garbage era

  • It’s 1977
  • The Maraduers are in their final year at Hogwarts
  • Remus decides to take Sirius to a muggle record store for his birthday
  • Sirius is so excited
  • He doesn’t know too many muggle musicians but he likes Queen
  • Remus finds Sirius’ eagerness endearing 
  • It’s at the record store that things really pick up though
  • Low and behold after no more than five minutes of perusing the stacks, a bright yellow and pink cover in the new releases section immediately catches Sirius’ eye
  • Never Mind the Bullocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols
  • Sirius practically drools all over the floor he wants it so bad
  • But he doesn’t have any muggle money
  • So he begs Remus
  • And Remus buys it for him
  • How bad can it be right?
  • Pretty bad
  • Over the next few weeks Sirius Does. Not. Stop. Playing. The Sex Pistols Vinyl.
  • At first it’s okay
  • Remus doesn’t really like the sound that much (he prefers music that makes him feel good, happy; not so…jarring)
  •  But Sirius loves it
  • He pretends he knows all about the muggle monarchy after listening to God Save the Queen
  • And asks Remus about the Berlin Wall after listening to Holiday in the Sun
  • And he calls himself an anarchist now
  • And Remus just laughs and rolls his eyes
  • But eventually weeks turn into months 
  • And Remus starts to dread coming back to the common room, because you can bet Sirius will be there playing his vinyl loud enough so that everyone in Gryffindor can hear it  
  • And now Remus can say for certain that he hates the Sex Pistols
  • There’s only so many times you can listen to the same 12 songs, after all
  • Until one day Remus comes to the common room and its unusually quiet
  • He enjoys briefly the lack of punk rock
  • Until he walks into his dorm to find Sirius Black standing wide-eyed with one half of a broken record in each hand
  • And Sirius explains that the record wouldn’t play (It finally wore out), so he snapped it in half and also busted the record player out of frustration
  • At first Remus breathes a sigh of relief 
  • But Sirius is genuinely mopey for the next couple of days
  • The Sex Pistols made him happy  
  • They helped him forget about his family and let him dream about a different future for himself
  • And suddenly, Remus Lupin doesn’t hate The Sex Pistols anymore,because–well damn,
  • The Sex Pistols made Sirius happy
  • So Remus goes back to the muggle record store
  • And he spends the absolute last of his muggle money on a brand new record player and a brand new Never Mind the Bullocks… vinyl for Sirius 

future anthropologist: Here we have a ritual item from the anthropocene era, used primarily by h. sapiens sapiens, that served many diverse functions depending on social context. It was used as a drinking vessel during occasions varying from everyday use to ritual celebration before, during, and after sporting events. There has been evidence found that these red cups were prevalent enough in society that songs were written in their honor, and that their presence in such large quantities in excavated middens suggests that, while having high ritual and social importance, they were often contradictorily discarded without any involved reverence.

  • Remus Lupin watching Sirius Black at Kings Cross on the first day of their first year at Hogwarts
  • Remus Lupin observing that Sirius isn’t quite with his family
  • Remus Lupin not understanding why he keeps staring at Sirius, but he can’t help it
  • Remus Lupin watching Sirius step up onto the trolley (such that his feet are no longer on the ground at all) in order to peer over his massive luggage at the barrier in front of him
  • Remus Lupin running over and pushing Sirius straight through the barrier onto platform 9 ¾ simultaneously pleased and horrified by his own action

Tom Licence has a Ph.D., and he’s a garbage man.

When you think of archaeology, you might think of Roman ruins, ancient Egypt or Indiana Jones. But Licence works in the field of “garbology.” While some may dig deep down to get to the good stuff — ancient tombs, residences, bones — Licence looks at the top layers, which, where he lives in England, are filled with Victorian-era garbage.

Studying what people threw away 150 years ago, Licence is getting to the bottom of an important issue: how much we throw away, and how to change that.

“We dig up rubbish,” says Licence, who is the director of the Centre of East Anglian Studies at the University of East Anglia. (His doctorate is in history.) “We’re interested in what people threw away and how we became a throwaway society.”

Digging Up The Roots Of Modern Waste In Victorian-Era Rubbish

Photos: Rich Preston/NPR, Lauren Frayer for NPR, Courtesy of the Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising

Twitches (2005)

Disney Channel Original Movie #61

The final DCOM before the High School Musical (and Hannah Montana) era began, Twitches is also the last good Halloween movie starring people who I was already nostalgic to see. It was literally the end of an era, since in 2006, Disney Channel changed their model, and started heavily pushing for all of their actors to be singers as well. They also started making all of their DCOM’s feature the kids already in their tv shows. We can call this the “Garbage Era.” In the final good movie, Tia and Tamara, from Sister, Sister, play twin witches from another dimension who were separated at birth and reunited on their 21st birthday. It’s literally the same plot from the show they were in, but with magic powers involved. They have to save their home dimension and themselves from “the Darkness.”

