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god i wanted a damien redemption so bad fuck!!!! my hopes slipping i want to believe but i cant! hes just a dickbag

honestly i feel it i wanted one too like i want to believe that he could learn to use his power without always being a manipulative asshole (like chloe, for example, who sometimes slips up or goes too far but who is still doing her best and is a good person) but like… he’s Awful

i also think that this, esp the new ep, really is the point of no return for a damien redemption arc (also i think we all kind of know that, in our hearts, even damien stans). like there is… no way an apology would ever be genuine now, there is no way anyone would trust him (excluding mark, but stockholm syndrome doesn’t count thx), there’s no way anyone would like him or want to spend time with him… the damage is irreversibly done. and he isn’t sorry! he was put on the opposite end of his own power imbalance and it didn’t make him feel any remorse at all. if anything, he was sorry he wasn’t able to be a manipulative asshole. and his reaction when he found out mark cares about him was not a reaction of a man who cared back, it was the reaction of someone who sees people as tools and toys, and interpersonal relationships as prizes to be won. damien likes it because he wants to be liked, without having to like anyone, he wants unconditional forgiveness… he’s power hungry and he genuinely believes he’s entitled to that power. that he’s entitled to control people and he’s entitled to positive attention from people without ever having done anything to earn that besides lie and manipulate.

and that’s… not a man with a redemption story. or at least, that’s not a man i want to see redeemed. it’s clear he has no good intentions now. he’s selfish, manipulative, and abusive, and uses his power and his past as a front and an excuse (as opposed to an explanation, which is what they are). 

like. is he a nuanced character with layer and explanations who i actually find very interesting? hell yeah. earlier in the show before his personal motivations and intentions were this clear, did i and probably lots of other people hope for a redemption arc? hell yeah. do i want to see a man who doesn’t take no for an answer and abuses people get redeemed especially now that we know his intentions are and always have been wholly selfish and in pursuit of his own power? i sure the fuck do not

tl;dr same but i’m two steps ahead and i already gave up on the damien redemption arc and my new hope is to hear the sweet sweet sound of damien getting his ass kicked again

This was a meme some time ago, wasn’t it?

(Balthazar, I love you and I’m sorry that I can’t draw you properly.)

(Also, click for ‘’’’high’’’’ quality?)


just… the fact that the fandom is so divided on murdoc being attractive or not is the best thing i have ever witnessed

i should have publicly entered the gorillaz fandom a long time ago, fuck.

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Uh-oh. Manila folder time.


I’ve been thinking about this megane/ahoge crossover for literal months and now I’ve finally drawn it I can be put to rest

NIOH verdict after finishing it at Level 108 with 34 hours of playtime:
Pretty darn good!

This won’t be an extremely in-depth or exhaustive review, but I think anyone on the fence should definitely check out Nioh. The combat feels swift, snappy, and vicious with sword play nearly as satisfying Team Ninja’s classic masterpiece, the Xbox reboot of Ninja Gaiden. Though Nioh shares far more than a cursory glance of similarities with Souls, the tempo and pacing of the second-to-second action reminded me more of a Ryu Hayabusa outing. 

Nioh is utterly bloated with tons of menus and mechanics to accentuate its core gameplay, all the way from Borderlands-style Prestige stat bonuses (think Badass Ranks) to Diablo-esque weapon drops that weigh you down with dozens of pieces of worthless garbage after every single fight. It rarely gets in the way, and it’s fun to discover new pieces of gear, but the arsenal of weapons is very limited so after the first couple of hours, you won’t be finding any new weapons that are mechanically different. That said, the game does have an exhaustive and surprisingly detailed skill system that lets you utilize a staggering amount of moves for each class of weapon, on top of being able to build your character around throwable weapons, debuffing enchantments, or straight up magic attacks. I highly recommending specializing in and familiarizing yourself with the ancillary skills to give yourself more options in battle. The skills aren’t necessary by any means, but they help keep things interesting when you’ve run out of new weapon types to play with.

