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who would win in a fight, papa roach or peppa pig?

Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.


ffxv characters + pokemon parties

This was a meme some time ago, wasn’t it?

(Balthazar, I love you and I’m sorry that I can’t draw you properly.)

(Also, click for ‘’’’high’’’’ quality?)


Uh-oh. Manila folder time.


I’ve been thinking about this megane/ahoge crossover for literal months and now I’ve finally drawn it I can be put to rest

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god i wanted a damien redemption so bad fuck!!!! my hopes slipping i want to believe but i cant! hes just a dickbag

honestly i feel it i wanted one too like i want to believe that he could learn to use his power without always being a manipulative asshole (like chloe, for example, who sometimes slips up or goes too far but who is still doing her best and is a good person) but like… he’s Awful

i also think that this, esp the new ep, really is the point of no return for a damien redemption arc (also i think we all kind of know that, in our hearts, even damien stans). like there is… no way an apology would ever be genuine now, there is no way anyone would trust him (excluding mark, but stockholm syndrome doesn’t count thx), there’s no way anyone would like him or want to spend time with him… the damage is irreversibly done. and he isn’t sorry! he was put on the opposite end of his own power imbalance and it didn’t make him feel any remorse at all. if anything, he was sorry he wasn’t able to be a manipulative asshole. and his reaction when he found out mark cares about him was not a reaction of a man who cared back, it was the reaction of someone who sees people as tools and toys, and interpersonal relationships as prizes to be won. damien likes it because he wants to be liked, without having to like anyone, he wants unconditional forgiveness… he’s power hungry and he genuinely believes he’s entitled to that power. that he’s entitled to control people and he’s entitled to positive attention from people without ever having done anything to earn that besides lie and manipulate.

and that’s… not a man with a redemption story. or at least, that’s not a man i want to see redeemed. it’s clear he has no good intentions now. he’s selfish, manipulative, and abusive, and uses his power and his past as a front and an excuse (as opposed to an explanation, which is what they are). 

like. is he a nuanced character with layer and explanations who i actually find very interesting? hell yeah. earlier in the show before his personal motivations and intentions were this clear, did i and probably lots of other people hope for a redemption arc? hell yeah. do i want to see a man who doesn’t take no for an answer and abuses people get redeemed especially now that we know his intentions are and always have been wholly selfish and in pursuit of his own power? i sure the fuck do not

tl;dr same but i’m two steps ahead and i already gave up on the damien redemption arc and my new hope is to hear the sweet sweet sound of damien getting his ass kicked again


just… the fact that the fandom is so divided on murdoc being attractive or not is the best thing i have ever witnessed

i should have publicly entered the gorillaz fandom a long time ago, fuck.

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i hope seol hees character arc has to do with kicking joo mans ass hes literally the most insidious type of boyfriend im not even joking ill explain

he doesnt care enough about other people to overcome his ego which a lot of the time results in inaction. making decisions causes trouble (considering how bad dongman is fucking up right now, id be willing to bet dongman has always been the one in their friendship to make decisions on behalf of both of them), so he tells his “white lie” to seol hee because he doesnt want to rock the boat and deal with her insecurity. he wont tell off the intern hitting on him because she comes from a powerful family, itd make work more awkward and he probably enjoys the attention at least somewhat.

there are two times when he really expresses himself clearly instead of hiding behind wanting things to go smoothly: once when he snaps at seol hee for taking care of him like a mother and once when he forces seol hee to buy a dress. in the first initially it sounds like he wants her to stop exerting herself so much, but it seemed to me more like he was feeling guilty about how little he does for her (maybe guilty bc shes acting like a wife even though hes not planning on making her one, at least not right away?) and blamed her for how uncomfortable this accountability made him feel.

the second time is easy to mistake for an effort to take care of her in return, but this is also happening as the pretty intern is showing increasing interest in him. all i saw in that scene was a man who really wished he was more ignorant, so he wouldnt have to acknowledge what was happening with the intern and the role he played in it. he put seol hee in a dress she happened to like, to make her look more like the intern hes pretending hes not interested in. in both cases hes distressed over seol hee, but instead of being subtle or considerate, he forces her to be responsible for his resentment. and id like to point out that he can clearly recognize flirting (or tension, i guess) between two people bc he has no problem butting in when seol hee is trying to talk to kim chan ho.

uh in conclusion joo man needs a swift kick in the nuts bc hes lead seol hee on for years and never had the guts to tell her that he was a massive coward who’s refusal to be responsible would become her burden 😒


ahh, drawing yams in cute clothes made me feel better ⁽⁽ૢ(⁎❝ົཽω❝ົཽ⁎)✧ slight filter difference bc im still not sure if i like blue or pink undertones better… hm

look me in the eyes and tell me he wouldnt look amazing in fairy kei i dare you