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Kakasaku Mermaid-AU: Salt Skin Ch. 1

Title: Salt Skin*
Summary: In all her years at sea, Sakura had thought she’d finally seen everything. She is dead wrong. “Kakashi, what have you done?”

*Set in the year-long gap in “Holy Grail.”

Mermaid AU Masterpost

A/N: This is the first story that I’ve worked on consistently since high school, but also since starting my medication last year. I’d forgotten how much work it was to write a bit everyday, but it’s been so gratifying to watch my writing improve like it used to. This chapter is heavily inspired by the Moana soundtrack (which is fantastic and everyone should go watch the movie and cry with me), and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Dedicated to @youkaiyume for all her lovely support and patience with me as I slowly churn out Mermaid!AU for her. Check out her art/blog if you don’t already follow her because dude, you’re hella missing out.

Chapter 1

Years away from civilian life, Sakura can still remember the routine that would fall on her village when the sun went down. It doesn’t take much to remember how the streets would empty as children were called in for dinner and entire families were shut up in cottages. The hearth would glow through the window of every house, and she remembers how she thought they looked like fireflies. Her mother would scold her for staying up past her bedtime, and she remembers how she would wait until her parents were both asleep before slipping to the window, watching the lights extinguish one by one through the night. When the last glow of her neighbor’s candle finally slipped away, she would finally slip back into bed and see the ghosts of fireflies on her ceiling before finally going to sleep.

There is no such thing on her boat though. The last lanterns have long been turned down for the night, and while the memories can still be fresh in her head, she is still miles away from the warm glow of a firefly hearth. At this late hour, there is only the moonlight that streams through a porthole in her room, silvery, stark, and cold on the dark wood floor.

She stares up at the roof of her cabin and rakes her eyes over the grain of the boards for the twenty-seventh time. It is late–much too late for her to be awake at this hour. Her crew is fast asleep and the candle has long since burnt into oblivion on her desk. She has been staring up into the darkness for hours now, unable to sleep. The smell of smoke still curls up from a thick pool of wax, and against the gentle lap of waves against the hull, her eyes slam violently into their object of fixation again and again.

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Simple Gifts

Happy holidays to my secret santa giftee @the-garbage-can-is-my-home ! I hope you enjoy this cute little AU I thought of for solangelo. Thanks to @pjosecretsanta2016 for organizing all of this!

This is my first time writing in present tense (and writing solangelo, but let’s not dwell on that) so bear with me.

word count: 3800 because I have no idea how to be concise

summary: The holiday season brings Nico to his dingy shopping mall more than he’d like, but the cute employee at the entertainment store makes his shopping experiences a bit more merry.

The local mall in town wasn’t a sight for sore eyes, it’s walls and tiled floors bland with hues of brown and grey. The lack of department stores and the multitude of mom-and-pop businesses that resided within the outlet never attracts many customers. The Mexican place at the food court receives more customers than many of the stores did.

Nico very rarely offers his service here, considering the limited options and boring atmosphere. There were few reasons he would drive himself half an hour from his home and spend his time here, them being: 1) The cinema that the mall offers, whose kettle corn was pretty good, actually, 2) His group of friends had arranged for a bowling night and he was dragged along by his roommate, and 3) The Mexican place at the food court made the best tamales he’s ever had.

More often than not, he was here to see a movie. A new sci-fi film had been released that looks mildly interesting, so he figures why not put off his rhetorical analysis essay and come out into the frigid weather to see an evening show.

The line was short, which was to be expected for a Thursday evening, and he buys his ticket with a whole hour to waste before the pre-show trailers would even start. He considers waiting in his car with the heat on high until about 20 minutes remained (he wanted time to buy his kettle corn, the concession line was always so long), but he decides to avoid using his quarter-tank of gas he needed to get home.

A quick stroll through the mall ought to waste his time, he thought. Maybe he could spot something for his sister; the holidays approaching fast and he still clueless about what she might like.

The mall had been decorated with strewn garland and tinsel, the occasional wreath hung along the small corridors. Nico thinks it’s still pretty pathetic, but at least everything wasn’t so bland.

He finds himself wandering into a dingy entertainment store which seems mostly empty of people. The entrance displayed cardboard cut-outs of celebrities and fictional characters, making Nico grin bemusedly. The store held rows upon rows of CDs and DVDs, shelves near the back stocked with t-shirts and snapbacks emblazoned with the symbols of different comic book characters. He thinks he’s been in here with Jason and Piper a few times.

“Hi! Is there anything I can help you with?”

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Reylo Fic - “In the Eye of the Storm”

Inspired by a convo with @cobwebbing as she was writing her lovely Baku!Kylo fic yesterday.

