garbage chic


Even tho a garbage skeleton already wears these clothes I figured Sans would like them too. That is the same sweater I’ve had since my senior year and I thrifted the tshirt. I love it so much. (Why yes I did edit these on my phone how could you tell? )





Dead eyed selfie from when I got to work this morning after five hours of sleep and some crying.

I call today’s appearance dumpster chic.

I’m finally on a break after five hours.

I want a nap.

I’ve eaten .89 pounds of salami since my shift started and I have smoked salmon and sour cream in the fridge for my next break.

last night I went out looking like a garbage can because I was going to the gym and I was trying to pump gas and it wouldn’t let me and then a dude on the mic was like “pump #4 please come inside” and I was like FUCK because it’s a local gas station and I was bound to run into at least 4 people I went to high school with and their extended families and like 2.5 ex-boyfriends

so I waited in line and when I finally got to the front I was like “are you the one who forced me to come inside? first of all, how dare you”

and he goes “yeah it was me” and then he winked at me and I continued like “because I’m not supposed to be seen in the light today. i wanted to be outside for a reason. my reason being i am garbage chic at the moment”

and he was like “no, you look lovely”

and im standing there like  "??? i don’t normally look like this. i’m going to the gym. at this time specifically because no one is there.“

and he was like "oh really? I get off in thirty minutes. i’ll work out with you. put you to shame” and then he winked AGAIN and part of me wanted to be flattered but another part of me was frustrated BECAUSE I HADN’T BATHED AND I WAS BREAKING OUT AND I SMELLED LIKE A YARD SALE

Oh ma gawd.

First of all I didn’t meet LT lol but it’s all good ^_^

Now we got that out the way OMG. So even though I didn’t get inside the venue until 7pm I was SO NEAR to the front. The entire stage was in my eye level I could literally see everyone. The Mrs Carter Show is so full of energy it’s such an amazing experience. I was on the right side of the crowd so during ‘Baby Boy’ I could see all of Lau *eek* (and Larry too) I saw all of this man’s ribcage moving. The Garbage Man Chic solo dance is actually really cool lol. Especially cause the outfit is florescent whilst the arena is really dark. When the intro of 'Ghost/Haunted’ started I wasn’t really paying attention and all of a sudden Lau catapult high as fuck out of the stage I was like O_O. The crowd went WILD when Jay-Z came out it was so cool. 'Blow’ is my fave performance because of all the visuals and it’s my fave song from the album anyway. The live version is even better. Bey looked like a sparkly goddess the majority of the time. She’s so flawless and energetic and puts so much effort into not only performing but making the fans feel special and involved. Bey and Lau during 'Get Me Bodied’ is soooo adorable. Dnay was GETTING IT the entire show she’s so awesome. Seeing LT interact with Bey and the crowd is refreshing. They are so confident and every time they did a solo I was literally standing there with my hands clasped together like a proud parent lool I could not stop smiling if I tried. Larry’s afro is perfect. He was cheesing so hard at one point, he looked like a gorgeous bunny.