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Would you please rec us some fics that will totally wreck people? like ugly crying after reading them? Thanks!

  • Take the Dive by @jinxedambitions, 62K words, E, No archive warnings.
    Hux is the top diver in the world coming back for his third Olympic Games. However, this time he’s bringing more baggage than just his equipment.  His former partner, Ben Solo, is also competing with his new partner, and Hux’s greatest rival, Poe Dameron. Hux needs to prove he’s still the best in the world, but more than that he wants to prove to himself that he can move past Ben. However, Ben seems dead set on reminding him about the past at every turn.
  • all that you love will be carried away by @ceruleancynic, 125K+ Words, Series, WIP, T, Creator chose not to warn.
    Hux, sent to retrieve Kylo Ren from the dying Starkiller Base, has lost almost everything, and has little patience or tolerance left for anyone or anything–particularly not Snoke’s pet pseudo-Sith and his amateur theatrics. But you do the job that is in front of you, to the best of your ability, and you hold on as long as you can.
  • Stars Hung With String by @armisticehux, 24K+ words, WIP, E, No archive warnings.
    Kylo stared across the packed room at the man who so effortlessly walked out of his life five years prior. They might have been stuck at the same wedding for a weekend, but that didn’t require interaction. He had no reason to feel anything but bitterness and resentment towards him. And yet.
  • shadowplay by @irisparry, 2K words, E, No archive warnings.
    “Why are you still here?” Hux asked, as if it wasn’t obvious. He tensed in Ren’s grip, just enough to make him push back, and his weight felt good. “Don’t you have mystical things to do?” He punctuated the mystical with a squeeze of his thighs around Ren’s. “Somewhere else?”“I’ll be away at least a month,” Ren said. “Maybe I’ll miss you.”
  • Aware of His Own Halo by @badspacebabies, 33K words, E, No archive warnings.
    What are you doing here,” he says, finally. It almost makes him sober, the petulant effort of forcing it out between the grit of his teeth.  “Heard there was some garbage that needed carting off,” says Ren. Placid like the compressed, glassy center of a dark and dying star.  “Right,” says Hux, flicking open the clasp on the holster of his blaster. “That’s it. You can definitely fucking leave.”
  • Don’t you forget about me by @ellstra, 9K words, M, Major character death.
    “The first time was a lot different.”  “Tell me about it,” Ren pleads, “how did it happen?” It’s an odd feeling, telling your lover how you got together. Hux takes a few moments to arrange his thoughts before answering.
  • Grievous Injury by @vadianna, 8K words, E, No archive warnings.
    When Starkiller Base collapsed, Ren and Hux didn’t make it out in one piece, Ren moreso than Hux.  But because of his important work with the Force, Snoke demands that drastic measures be taken to preserve Ren’s life.  Ren tries to reconcile himself to the changes.
Support public libraries!!

I am heartsick from seeing so many thousands of books being thrown in the trash, week after week after week with no end in sight.

Please support your public library!

It is super-easy: all you have to do is use the library. The following is a list of things you can do at the library, and all of it helps both you and the library, so win-win!

Not all libraries offer all of these services, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask a librarian or to check the library’s Web site!

*Walk through the front door.
(Seriously - every person who enters the building adds to a statistic that tells the people in charge that the library is being utilized and should be given resources accordingly.)

*Use their free Wi-Fi or sign up to use a public computer.

*Check out movies, TV shows, and documentaries (and anime!).
(The library has a lot more than just books! You can check out all sorts of things.)

-You can order items from other branches if the branch you visit doesn’t have what you’re looking for. The items will be sent to whichever branch you specify and reserved for a little while under your name so that you can pick them up and check them out at your convenience.

-There’s also a service that does the same thing, except you can order items from other cities if your local library doesn’t have what you’re looking for.

*Check out music CDs - rock, country, R&B, classical, movie soundtracks, folk, you name it!

*Check out laptops or tablets.

*Use their job center, which can offer free help with résumés and such.

*Attend free classes at their adult education center.

*Use their copier, scanner, or fax machine (there’s usually a charge for this, but most of the other library services are free).

*Check out e-books or vinyl LPs.

*Check out audiobooks.
These are great for people who don’t have time to sit down and read a book. You can listen to audiobooks while driving, exercising, or doing housework.

*Check out books, DVDs, and music in other languages, such as Spanish.

*Read the newspapers and magazines. (You can check out older magazines just like you would books.)

*Attend library-sponsored or -hosted programs and events, such as story time for children, activities for teens, art shows and concerts, book clubs, etc.

*Rent the event room for your own events, meetings, etc.

*Buy used books, movies, etc. for super-cheap prices at the library’s book sales.
(Some of these items were donated for this purpose. Other items were withdrawn from the library’s collection because they weren’t getting checked out, and this is their last chance to be useful to someone - if they don’t sell, they eventually get thrown away.)

*Donate books, movies, etc. to be sold in library book sales.