A loving unofficial continuation of my fic buddy’s writing. <3

After three weeks of gorging himself, Kylo attempts a dream of his own. He reasons with himself that it is for his own good. His prey has fed him better than any other in memory, but such good eating comes at a price. While he gains from her misery, he can sense the toll it takes on her, can feel it wear her away like the sand and sun that buffets her home. If it ever came to overwhelm her, he would lose one of the best sources of food he’s ever had in his life. So it is for his own benefit that he builds these dreams. If it brings the girl peace, it is merely an unintended consequence.

But his dreams are as shoddy as his reasoning, he finds. He is not made for construction and he knows this as he lets himself bleed into her mind once again. 

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Slaughter’s Home

@ship-garbage-pile‘s ask about the possibility of a khornate dog-buddy tickled me, so I decided to waste 20 minutes writing the first piece of “fanfic” I’ve done for years. Please forgive me:

Blood still pattering in thick lines from his battle plate, Kavarak the Eightfold Butcher, Champion of the Red Rain and former Slaughtermaster of the World Eaters XXI Assault Company, stepped in through the hissing auto-door and unclamped his gorget seal. His caedere remissum-crested helm had barely clattered to the deck before the Chaos Space Marine heard the skitter of claws on plasteel. A second later and a vast hound – red-scaled, with flares of hideous green flesh about its skull and a spiked collar of brass binding its neck – surged around the corner of the habitation cell. With bared fangs the length of Kavarak’s forearm, it lunged directly at the World Eater.

Kavarak met the monster with a roar, the wild beast’s impact slamming him so hard into the door that the metal buckled beneath him. He went down with it, its butcher’s breath hot in his face, his own sharpened teeth bared. The two rolled in a death-grip, the monster’s jaw snapping mere inches from the Khorne Beserker’s exposed features, its saliva splattering the latticework of scars and burns that had once been his face.

Finally, the hound overpowered him. Daemonic musculature bulging, the monstrous creature pressed the Chaos Space Marine firmly against the deck, wicked claws biting into cermaite. Kavarak snarled a furious oath to the Blood God. And grinned.

Rex-Tearer, Killer of Kings, perpetrator of the Koralis Massacre and Kavarak’s soul-bonded Flesh Hound, yelped appreciatively and began to lap the thick strings of gore from its master’s armour. Kavarak fondled its green skull-frills and blood-matted black fur, teeth bared in what may have once approximated a smile, a very long time ago.

‘I missed you too, boy.’


How one woman is building homes for the poor out of plastic bottles

Ingrid Vaca Diez is on a mission to build better homes for the poor.

With few funds and little support, she uses the only resource she can find in abundance - empty plastic bottles.

Her own life in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is one of relative comfort but she is shocked by the rising level of poverty she sees around her.

Though completely self-taught, she designs and builds new homes using recycled plastic bottles filled with dirt as the “bricks”. So far, she has built 10 of these homes.

The people she is trying to help are rural, indigenous migrants, often living in single room, dirt floor shacks.

Watch here

                   “i feel like … time s’definitely … too strong of a concept,” zayn says softly, drawing out the words in slow, syrupy syllables. he stretches out - almost catlike - in his seat, eyelids drooping above a sated expression as he pulls the blunt from between his lips, “you know how we like … care? so much? we should … that should stop sometime, you know? it’s obsessive … how like, nothing gets done if we don’t assign it to a scehdule. clocks only work because we BUILT them to, not because they … they don’t know anything we don’t. they just go until they break. why does that … why do we value that? frogs aren’t bothered by a wednesday. what’s a wednesday? i don’t want them.” he shakes his head, as though to push away the idea, “i’m just chillin’. the only time i need is me own. for this-” he waggles the spark in front of his own face, a little too pleased with himself, “what are you thinking about?”

“you literally cannot PAY ME to do that.” dakota insisted, arms crossed firmly against his chest. there were several moment in his life where kota was dramatic pretty much for the hell of it, and this was one of them. “all i wanted was something to do today, i didn’t ask for your bucket list dreams. good lord.” sighing, dakota ran a hand through his hair. “can you pick something, i don’t know, less ridiculous?” 


Request: “Sorry I’m very shy, but can you write an x reader where the reader is deaf? Preferably Laf, but you can write about anyone you feel like! Sorry if it’s too much to ask UnU, Thank you for reading this!”

