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You're always saying that people are too nice to you so I'm gonna do it, im gonna be the mean anon! uuhhhh ur bad at mario kart

shes been playing for 37 hours straight and still cant beat steven

A huge problem with The Gamer Crowd is that they attack video game companies for all the wrong reasons and makes it harder to discern why people don’t like something when there are actual legitimate problems with the companies and games.

Crappy animations and abundant glitches in Mass Effect Andromeda? Must be the fault of Bioware hiring FEMALE DEVELOPERS!!!!! Yooka-Laylee is just a rehash with garbage controls and bad visual and level design choices? Must be because THEY REMOVED THE RACIST YOUTUBER FROM THE GAME!!!!


While hate speech is disgusting, it IS still free speech and should be protected for the following 4 reasons:

The definition of hate speech is 100% arbitrary. Which of the following are hate speech? “Christianity is misogynist.”, “Young people are garbage”, “Jews control the media”, “Islam is inherently violent” “It’s wrong to be a gay or a ‘tranny’”, “White people are disgusting”, “The Holocaust was great”, “F**k all Americans”, “Judaism is a false religion.” Is any non-positive observation about any group hate speech? If you ask 10 people what hate speech is, you’ll get 10 different answers. Any definition of “hate speech” is arbitrary and just made up by someone. (example: “denigrating a whole group of people”)

Second, hate speech usually backfires on the haters. I’m confident the ‘God Hates Fags’ people who boycott soldier’s funerals have done more to set back homophobia than help it.

Third, hate speech can act as a release valve. If some vile skinhead goes to a rally and spews some hate, he will think he’s accomplished something. If he has to hold it all inside, he may be violent more often.

Fourth, hate speech gives authorities a good idea who is dangerous. Timothy McVeigh, who bombed the Oklahoma City Federal building in the 1990s, showed up at the Waco Texas Branch Davidian siege long before he bombed anyone, and was talking all sorts of craziness there. If someone has a bigotted hate-filled ideology, like a White supremacist or a Muslim Salafist/Wahabist, it’s actually a good that they can preach their hate, because the authorities will then know to keep an eye on them.

Should any speech be censored? Yes, speech that calls for illegal violent action. You can say “I hate Jews” but you can’t say “Go kill Jews.” The first is vile, but it’s still just an opinion, the second is an order. The other time speech should be censored is in the case of persistent unwanted harassment of individuals, like a stalker calling an ex girlfriend 30 times a day. But hurt feelings about an opinion are not a good enough reason to censor.

TL;DR The definition of hate speech is arbitrary, it usually backfires on the haters, it can sometimes reduce violence, and it gives the authorities a good idea of who the crazies are. If you want free speech, you have to accept hate speech too. All ideological opinions of a country’s citizens should be protected.

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Fanmix here

Track lineup:

  1. “False Transmigration of the Soul,” by KATE
  2. “I Can’t Decide,” by Scissor Sisters
  3. “Bittersweet,” by Panic! At the Disco
  4. “Cops and Robbers,” by the Hoosiers
  5. “I’m So Sorry,” by Imagine Dragons
  6. “Control,” by Garbage
  7. “I’m Your Villain,” by Franz Ferdinand
  8. “Yobanashi Deceive,” by Jin ft. LiSA & MARiA
  9. “mirage coordinator,” by zts
  10. “Would You Be Impressed?” by Streetlight Manifesto

Lyrics to all songs here

I wanted to give Ouma a fanmix I thought he deserved, and something to go with all the meta I’ve been writing lately. I put a lot of thought into each track I selected, so I’d be really happy if anyone would reblog this or share it around if you enjoy it!


I’m going to vaguely attempt that April Drawing Challenge post that’s been going around and will post something every day.

I wanna draw something new everyday but when I can’t I’ll at least upload something that’s been sitting around that I’d otherwise never put up here (this post is the latter).
Out of context drawings of miss ruin. Probably colour tests?

Just caught up with the Originals. Well, Elijah is just getting more monstrous isn’t he? He’s taking take over old Klaus and I think Hayley and Hope needs to be kept far away from him. I love the Klopley storyline with the inclusion of big brother Marcel. And Klaus and Hayley bonding!