*And, of course, check out books. Books get withdrawn when they haven’t been checked out in a while. Some of these books go to the book sales, but others…sometimes a lot of others…go straight into the garbage.

Check out books that you have any interest in whatsoever, even if you don’t get a chance to finish reading them.

Check out books you love that you want to remain on the shelves for new readers to find.

In addition to fiction (including comic books and manga!), there is fantastic non-fiction on subjects such as:

-Car repair manuals
-Pregnancy and child-rearing
-Movies (as in, books about movies or TV shows)
-Job hunting or career-improving
-Crafts (including crochet, knitting, etc.)
-Political and economic commentary
-Memoirs (in addition to biographies of famous historical figures, there are many fascinating books written by contemporary people with vastly different life experiences)
-Fashion, makeup, hairstyling, etc.
-Academic subjects like math and foreign languages
-Physical and mental illnesses
-Dating and marriage
-Allllllll sorts of books about animals
-Religious studies
-Gender issues
-Race issues
-Home decor
-Various science topics like astronomy, geology, etc.
-All kinds of art

*And more! Check your library’s Web site or ask a librarian about any other services and programs they might offer, such as free help preparing tax returns or free meals for children during summer vacation.

Additional ways you can support the library:

(It’ll look good on your résumé or college application, too.)

*Donate money.
(Make sure it goes straight to the library rather than just the city in general.)

Public libraries are super-important and super-helpful community resources! There is so much cool stuff to do there, everything from entertainment to self-education to enrichment.

The public library is here for you, so make use of it! Prove to the people in charge that the library is valued and deserves more resources to provide even more cool stuff to patrons.


We were kinda shown that the Reapers have lives of their own, even if they’re not ‘alive’ in Week 1, with 777, but I don’t think this was really shown until Week 2. You get the guys that force you into wearing certain brands, the people stuck between The Grim Heaper and The Iron Maiden, Uzuki and Kariya’s Tin Pin match, the rest of 777’s band mates…

It really showed that they may erase Players, but they’re people, just like them. Perhaps not human, not anymore, but just because they’re not human doesn’t mean they don’t think and feel just as much as anyone else. If they didn’t, neither would the Players, because both groups used to be alive.

It’s fitting that they do this in Joshua’s week- not just because Josh is more tied to the Reapers than Shiki was, but because both Neku and Joshua needed to see this- see all these other people, dead or alive, how they live out their lives or unlives, broaden their horizons a little more.

In Week 1, Shiki was a large part of getting Neku to start trusting again, but they didn’t interact with others as much as Neku and Joshua had in Week 2. They read and imprinted people’s minds, they talked a little with people like The Prince and 777 and Beat and Rhyme, but not as much as they had with each other- and it works, because that’s how Neku started trusting again, Shiki was the first person Neku truly trusted in a long time, and he had to start with someone.

(He ended up getting hurt anyway when she was taken as his entry fee, but there was no way he was losing, especially now that he remembered everything, remembered the death of his best friend and not wanting that to repeat again and I’m getting sidetracked let’s get back to the topic of this post shall we)

With the way this week went, the Game Master not sending the daily missions he should have and ordering the Reapers not to attack the Players, it basically opened a door that allowed more interactions than there would have been in a normal Game, because there’s no time limit and everyone has nothing else to do- and Neku ended up opening his world more, alongside Joshua, whether they liked it or not.

I don't think she has EVER:

- Run the dishwasher
- Emptied the dishwasher
- Washed a dish (that wasn’t hers; we do hers all the fucking time)
- Taken out the trash (she will literally start a plastic grocery bag of trash hanging off the cabinet knob before she will deign to take the trash out)
- Cleaned the cats litter (our cat–but this is including when we have been away and asked her to look out for the animals)
- Wiped off the counter or stove or microwave
- Put something into the recycle
- Bagged the recycling
- Pushed the garbage cart to the curb
- Swept, mopped, or otherwise cleaned a floor
- Replaced a lightbulb

And today marks the third occasion where we have come home to find her gone, with the overhead garage door unlatched (normal) AND the door INTO the house FROM the garage unlocked (ABSOLUTELY NOT NORMAL!!!!)

But GOD FUCKING FORBID we EVER park our car on the driveway because she asks for ONE THING, and that is to have unfettered access in and out of the garage whenever she might possibly need it!!!!!


💝 for @kvlord, as usual 💝

here’s a new assorted collection to cheer up everyone’s monday, enjoy! as usual, heed the tags and warnings on each fic.

and all the wars were done by finalizer

3k • N/A • Hux knows he did everything in his power to serve the First Order, and if he did fail at the end, at least he could say he did not surrender.
The same could not be said for Kylo Ren.

Starting From The Top by katherine1753

4k • E • When Hux finally gets Kylo Ren into his bed, he finds out that Ren is much more insecure than he thought. Well. He’d have to fix that.