The feudal Japan setting is lovely and quite a few of the monster designs are striking, but since the areas are all self-contained missions, Nioh lacks a sense of scope and progression. Opting for a mission-based structure makes replaying parts of the game for grinding or co-op extremely convenient though. 

The difficulty curve was initially my biggest complaint, since the first half or so of the game was extremely easy, with only a couple of mandatory bosses forcing me to give them more than one or two attempts each, assuming I didn’t beat them on my first try. That said, the difficulty and boss challenge does ramp up significantly in the second half! Unfortunately, that’s when the game pretty much runs out of enemy types, and nearly every enemy you’ll fight over the entire game is encountered within the first 8 or 9 story missions. The level design becomes more complicated but less fascinating, with the levels also generally looking more drab as the story stumbles onward. This is on top of Nioh forcing you re-fight an early game boss no less than 5 or 6 times.

Things get tedious for a while, and though the game had my astute attention in making sure I finished as many side quests and Twilight missions as possible (Twilight missions are basically harshly ramped up versions of levels with rearranged enemies) at first, it took its toll by the final several story missions, and I stuck purely to the main quests just to get the game finished. 

Aside from a few instances of bizarrely out-of-whack bullshit encounters in the final two missions, Nioh does definitely pick up hugely at its conclusion with a smattering of memorable bosses and a strong ending. I was worried the monotony had taken the wind out of my sails, but there was still enough intrigue and spectacle packed into the game for everything to end on a pretty warm note. I’m not sure that I’ll be there for the DLC, but I am extremely curious to see what Team Ninja has planned for a follow up.

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In a Klance relationship, may i ask why are you one of those artists that makes Keith the 'seme' (dominant one in the relationship? Because I see some Klance artists draw Lance as the dominant one. So I'm just curious about why you think Keith wears the pants in the relationship xD Love your Klance art so much btw!

I like to imagine that Lance and Keith switch places often in their relationship. BUT I’M SUCH A SUCKER FOR ALL-BARK-NO-BITE LANCE… he talks up shit of being this amazing bed partner, but gets weak kneed in Keith’s presence : )

…also i have this headcanon that Lance dirty talks so much while they do it that it annoys the fuck out of Keith. 

“Don’t take the money. Hold off… Never take the money until the last possible moment. The later you defer taking the money, the more power and control you’ll have… Every time you take money you lose power…Hold on to your ideas as long as possible. The money will only get bigger the longer you hold onto it.” (x)

Gillian Anderson on Season 11 negotiations be like…

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Wonder who said that quote…hmmm  (like you have to ask)

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(Still not over his BFI dinner night when Captain Anderson changed in the ladies’ room before attending the honorary dinner with her partner. Lovely).

Congrats. Captain Anderson for a negotiation well-done.

This ship is ready to sail to Vancouver. Put all the alien-fighting garbage in this proud vessel. Our shipmates are here for all of it.

Just think of the vacation picture opportunities. Our “sources” are already at work.

Who From Ace Attorney Should You Fight?

Phoenix Wright who wins: probably Phoenix

Phoenix’s body is probably made out of frickin iron or something this guy has  chewed and swallowed a necklace, been physically assaulted by a murderer, hit over the head with a fire extinguisher with temporary amnesia as the only consequence, was thrown head first into a telephone pole but walked away with only frickin sprained ankle, and fell from a bridge on fiRE INTO A FREEZING RIVER WITH ONLY A FEVER.  If you can catch him off guard and are extremely skilled in martial arts, you might be able to win but otherwise Nick will probably fuck you up only because his body is probably invincible to harm.