I love that he’s the one who gets to see Hayley’s baby and family photos while Elijah straight up just sucked at consoling Hayley when she was talking about her past and her family. He can’t relate to her like Klaus can. He can’t understand the wolf nature and the need to belong to a pack just like he just ignored the witch traditions and killed those four girls. Even after she said that she did terrible things to find her family, Elijah couldn’t understand. He wasn’t there to see it like Klaus was. He still places her in his ideal. Thank god for that phone call from Freya.

Anyways, there were plenty Klayley moments in this episode. Klaus telling Hayley that Hope’s restless and Hayley telling Klaus that Hope just wants someone to play with. (Hmm, can we get a round two of Control by Garbage?) Hayley asking Klaus to help sort through her family’s things to distract his restless mind and him teasing her. (They’ve come a long way these two!) Hayley asking Klaus to take more family photos. (You changing your mind about building a life with Elijah now, Hayley? After you saw the photos of your father and mother raising you? The parallel of Klaus touching your stomach to feel for Hope?) Speaking of Klaus, he totally can’t keep eye contact with her while venting out his frustrations about being trapped in the house and Hayley being firm on wanting him kept safe. Klaus sharing with Hayley about his time being imprisoned below the compound over the five years and Hayley reading his concern for Marcel being in his position. Klaus immediately vamping over to rip the heart out of the guy who snapped Hayley’s neck. The two of them sharing a smile at Hope calling Marcel her friend. Precious!

They look for and want the same things and to give Hope what they didn’t get from their families. This is the Hayley I understand and a ship I can get behind, one that’s not forced down my throat and is truly about family not just the idea of it. If they continue like this until the end…well I can only hope. Elijah really needs to leave New Orleans before he loses himself entirely. (You’re focusing too much on your brother’s life when you should focus on yours. It’s sucking out your nobility and humanity.) He should go hang out with Rebekah and Kol as they’re the only ones who are OG vampires, they’d understand him. Klaus and Freya aren’t and they’ve got a reason to stay in New Orleans (Klopley and Freelin).



though the words of his teammate had helped him, woohyun finds himself still utterly nervous as the preparations for the first royal group to perform. woohyun’s sure that after practice and practice, his performance with his teammates will be fine– but he stares down the first group, some faces familiar that he’s seen around seocho, but otherwise unfamiliar. the beat of lucifer begins and woohyun hums along with the lyrics of lc9, eyes watchful as he looks at the precision of the dance moves, completing a performance originally meant for five now for four– and it’s impressive to say the least.

woohyun almost feels worried for his own performance. were they that put together? did they mesh well? sayyes is such a strange concept for woohyun who’s used to singing and dancing and everything simplistic as can be. his teeth worry on his lip as she shifts, watchful of the boys; he notes their features, notes their movements. lucifer has always been one of those lc9 dances he struggles with– so he gives kudos when kudos is due to the few boys in front of him.

the performance closes and woohyun is still nervous by the time the second royal kids come up. this time he at least can recognize key, and he shifts a little straighter– eyes wide and curious as he watches the performance begin. he’s wondered what the group with shinhwa would do– and he’s honestly impressed; though woohyun is honestly impressed by most things, but he gives the boys credit where credit is due. they put on a wonderful performance, and woohyun is smiling, lightly clapping by the end of it. there’s a proud spark in his heart at watching them try their best– and woohyun feels a bit more clear, a bit more happier about this evaluation.

he just has to hope he can get through his without tripping or slamming his head into someone else.

I feel like this needs to be said: entertainment medias and their fandoms are very different to each other. Just because a fandom is awful doesn’t mean the creation it represents is awful. You could enjoy it without being in its fandom if you want ,but please don’t judge something based on its fandom.

i hope we both die - a fanmix for drowning. and for wanting to drown again.

01. the beast - imogen heap ( sheer power and the heat of hate brings our army of two to its knees )

02. every you every me - placebo ( cuz there’s nothing else to do,
every me and every you.