AN: i’m sorry this is so terrible, and that it took so long, but here you go. *hands you this fic on a platter from my home, a garbage can*

Warnings: reader is deaf?? idk if that needs to be a warning but jUST IN CASE

type: flufffff

You were nervous. Your friend Eliza had talked you into going with her to meet some of her other friends, who she claimed would like you. The only catch: you were Deaf, and to the best of your knowledge, only Eliza and her boyfriend, Alex, knew ASL. You and Eliza had met in your ceramics class. When you had discovered she knew sign, you were beyond happy, as you had been communicating with others by writing in clay. Then you met her boyfriend Alex, who knew ASL as well, since he felt he needed to be able to tell someone they were wrong in any language, not just english. You both were very invested in politics, he just was more active in his criticism of others, hence his knowledge of ASL. He was an overachiever, but he was nice, so it was okay.

As you and Eliza walked into the cafe, you saw Alex waving at you with a huge grin on his face, and you waved back at him with the same enthusiasm. He hugged you and you both started signing rapidfire, catching up in eachothers lives after not seeing eachother for a full two days, while Eliza greeted the three other men seated at the table. Alex then proceeded to introduce the three men to you, and you learned that one of them was french, and he had a really long name, which led to you calling him baguette. Because you had to pay attention to Alex and your attention was completely on him and your current debate, you didn’t notice baguette staring at you. Eliza, however, noticed, and immediately began teasing him.

“So baguette, what do you think of (y/n)?”

“Baguette??” questioned Laurens.

“(y/n) immediately didn’t want to fingerspell his name, so she started calling him baguette because he’s french” interjected Alex before he went back to discussing the ramifications of the current presidential race with you. Laf started blushing as everyone else started laughing.

“Yeah baguette, what do you think of (y/n)?” questioned Laurens as tears streamed down his face, clapping Laf on the back.

“I think she is… Interesting,” he watched as you covered your eyes with you hand in exasperation, “i also think she is very beautiful,” with a light smile on his face.

Hercules pounded on the table, singsonging “baguette’s got a crush.”

“You know, we could go on a double date with you two, if you want,” said Eliza with a sly look on her face.

“Do you want me to ask her out for you?” asks Alex, turning away from you to stare at laf.

Laf shrugged and nodded, and everyone started screaming and visibly freaking out. The confusion must have been evident on your face, because Eliza signed Alex has something to ask you, for baguette. Alex then turned to you smiling, and signed, do you want to go on a double date with baguette, Eliza, and me?

You sat there for a second as you processed what he had just signed, and looked between Alex and Baguette, until you finally agreed to go on a date. As you were registering the information, Laurens and Herc stared at you in anticipation. You watched as Eliza smiled and Alex told the rest of the table what you had said. The result of this proclamation was for Laf to blush more, and laurens hug Laf, obviously screaming in his ear.


As you walk home with your new friends, Eliza stopped with you and baguette at the door to your dorm. She signs good luck to you, and hands Laf a small notebook so he can say goodnight. You both stand there awkwardly twiddling your thumbs as the rest of your group stands at the end of the hallway, waiting. Laf looks down and writes can i kiss you? Shocked, you look at him and nod, and close your eyes as he leans in. Since you are facing away from your friends, you don’t notice them all screaming and freaking out, rejoicing in getting their painfully single friends together.

After you go inside your room, Laf walks back to his friends smiling, and Eliza highfives him.

Character Rebalance details (via reddit user TriviumShield )

Carmelina: ougi now gives party mirror image; first skill does more damage (more damage again fewer foes); gravity is now 3 minutes

Rackam: Spitfire effect and cap increased, cooldown is 2 turns; durraaaayy is now AoE with added “horror” effect (reduces mode gauge more); 2nd support is now chain burst damage up/break cap/ougi damage up

Lady Grey: dark now does more damage + dark resist down; pain deals dark damage

Albert: ougi gives echo; impulse slash does more damage + light resist down

Anila: 1st skill gives weakness echo (think Naru); 3rd skill gives ougi charge up, debuff resist up, atk up, DA up, crit up

Heles: ougi gives 20% charge; support now gives more atk

Summer Heles: support gives more atk

Cerb: ougi gives self TA rate up; passive gives more TA

Xmas Clarisse: normal mode ougi is alchemic flare; radioactive mode is neutron star

DLF: 2nd skill gives light resist down; 3rd skill is now Revitalize

Silva: Eagle eye breaks ougi damage cap

Sochie: Revitalize on 1st skill

Sieg: special icons + atk up cannot be dispelled

Uno: 1st skill cap increased; 100% cut is now 6 turns cooldown

Sarasa: 1st skill does more damage and cap increased; supports skills combined into one

Siete and Okto: support skills combined into one

Nio: Sleep is now coma (effect is the same but only has a chance of waking up after getting hit)

Esser: bullet does more damage