An Inappropriate Use of the Official Imperial Channel (Incident 001) by hollycomb

5k • E • Ren is bored during an away mission and abuses the privilege of having a direct line to the Emperor’s personal channel. (Chat Log Fic)

i’ll let you set the pace by solohux

5k • E • Hux’s heat suppressants unexpectedly stop working and he finds himself attracting some unwanted attention from his alpha officers when his heat sets in.

Frisson by RobbieTurner

2k • E • Kylo sees Hux in an unexpected situation. Hux reaps the benefits.

Compensating by saltandlimes

1k • E • As much as Kylo enjoys the constant blow jobs, he wants more. But when he finally gets his hands on Hux, he realizes there’s a little… less… than he expected.

Surrender by transkylo

1k • M • It’s Hux who saves him. Hux who finds him, lying cold and alone in the snow as the planet crumbles around them.

In the end, this will be bitter, bitter irony.

And There Will Your Heart Be Also by jellyfishsodapop, oorsprong

37k • E • His next moves were crucial as they would make or break this simple spell that loose lips and brandy had carefully woven.

“I could tell you or I could show you.”

The End of Lonely Street by Gigi_Sinclair

3k • E • London, 1956. Hux wants to forget a failed engagement, Ren wants to forget a failed career, and they both really need to get laid.

What We See In The Dark by MoonwalkingCrab

2k • E • Hux watches on the security cameras, determined to find the cause for odd occurrences on the Finalizer. It must have something to do with Kylo Ren. He ends up getting more of a show than he’d thought.

bloom by icicaille

3k • E • Hux is too quiet in bed. Ren devises a solution.

“You’re going to like what I’ve planned,” Ren says. “I’ve foreseen it.”

We Hang Side By Side by reserve

8k • E • Before Kylo Ren can complete his training, he must retrieve a Sith artifact from the Bothan System. Hux goes along with.

dissimulation by h-uxed

2k • E • For Hux, there’s freedom to be found in knowing only the mask; a fact Kylo Ren is willing to benefit from.

Academy Style by Eralk Fang

13k • E • “It’s not a question of desire, it’s a question of logistics.”

Water Lace and White Eyes by hedgerowhag

2k • M • Though the brink of summer has it hold over the forest, the evening is dark and the sky is bloody. The birds still chatter and rustle through the foliage, completing the last notes of their song. The forest is plenty in game and yet Kylo’s hands are empty; since the dawns break he has been travelling through the forest with bow and quiver but not once has his aim been true.

ordr by brawlite

29k • E • Ordr
Join the First Order’s largest intimate social network!*

Download free today for your datapad – casual, discreet & fun!
*not officially sanctioned by the First Order

Show Me Power by Cunninglinguist

2k • E • “Take off your pants,” ordered Hux, pulling away just enough to gulp in deep breaths of air. He could feel Ren’s heart hammering where their chests were pressed together—the great Knight trembled against him.

Aware of His Own Halo by imochan

33k • E • “What are you doing here,” he says, finally. It almost makes him sober, the petulant effort of forcing it out between the grit of his teeth.

“Heard there was some garbage that needed carting off,” says Ren. Placid like the compressed, glassy center of a dark and dying star.

“Right,” says Hux, flicking open the clasp on the holster of his blaster. “That’s it. You can definitely fucking leave.”

Or: General Hux’s several not-very-graceful falls from grace.

Stay by Angryangryowl

1k • M • After Hux and Kylo have sex for the first time, Kylo goes weirdly quiet, not responding to anything Hux says. Hux is a bit freaked out, wondering if he did something wrong or hurt Kylo somehow…

Until Kylo, who’s just not able to put what he’s feeling into words, sends out a chaotic rush of emotion in Hux’s direction. Just a massive force powered wave of incoherent feelings, and underneath it all a quiet thread of "I love you I want to stay here please let me stay please love me back…”

at the beginning of the world by carnival_papers

10k • E • Insecure about his body and his virginity, Kylo breaks down during his first time with Hux. Reminded of his own first time, Hux takes care of Kylo and helps him through it.

In Scarf and Cowl

Just barely getting this in on time, but it’s not midnight just yet, so this totally counts.

I have no idea what happened with this thing, because it took a way different direction than I was intending. (I was going to do something with animals, and you’ll see as you read it that there’s not a single animal in this fic.)

First Elsa Week Prompt, “Elsa and Children”. Absolutely no idea how this turned out.

Rating: K

Pairing(s): None

Summary: In scarf and cowl, Elsa realizes on a disguised excursion into town that there are some things a queen can never realize until she sees them from another’s eyes.

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Way late to the party, but here’s my gemsona that I worked on some more during and after today’s livestream: Cat’s Eye, a chakram handler (totally influenced by my Dragon Nest character). She has her gem in an awkward place on her hip/side and she really likes hotsauce.

She’s supposed to belly-dance when fusing… it never takes on the first try since C.E. will never do it seriously the first go (garbage can, shopping cart, sprinkler, chicken dance, the robot, running man, tootsie roll)

\o/ I hope you guys like her