03. within me - lacuna coil (something about you will make me stronger)

04. kiss with a fist - florence + the machine (a kiss with a fist is better than none)

05. wicked games (cover) - coer de pirate (i need confidence in myself)

06. temptation waits - garbage (i never needed anybody like this before)

07. all i wanted - paramore (i’ll beg you nice from my knees)

08.  control - garbage (i was blind i was caged i was tricked)

09. howl - florence + the machine (screaming in the dark, i howl when we’re apart)

10. the water song- the mountain goats (let them kill me)

11. no children - the mountain goats (i am drowning, there is no sign of land
you are coming down with me, hand in unlovable hand

12. the water - hurts (i wish that i was stronger )

AND THEY DREAMT | a ronan and kavinsky mix listen }

i. DO I WANNA KNOW? arctic monekys | ii. BETWEEN TWO POINTS the glitch mob | iii. BAD MOON RISING mourning ritual | iv. BLUE BLOOD laurel | v. SERIAL KILLER lana del rey | vi. BLACK DOE mary epworth | vii. EYES ON FIRE blue foundation | viii. IF I HAD A HEART fever ray | ix. #1 CRUSH garbage | x. THIS ISN’T CONTROL ms mr | xi.THE STATE OF DREAMING marina and the diamonds | xii. BUZZCUTT SEASON lorde | viii. BTSK ms mr | xiv. BLANK SPACE taylor swift | xv. BRUTAL HEARTS bedouin soundclash | xvi. CANDLES daughter | xvii THE CURSE agnes obel | xviii. WE MUST BE KILLERS mikky ekko | xix. I WANNA BE YOURS arctic monkeys | xx. PRINCE JOHNNY st. vincent

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what you're thinking about your boy Liam's interview? Disturbs me so much, verry ignorant. And someone who has gay rumours himself talking about other people's gay rumours

This was pure narrative. It was a cornucopia of rumor shut downs.

I mean basically it served both interested parties well:

1DHQ gets their way. As fans we never would have paid this much attention to a random article by the Sun, the Mirror, or even Billboard. But, this was in a GAY PUBLICATION?! OMG. We all went bezerk. The Larries, The Ziamists, even non-shippers were pledging to read the article out of pure curiosity. They managed to get this into pretty much every hot little hand in the fandom in mere hours. That’s impressive.

They knew it had to be an article (the disaster of the Four Livestream showed that we would NOT believe that bullshit again. The Fakery is way too easy to spot on camera) They knew they could not use Harry or Louis (WAY too obvious to see through) it had to be Liam or Niall (given the dude bro marketing), but Liam made more sense given the homophobic seeding with Duck Dynasty & Girl Almighty-Gate. 

His denials and shut downs would incense the fandom and he would be the one to take the heat. If we are also to believe the break-up narrative, this makes sense. What we read was the interview of someone fed up with fans, struggling with aspects of their success, and clearly wanting to grow up and move on. (aka a smear campaign on the 1D brand before they depart Modest’s evil clutches. GET YOUR OTRA TICKETS NOW!)

Attitude Magazine gets cash. They may have also been promised an exclusive story down the road.. The international recognition for this issue cannot be matched. I’m sure sales from this issue spiked, but whats worth more to them is the advertising and sponsorship dollars. Showing a prospective advertiser that your publication can achieve worldwide trends, and target the highly sought after millennial market is key. All press is good press baby. .

Liam did everything he could to mitigate this. I think in his limited control that he DOES have we recently saw:

-Sophiam Ho stroll Shading (him just being generally uncooperative)

-Reading signs at the shows. So many Larry signs in the last few weeks, that isnt a coincidence that he amped that up so much

-Tupac Quote

-All the Ziam twinning (Tattoos, Instagram photos etc)

He did everything he could do to warn us- to help us see through it.

Remember this?

I don’t believe the content of this article anymore than I believe that Harry called Perrie to console her after the Zerrie split, that Zayn is having spats with grown ass artists on Twitter, and Louis impregnated a random bar fly.