Rating: C. They made a sequel 2 years later and I don’t even remember the plot.

Apparently Tumblr Can Just AutoPlay Music Whenever The Fuck It Wants As You’re Scrolling Through Your Dashboard

It’s really loud, too, and outta nowhere. Maybe don’t, @staff, sudden noises are not the thing I wanna hear when I’m scrolling through a website.

So. Let’s talk about this New Era Podcast that tried to drag Naomi Knight yesterday...

In case you haven’t seen their pseudo-intellectual concern-trolling racist claptrap, allow me to share some of the tweets that they haven’t managed to delete yet.

And this one…

And this one…

I wanted to make sure I captured the date and time in that image so you can see what and when it was happening. But essentially, this audio garbage called “The New Era Podcast” tried to mask its not-so-clever racism toward WWE’s Naomi Knight (aka Trinity Fatu) insisting that she’ll never be on the same level as Sasha Banks, Charlotte or Becky Lynch as long as she uses moves that involve highlighting her ass(ets) because it engages in playing to racial stereotyping and sexualizing her character.

Because we all know how the WWE is against racial stereotyping and sexualizing their characters, and even more so, how the WWE Universe is above eating up those stereotypes and feeding that strategy because it’s beyond their discriminating tastes.

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Thankfully, there were plenty of the NaoMob there to defend Naomi and call them out on their fake concern trolling. 

Admittedly, I haven’t listened to the podcast. Why? Because I don’t feed trolls. Also, after I saw their pathetic attempt to whitesplain and mansplain their position on Twitter, I decided I loved myself too much to engage in such self-harm. But from what I can gather, three smarks got together and decided that the “Rear View” and the “Kiss My Lights” moves that Naomi uses in her vast array of in-ring accomplishments are “holding her back.” Remember that old chestnut? 

Pepperidge Farm Remembers.

Their claim is that the moves only sexualize her character (Heaven forfend!) and set a bad example for young girls who watch wrestling and think they have to use those types of moves to get over. The smarks claim that “she’s better than that” and if Naomi just removed those 2 spots from her performances, she’d get a better reception from the IWC.

Now, I don’t need to deconstruct all the bullshit that’s seeping through those screenshots or even the headline tweet for this podcast episode. (See below.)

But if this isn’t a perfect case of misogynoir, I don’t know what is. How dare a dark-skinned black woman behave in a manner that reminds us that she has physical features that would be considered attractive on a woman of a lighter hue! How dare a dark-skinned black woman use her unique assets to her advantage in an industry full of people trying to stand out and show their skills aren’t the same old cookie-cutter gimmicks that people have been recycling at every turn! How dare a dark-skinned black woman love herself enough to say “This is who I am and it’s amazing!”

What I love the most about these hot garbage podcasters is how these 3 smarks think they get a say in how any female wrestler choses to perform in the ring. It’s as if the simpletons believe they actually get to control how the female wrestlers use of their own bodies while practicing their craft. And if the wrestlers don’t comply with their faux outrage? Well, they’re going to boo and shame them like the oversexed harlots they are. 

This strategy of “I’m going to say I’m fighting racist stereotypes by insisting that a POC would be more receptive if they stopped reminding me they’re a POC” was recently used against Will Smith by ignorant journalists who desperately wanted to hate on Suicide Squad. Guess what? It didn’t work for them either. 

We see you. 

We see you hate the fact that Naomi is back in the title picture, and may pose a threat to your beloved NXT faves of a lighter hue. We see you hate the fact that her new entrance has garnered her some much-deserved attention that makes you think your faves might need to step up their entrance game to compete. We see you claim to respect and adore Naomi while at the same time engaging in racist tropes and discriminatory ideology all because it makes you feel funny down there. And a woman of her complexion isn’t supposed to make you feel funny down there, right?

We see you. We always see you.

Oh, and great job calling her husband and brother-in-law “thugs”. It did wonders to help your argument. Bravo!

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you know your technology is bad when you dream about your store getting touch screen pos systems instead of the pre-y2k era garbage your store has been forced to use for decades. literally every register we have breaks down or freezes at least 3 times a week.