and thus felt like they had the right to taunt and outright sabotage new crew members. The rest of us had been around long enough to push back and tell these guys to f*ck off, so they left us alone. We did what we could to protect newbies that fell under Bryan and Jerry’s wrath, but we couldn’t always be there for them.

Things that the bullies did to new hires included, but is not limited to:

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hathor-frozen  asked:

I think one of your rants about mis-characterising the servants has inspired a new idea for a fic, but I'm in a frozen state of "I want to write but I want it to be perfect so I can't write unless it's perfect" right now though. So I guess I need to go tell my brain to pull itself together and have a cup of tea (which is brewing right now) and just hop to it, no matter how "shitty" it might be. Maybe that'll persuade my brain to get back to my "Of Ghosts and Carols" WIP. Sorry for the rambling!

please goddamn write a fic where it wasn’t the fucking servants fault P L E A SE

if that wasn’t motivational i don’t know what the fuck was

The Guilt

(Word Count: 3357)

The following is transcribed evidence from the insurance review following the alleged suicide of student Turner Hide. It consists of paranoid ramblings, thoughts, and texts recorded in the margins of school notes, drawings, cell phone logs, and notebooks. Attempts were made to place writings in chronological order to provide some semblance of sequence. 

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