WHY THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU FIGHTING THE ACTUAL RAY OF SUNSHINE THAT IS MAYA FEY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU SHE HAS BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH????  If for some sick reason this thought has appeared in your brain, however, she’s pretty small and probably couldn’t withstand more than one or two blows…although she’s probably agile as shit and might have learned a thing or two from the Steel Samurai.  But also dO NOT FIGHT MAYA FEY WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS DO YOU HATE HAPPINESS

Miles Edgeworth who wins: Edgeworth

Yeah, you’re not gonna win this one…just look at that smug little face.  He knows infinitely more than you do, and even if you wanted to fight him you would probably regret it.  Definitely would do anything necessary to win, so have fun when you’re suffocated by his cravat.  Sorry.

The Judge who wins: you

I don’t think the judge is super ripped underneath his robes, so you can win this one…also the judge is gullible as shit, too.  That helps.

Mia Fey: who wins: probably not you

If you have a statue of “The Thinker” you might have a chance (I am a piECE OF GARBAGE)…but otherwise she will send your ass to frickin demon hell.  Don’t fight Mia Fey.

Dick Gumshoe who wins: it’s 50-50

Is he huge?  Yeah.  Is he a detective and therefore most likely trained in some sort of self defense?  Yeah.  Is he also a weenie?  Yeah.  I think you could probably win if you went for his face and fought quickly, although Gumshoe is fiercely protective of people he cares about and would probably cut a bitch if you insulted Edgeworth.  But also what did poor Gumshoe do to deserve this?? Why do you feel the need to fight him he will probably use a year’s paycheck to cover his medical expenses???  

Larry Butz who wins: you

Yeah you’ll win but at what cost???  Why do you feel the need to do this???

Wendy Oldbag who wins: hopefully you

Don’t fight Oldbag unless you are certain you can win–then PLEASE fight Oldbag I’m sorry but she just needs to stop

Manfred von Karma who wins: r u fo real

No move is too dirty for von Karma; his attacks range from whipping out a taser to fabricating evidence to frame you of murder.  You won’t win this one, buddy.

Marvin Grossberg who wins: probably you

While he’s got a lot “cushion” to take some damage, just steal his glasses because you can bet your bottom dollar that he is batshit blind without them and then punch him in the nose–he won’t see that coming!! (I am literally trash)

Winston Payne who wins: definitely you

There is like a 95% chance you will win this fight, and honestly fight Winston Payne.  He needs to be forcefully pushed off his high horse for frick’s sake he basically has the word pain in his name please do it do it for me  

Pearl Fey who wins: N O

what the FUCK is wrong with you go reevaluate your life choices you piece of garbage

Franziska von Karma who wins: probably her

Yeah, I know most of you think that she could probably hand anyone’s ass back to them howeVER if you can catch her whip somehow you can definitely absolutely stand a chance.  The sheer shock of losing her most powerful weapon will give you a pretty big opening, so I think winning is possible against Franziska.  I still don’t recommend it, though.

Morgan Fey who wins: Morgan

As much as I want you to punch Morgan Fey in the face, don’t.  You may win the battle but you will probably never, ever win the war she will plot the most convoluted revenge plot imaginable so frickin watch yourself around Morgan don’t fight her it’s for your own good

Matt Engarde who wins: you


Dahlia Hawthorne who wins: she literally almost killed someone even though she was DEAD do you actually think this is a good idea??

Do you KNOW who Dahlia Hawthorne is?  You’re not going to win a fight–she’ll bite, scratch, pinch, scream in your face or piss on you if that’s what it takes for her to win.  

Godot: who do you frickin think dipshit

If you’re thinking to yourself, “wow I really want to fight Godot!!!” then you should definitely fight Godot so that he can wipe your miserable ass off the face of the earth I will not be coming to your funeral son

Charley who wins: haha loser you’re fighting a plant


ahh, drawing yams in cute clothes made me feel better ⁽⁽ૢ(⁎❝ົཽω❝ົཽ⁎)✧ slight filter difference bc im still not sure if i like blue or pink undertones better… hm

look me in the eyes and tell me he wouldnt look amazing in fairy kei i dare you